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Subject: Soviet: Su-25 Frogfoot rss

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Peter G
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As per the Soviet Overview post there was one Su-25 regiment in East Germany before the war. This was 357 OShAP at Brandis to the south. Reinforcements are:
206th and 397th from Belorussia.
368th from Carpathian. This actually moved to Tutow, East Germany in December 1988, so it can safely assumed as the wartime base in 1987. This was to the North.

Czechoslovakia was an early user, it has a regiment at Pardubice.

So two regiments start in place, plus three reinforcements.

Su-25 entered service in 1981, but had some old systems - it has turbojet instead of more fuel efficient turbofans, analog bombing system from original MiG-27 (not the later MiG-27D). This includes the laser designator equivalent to the MiG-27M. Laser guided AS-10 and AS-14 entered service in April 1986.

No radar or night attack capability.

Cruise speed given as 372 knots /150 = Speed 2.5. Max speed is around 459 knots / 150 = 3. The cockpit wa unpressurised, although the pilot has an oxygen mask. Ingame terms it cannot fly at High altitude. Altitudes are given as 7000 metres maximum or 5000 metres with max weapons. So no High altitude flight.

Compared with A-10A its faster, has less range, and less damage resistant.

Agility is given as equivalent to L-39 (which would be improved over L-29 in Elusive Victory)

It has an internal two barrel 30mm with 250 rounds, so lower depletion number. It has 10 weapon pros, The outer two can only carry R-60M missiles, which is included in Air to Air figures below. So that leaves 8 pylons remaining. It would either carry two drop tanks or none for short range missions. So either
8 weapons, max is eight 500 kg bombs or Bomb 4
2 drop tanks, six 500 kg bombs or Bomb 3
Loadouts are here:

It can even carry nuclear bombs, but only in Soviet service.

ECM was internal decoys, originally 128 ASO-2V 26mm decoys and later 256. These were not good enough vs the Stinger hence the move to 256. It could carry the SPS-141MVG jammers pod which would replace one rocket pod or 500 kg bomb

The aircraft were resilient to damage, although there were some issues in Afghanistan.

In 1987 protective features increased in weight from 600 to 1000 kg - they added armour between the two engines, engine fire extinguishers in August 1987

Range with two drop tanks and 1500 kg weapons given as 405 nm on Deck. Its 85 nm from Brandis to the border or 405 - 170 nm = 235 nm / cruise speed of 372 knots x 60 minutes = 38 minutes loiter / 5 dash fuel use = 8 (thats with drop tanks)

Range on internal fuel is given as 275 nm - 170 nm = 105 nm /372 x 60 = 17 minutes loiter /5 dash fuel use = 3

Neither of the East german Su-25 bases had HAS, so it was given the SU-25 would move further west at highway and grass strips. The AMK-8 was developed to allow a flight of 4 aircraft to deploy for 5 days in the field. These were drop tank shaped containers for startup system, spares, test gear, etc.

If they use the highway strip at Eichelborn thats around 40 nm from border. So 275 - 80 nm = 195 nm / 372 x 60 = 31 minutes / 5 = 6. I've used this a step fuel.

Aircraft: Su-25
Crew: 1
Fuel: 6
Bomb: 4
Sight: +1
JAM: 2
Combat Clean: L/M/H: 2/2/-
Combat Laden: L/M/H: 2/2/-
Dash Clean: L/M/H: 3/3/-
Dash Laden: L/M/H: 2/2/-
Mnvr Clean: L/M/H: 6/5/-
Mnvr Laden: L/M/H: 3/2/-
Ordnance: Rockets, RD, AS-10(4), AS-14(2)
Capabilities: -
Air to Air: R-60 {6}, 30mm Gun {2}.

ADC Notes:
Tough construction, + 1 to Recovery Rolls if damaged or crippled
Slow speed, cannot Zoom Climb or Toss Bomb
Can carry RN-61 nuclear bomb.
Can carry SPS-141 jammers pod (Jammer: 3d), Bomb 3
Can carry drop tanks, -1 from bomb loadouts, fuel is 8
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