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Subject: A Victory Lost: Virgin Playthrough rss

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Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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That's Karl on the left. Eternity on the right.
I love Melissa, but don't tell her. It's a secret if she can find this. Shhhhh....
A Victory Lost: Virgin Playthrough

I’ll cut straight to the session report without my normal preamble. Well, maybe just a little. I’ll be referring a lot to left, centre and right flank. These are the positions from the German Players perspective. Therefore, left, refers to the German left flank, and therefore the ‘top’ of the board. Right flank is therefore the area that begins beneath Stalingrad.

A Victory Lost is a game about the Russians pushing hard into the Germans and the Germans falling back in an organized retreat, stalling and counter-attacking where possible. The Germans begin with all five victory objectives and the two forces meet quite a distance away from the nearest objective. Therefore there is a need for the Russians to push into the Axis forces to gain a lot of ground.

Victory Points are granted for:
Holding Objective (5 VPs). Therefore, each objective gives a 10 VP swing.
Destroying a Russian Armour (1 VP)
Destroying a German Armour (3 VP)
Destroying a German Infantry (1 VP)

No VPs are granted for Russian Infantry, Italian, Romanian or Hungarian units.

BTW, I spell armour with a ‘u’, because I’m Canadian.

Germans therefore begin the game with 25 VPs

A ‘running’ tally of the VPs will be giving at the end of each turn not including the points for objectives

Ru = Russian
Ge = German
Rom = Romanian
It = Italian
Hun = Hungarian

Arm = Armour
Inf = Infantry

C, R, L = Centre, Right, Left.

Turn One
C – Ru 1st Guards (1Gd) pushes through the Italians

R Flank – Ru 5th Tank Army (5TkA) and 2Gd push through the Romanians and overrun the Ge 4th Pz HQ, leaving 3 Ge tanks Out of Command!

Germans send Kempf and their reinforcements to the R Flank to get the lost armour back into command.

Casualties: 3 It + 3 Rom and 1 Ru infantry

Turn Two

R Flank - Kempf activates before Stavka (Ru command that activates all Ru HQs) and Ge armour pulled back on R flank to avoid getting surrounded.

L Flank – Russians begin crossing the river against the Hungarians

C – 1st Gd pushes to Millerova, but got surrounded by Romanians falling back off the line. Ge HQ Hollidt weakly holding in Morozovsk but about to collapse.

Russians send reinforcements to L Flank.

Casualties: 4 Rom and 2 Hun Inf

Turn Three

L Flank – Russians forming pocket around Hungarian defenders

C – Fighting getting fierce around Millerova. Ru 1st Gd assaulting GE F-Pico and the Romanian remnant.

R Flank – Germans stabilized Ru push and slowly backing off.

Casualties: 1 It inf, 3 Ge inf and 1 Ge arm (6 VPs to Russia)

Turn Four

L Flank – Hungarians break out of forming pocket and create new line in front of Valoyki

C – At Millernova Ge Armour is pushed back by superior numbers and threat of isolation

R Flank – Ge line disintegrated. Ge Panzer Arm exchanges attacks with Ru armour as it pushes forward.

Russians send reinforcements to L Flank

Casualties: 2 It, 2 Rom, 1 Hun and 1 Ru inf and 1 Ru Arm (5 VPs to Russia)

Turn Five

Russians capture two roads and start sending vanguard troops deep behind German lines (which are looking more like pockets)

L Flank – Ru breach through Hungarians, two tanks overrun Axis and charge through and almost reach Kharkov (Objective) but put themselves Out of Command range.

C – Ru 1st Gd takes a licking.

R Flank – Ru armour vanguard takes a serious beating as Ge 1st Pz enters from the ‘bottom’. Russians did manage to break through and almost reach Stalino (objective)!

Casualties: 1 Rom, 5 Hun, 2 It and 2 Ru inf and 3 Ru arm (2 VP to Russia)

Turn Six

L Flank – Ru Popov leads assault on Kharkov, defended weakly by only 2 Ge arm and 2 Ge Inf.

C – Germans collapse back to the Donets River, covering bridges.

R Flank – Russian advance is held off by Germans, but trying to overwhelm them with their superior numbers to isolate their supply.

Casualties: 1 Ru armour (1 VP to Russia)

Turn Seven

L Flank – Fighting ensues at the outskirts of Kharkov, Germans begin relocating some tanks to assist in defending the objective.

C – Russians begin crossing the Donets River

R Flank – Rostov (objective) surrounded, but Ge 1st Pz break through the north Ru perimeter to reestablish supply lines on the last command.

Casualties: 1 Ge arm, 3 Ru arm and 1 Ru inf. (1 VP to Russia)

Turn Eight

L Flank – Kharkov almost totally surrounded, Germans break out on last command to avoid being put Out of Supply. 4 Germand Armour and 3 Ge Infantry now defending.

C – Stalino pocket forming.

R Flank – Rostov cut off on its right, but supply line still open.

Casualties: 2 Rom, 3 Ge Inf, 2 Ru inf and 4 Ru armour! (0 VP net for destroyed units)

Turn Nine

The final countdown is beginning. A full breakdown of command is now given:

4PzA – Defending Kharkov. No combat losses inflicted.

3GdA – Moved past Stalino and making a run for Zaporozke (Objective). Ge left this city undended and if the Russian can draw the Stavka command they will capture it!

Popov – Surround and attack Kharkov, pushing hard and creating a 4 hex pocket, completely enclosed.

1GdA – Also attacking Kharkov, eliminated Ge Inf and Arm (who couldn’t retreat).

Manstein – Command given to F-Pico at Stalino. Retreats a few armour to flank the Russians from the 3GdA making a run for Zaporozke.

Manstein – Drawn, returned to Cup.

F-Pico – Sqaush the 3GdA and eliminate 2 inf and 1 arm.

Push forward against Kharkov and completely encircle remaining units. Can only get 20:9 against Kharkov (2:1) reduced to (1:1) for defensive of objective. No Effect from Combat Roll (needed a “6” to force retreat). But, Ru did manage to eliminate 2 Panzers. Only 1 Arm and 1 Inf left in Khakov with 1 Inf adjacent.

Manstein – Command given to Pico to eliminate the final remains of the Ru 3rd Guard for fun.

Game Over

Casualties: 3 Ge armour, 1 inf. 4 Ru inf and 1 Arm (9 VPs to Russia)

Final Score:
Axis: 25 for still holding all objectives (although Kharkov is Out of Supply and ready to fall)
Russia: 9 for net Casualty balance.

Axis wins by 16 pts. All It, Rom and Hun units eliminated.
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Greg Blanchett
United States
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Remember that all Out of Supply and Isolated units count as eliminated at the end of the game...
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Sebastopol (Ballarat)
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That's Karl on the left. Eternity on the right.
I love Melissa, but don't tell her. It's a secret if she can find this. Shhhhh....
Thanks, forgot that. Which makes a 5VP shift, and 11pt Axis win.
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