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Subject: Galactus was going to show but... rss

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Erik Nicely
United States
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Here's my report of my second game of Marvel Heroes. Me vs. my wife Amber, her playing the X-Men, me playing the Avengers. It was the second game of MH for the both of us. Galactus is Coming was the campaign card we drew.

Turn 1 had both of us scoring on free points as we went after headlines that we were able to knock down to really low threat levels, so low no villains were played. She played Cyclops with Storm supporting, I used the Hulk and Iron Man (the best superhero ever) supported. I beat 2 headlines, on of them a mastermind headline, I chose not to challenge the Red Skull at the end, and he gained his prologue card. Easy points for both of us.

Turn 2 resulted in more free points. Wolverine follows a trail of mutilated bodies in Long Island City, using his skills to solve the crime. Once again Hulk and Iron Man scored unopposed points on 2 missions not just one, I played the Crimebuster card but since I knocked the threat level down so low it didn't matter.

Turn 3 was a lot more interesting.

The mutant known as Juggernaut has hatched a plan. Or so he thinks, he has been duped by the Mad Thinker, who does his best to act from behind the scenes using Cain Marko as a puppet. The Abomination under the control of one of the Thinkers’ insidious devices cuts a path of destruction through Greenwich Village. Professor X calls his students to act after Cerebro detects the evil mutant powerhouse. The Village erupts as Jean Grey and Storm face the deadly duo of the Juggernaut and the Thinker. Abomination uses his unearthly strenth to trap our heroes to no avail. The battle drags on and on but the villains are outwitted. The X-Men are victorious. Why would two such unlikely allies unite?

Maybe Galactus wanted them to? Does the Eater of Worlds not like The Village? hmmmmm....

I played the Heroes Assemble card bringing both Hulk and Thor to the ready. They investigated a hidden weapons facility in Brooklyn Heights, a mastermind headline. Blastaar leading, supported by the Sandman. Thor takes them out and again I don't challenge the Red Skull.

Turn 4 was the finale. Amber was first player, she got her game on.

Jean and Wolverine (Wolvie supporting) investigate the vanishing city block headline in Upper Manhattan. The threat level is knocked down to the point where I can’t play any villains. I had a handful of 4/2 enemies. More free points for her. She goes after a second headline, a gambling network on the East Side. I play Modok as the lead, Enchantress supporting. Superior rolls take them out in one combat sequence. She scores and wins, meeting the victory conditions.

This was my 2nd game of MH and we had most of the rules down but there were a couple that we did mangle. We completely forgot about the archnemesis rule, good thing because I probably would have just lost quicker. blushA good learing experience and she beat me AGAIN. I'm the life-long gamer here but oh well. It was a fun game.

We played 2 more games of MH this weekend after the one above and by the third one all of the rules fell into place. Used a cool 2-payer variant scenario for the last game that I found here on the geek in the files. I WON, 3 defeats, 1 win total for me. I went with the Marvel Knights for the last 2 games, she stuck with the X-Men. The Knights seem better at quick early-game headline scoring with lower overall hero levels. I like this game more every time I play it.

nuff said

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