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Subject: Fickleheart's Follies II: A Quatryl Scorned rss

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Chris Willott
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After a crazy night like that, Flora and I had a good talk. She told me of her family disapproving of her adventuring ways and I told her about mine being killed by royal soldiers in the last war. We agreed to watch each other’s backs for a while, and we also found a sympathetic Cragheart lying in the gutter. After Flora healed him, he refused to leave us – claiming a “life debt”. He seems genuine and trustworthy, and it might be good to have his presence to deter those who might otherwise think two women alone are easy pickings. It could get tedious having to teach them otherwise.

This morning, we went down to the docks and signed in with a ship. A crazy Quatryl named Dreyl is the captain. A real powder-keg of a woman, even if she does seem a little off her rocker. I’m sure we’ll get to know a little more about her as we set sail…

…Well, we know more now. She’s absolutely insane! She just rammed us right into the cargo hold of another ship and they’re both taking on water. Injured herself, she wants us to kill the captain (Barty Half-Ear) for her – we’re stuck here on this wreck, and I think she might be our only way out of it, so I guess we do our best. There’s a bunch of explosives in the hold, and they seem stable enough to carry, so we decide to grab some and take them with us.

Before we can even leave the cargo hold a guard comes in, and we’re forced to dispatch with him. We can see a second one just past him struggling through a flooded section, and it’s obvious this won’t be as simple as sneaking in and killing the captain unawares. Finnick (our Cragheart companion) takes a forward position, grabbing several of the bombs in the process, and suffers the brunt of the guard’s first attack, then he takes him out with a solid hit that pushes him right into a trap!

By this time, the second guard is close enough for me to use my spare dagger on, and I manage a clean shot. Flora gets a good hit in as well, and we are able to move out of the cargo hold and into the ship.

Quatryls! There are two giant mechanized artillery in the room, somehow enchanted to fire on any intruders, and they don’t look easy to get rid of! Then there’s the matter of a third guard who looks significantly meaner than the first two. We start to work on him while we work out how to deal with the artillery. Flora throws a bomb at one of the artillery, and it seems to damage it, but it keeps on firing, and we manage to kill the guard with a few more hits, but at this point, there’s still 2 artillery firing at us and no easy way to take them out.

Then Flora does something I recognize, she dons her invisibility cloak and jumps over to the doorway, as I disarm a trap blocking our way there. Bad news, no one is getting in there without being targeted by 2 more artillery and a couple of archers! We are in desperate need of some rest and regrouping, so I try to mimic Finnick’s move with the first guard. I pull the farthest artillery towards me into a trap, and then hit it as hard as I can, but I just can’t take it out. Luckily, Finnick has finished off the other one and is able to help me out on this one as well. Then we head for the door.

Yuck, there’s no easy way to deal with these archers and artillery, not to mention another guard who was trying to sneak up on us. While we stand and fight the nearest archer and guard, both archers set up traps which will further complicate our path through the room. Fortunately, I spot a door on the other side of some fallen debris, and Finnick is able to clear us a path with a well-placed bomb. Meanwhile, the nearest archer and his guard pal have gotten a little too close, and Flora and I are able to finish them off. But the far archer immobilizes Finnick with a lucky shot and he can’t do much but heal and rest. Thankfully, we were careful to stay out of range of the artillery so far.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and I’m quite the flatterer today, so I head over to the next door and drop a smoke-bomb to see if we can duck out of the way of these artillery by going through the door, and spy a couple of archers at the top of a set of stairs in the next room. If Flora and Finnick can just get in here, these two should be easy…

Finally able to move, Finnick moves up to engage the last archer in his room, and I get him to throw a bomb through the open doorway and at the wall next to the stairs – as I expected it collapses to reveal an easier path to the second floor! Flora meanwhile casts a healing spell and tries to get closer to the door, but she is caught in scattershot attack from the artillery.

What have I done!? When I got him to throw the bomb, one of the archers in the room was able to pinpoint Finnick’s location and shoot him through the smoke in the doorway. Immobilized again, I hope that the artillery doesn’t inflict too much more damage. Running through the smoke, I know I can’t take out both archers at once, so I take a chance on the one that looks a little more frail and manage to kill her before she has a chance to react.

Flora finally makes it into the room and starts on the one remaining archer. The second-floor doorway is locked though, and I don’t know if the two of us will have enough remaining strength to beat it down…

…Finally, Finnick appears through the doorway just as the last archer gives up his ghost. He even has a bomb left. He hurls it at the door, and we see a figure that can only belong to Barty.

Barty moves towards us. Using the last of my strength, I sprint around him and attack from behind, but I didn’t have any clever tricks remaining, and I barely manage to injure him at all.

Finnick moves in to engage, leaping up and cratering the floor as he comes down. Then landing a thundering blow that clearly has Barty reeling.

Flora then takes a couple of shots at him and seems to harm him some more.

I can’t even move. I’m completely exhausted, but Barty ignores me and swings at Finnick. And misses completely!

Then Flora gets in another shot, and Finnick shoves him into a table, which collapses around him and on top of him, and Finnick prepares for an Opposing Strike.

Barty tries to hit Finnick again, but Finnick is clearly prepared and the blow proves to be Barty’s last. It seems he was teetering on the edge, and that little bit of retaliation was enough to do him in.

I manage a weak grin as Finnick hoists me over his shoulder and pulls me out onto deck. Flora has found Dreyl and some of the crew, and they drag us both: beaten and broken, bleeding and burnt, onto a life raft. We push away from the mangled wreckage of the two ships just as we hear several more explosions and the two ships disappear into the sea.
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Eli K.
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Nicely written, was a pleasure to read Thanks!
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