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Subject: Fickleheart's Follies: Just Another Night rss

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Chris Willott
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It seemed like a night like many others, I started out drinking in the local tavern. A tavern known for frequent brawls. Where most nights, at least a few wannabe-heroes would leave bloodied and bruised. I got them. They were my people -- well, except for that wanting to be a hero part. Who needs that sense-of-responsibility crap? You know what? I really hate wannabes. I think tonight I'm going to kill someone totally unexpecting, just to see the look of surprise in their eyes when Death visits completely out of the blue. Hey, it's not like they don't know the dangers of being in a tavern like this.

But as I finished my 4th ale, I got this weird feeling, this sensation in my stomach told me to be extra careful, so when an Inox Shaman attacked an Archer, who was otherwise minding his own business, I decided it was time to disappear. I dropped a Smoke Bomb, and started to Single Out a few characters who I wanted to hit hard and hit quick.

Moments later, to my great amusement, I notice this little wallflower in a purple dress putting on her cloak, and figure she's realized this is the wrong kind of bar for her, but then she just vanishes! No smoke, no flash of light, she's just suddenly invisible. She must be one of those Orchid Spellweavers I'd heard rumors about.

Well, from my safe obscurity, I watch Guards fighting each other, and Archers shooting at the Shaman and at each other and I'm glad I took myself out of the equation. Things are going South Fast. Everyone's fighting, like in that KungFu song, and I feel like my decision to make myself scarce was the right one. By the time I can get off a clean shot, everyone is sporting wounds of one kind or another -- so much for my surprise kill -- so I throw a knife at a nearby archer, catching him right in the jugular, and then attempt the same with one of the two guards who decided to fight practically right on top of me, these knives aren't meant for close range, so I target the one who's pretty badly off already, and put him out of his misery. With his buddy, I try something I learned as a pickpocket, but instead of slipping his purse out of his jacket, I slip my knife in. He realizes at the last second and avoids a killing blow, and I sure hope I can get another shot in before he recovers his balance.

Meanwhile, Wallflower's not doing too badly herself! First I see her jump up, and she just seems to Ride the Wind all the way across the room! She lands near the Shaman and Archer that set things off tonight, but the two of them are already dead. Then out come these orbs of fire! One... Two... Three in quick succession! The second one misses it's mark, but the first and last are deadly in their accuracy. Taking a quick look around, it's six of one, half-a-dozen of the other -- that's the ratio of dead to living. I knew tonight seemed more dangerous than usual.

Crap - that look was enough for the Guard to take a swing at me -- but Dude is so exhausted and hurt that he just glances my cloak with the flat of his blade and spins right round like a record! I take the opportunity to Stab him in the Back and end him. No one else is nearby, so I quickly grab the purses off the two guards I killed, then glance over at Wallflower.

Man, that girl likes to play with fire, she finishes off another Archer with some sort of Flame Strike, and then hops over and grabs the purse off a corpse. Meanwhile, another patron lies dead and there's one last Inox, standing there, breathing heavily.

"Nah" Wallflower and I say in unison.

"I'm Flora" she says, and I notice she doesn't have a scratch on her!

"Daphne Fickleheart" I say, impressed.

We leave. I think this is the closest I've come to having a friend in a long time.

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