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Nick Van Dam
United States
Appleton City
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I picked up a copy of Faces at a garage sale along with several other games. The seller was clearly a board game enthusiast and this was one he recommended for groups.

The game comes with a unique two part board that is assembled like a puzzle. It also comes with three groups of picture cards, one with women faces, one with men faces, and one with animal faces. It comes with a deck of cards with phrases to apply to a face card, like "most likely to be a class clown", or "dislikes puppies". The quality if the face cards is fair to good. The word cards are just fair. There are also secret voting cards with numbers that are a different color for each player, these are of good quality. The board and pawns are of good quality.

Game Play
several face cards are layed out from a category and the player whose turn it is draws a word card. They read it aloud and the other players secretly vote on which face the main player will select as having that feature.
If the right face is selected by any player then that player moves forward.
Then the face the main player chose is removed and replaced by a new face, and the turn passes to the next player.
(after a certain number of rounds the next phase is reached and all the male faces are replaced by the female ones, then in the third phase they are replaced by animal ones)

We found this game to be a fun one. This game was quite the hit with our group and the guy who sold it to me was right!

Pros. The old timey faces are hillarious and fun. The word cards are varied and also quite creative. The look of the game is unique and quite nice. The game plays up to and over 6 players well.

Cons. The animal category was almost always lackluster. The number of face cards provides limited replay-ability. If no one guesses the face then the game stalls.

House Rules and Solutions
-We house ruled it that if no one guessed the same face as the player whose turn it is then that player got to move forward.
-There is also the variant that we have yet to try which is to play it like "Say Anything" or "Apples to Apples" where each player has a hand of faces they play. This is difficult to do with the original set due to the limited number of faces, but onto our next solution...
-ADD FACES We've printed out some faces from the internet on regular card stock paper and added them to the game.
The current favorite category is "Babies" in our group.

This game went over so well with our group that not only did people request it, they started searching for a copy. Unfortunately at the time the only copies available were rediculously priced online, as it is out of print. Fortunately I was able to Thrift an almost new copy for a couple of dollars.

Final Thoughts
If you see this game in a Thrift store pick it up. Don't be afraid to add some faces to it! It is a lot of fun! It also can lead to some interesting conversations with kids about stereotyping.

I rate this game (with our additions) a 9

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