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Subject: MOD's: Mission Objectives + Searching Deck + Scaling Difficulty rss

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These are 3 optional mods that change the game how to solve objectives:
1. How to solve mission Objectives -> The Search deck will be ripped apart and the Objective Markers are used!
2. The Searching Deck will be modified for a more fair game (depends how hard you want your game)
3. Changing the number of coint turns you have for 1 Game + campaign mode.

Reason: When i played the game first time i have seen how worse this game can be to the players. The searching deck had only 2 positive cards inside, the 2 objectives from mission 1 act 1 where at the bottom and we dragged the our heroes for 2 hours through the whole map try not dying but exhausted from the game concept... . Also with only 2 heroes the game seems harder thand with 3/4 because you are restricted not to walk away and have lower variety on cards you can play as reactions.

1. Mission Objectives:
1.1: Setup:Before you create your searching deck, you put aside the objective cards keep them outside together with the grey objective cards.

Now shuffle the event cards and draw so many cards that you have in sum with the objective cards = 12 (e.g. Mission 1.1 you have 2 objective cards, so you draw 10 random cards for your searching deck)
objective cards. If you have cardsleeves you can put them together and flip them over when reveiled or just let the title of the back card seen.

Put now for every objective 1 Marker with a Letter on it. (e.g. Objective 1 gets one A Marker on it. Objective 2 gets an B Marker etc.)

Now take e.g. A (succes) Marker and an D (dummy-) Marker and turn them up so you see their success side!
Now shuffle them and put them on the board (see below "Objective placement for Campaign) at Map-Specific locations(with Spawnpoints!) or Roll a 12 for every Marker.

Alternative to above: Use other markers where you have X and Win-symbols on them or mark your own Markers somehow on the success-side then you can use the same letter Markers.

When reaching a place with an Objective marker you use the search action normal but you flip the spawn point and the objective marker to their other side. If you found the Letter/ the success Symbol, you take the Objective Card and resolve their card.

If it was the D Letter / no success symbol, then you draw from the searching deck and resolve that card.

Campaign Objectives:
(Coming Soon with Pictures. Need more time uploading it later)

2. Searching Deck
Before you create the Searching Deck, take a look at all cards and sort them in the categories Good(19) and Bad(11, and yes moving against your will as a bad thing sometimes).

Now it is up to you how hard you want your game. You could make (beside the objective cards) 50/50 Good & Bad cards or change it to 1 or 2 more bad cards or vice versa to adjust the difficulty of the Mission.

3. Scaling Difficulty (or "Throw the Coin again Abe!")

Setup: You need a Paper and a Pen, or a six Sided Die, or 2-3 Coins.

Depending on the Number of Heroes you scale with the following:
4 Heroes = D6 on 2 face up = 1 Coin face up
3 Heroes = D6 on 3 face up = 1 Coin face up and one face down
2 Heroes = D6 on 4 face up = 2 Coins face up

Alternatively: You can use just the 1 Coin and a Six sided/Paper & Pencil and turn the die down the number of lives / write it down.

Whenever a Hero goes down or a card says you have to flip the coin to the down side, turn a face-up coin to its other side. If it is already on the face down side just take away the coin (except when it is the last coin that is already face down, then a card can never erease the coin from the game).

1. This Mod is really good in combination with the 2. ! For me it gives me a more thematic feeling for every mission. I know where to go maybe (because scounting the area beforehand isnt always eayse for Division Zero).
This also corrects the "i search just 12 cards from a stack" - feeling that doenst fit in this game, because it feels like unwanted but forced looting all over the map.
With the D12 placement you also can play it every time at random where the missions are (like in original game).

2. With this you can adjust a little bit how easy/hard the game can be and most important, how good can it be to search the place for Loot. Sometimes we had warned one of our team members not search immedeatly because maybe we need the place later for a Coint-Turn-Event or maybe something bad can happe to disturb our plans. So it strengthen the tactical aspect of the Searching Deck.

3. You have more flexible way. Netherless said it is possible to win the game with just the one coin from the base game. Also it is all adjustable by the player if the session plays to easy or to hard for the group.

These Mods are all playtested in 2 games with 3 people (me included) and worked very well. They are all playable alone or also together.

I really appriceate your feedback if you have some for me!!!

Best Regards,

Tom / Ressless
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