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In the "Storming Gold" scenario, do the 2 on-map black fire strength units (Mt. Fleury and Marefntne Bty from the 716th ID) begin the scenario "contact pending"? In the scenario rules these units have no specific notes that indicate they start the scenario in contact with leader Krug (as is the case with the 3 orange fire strength units that enter the scenario in artillery park A whenever the 716th ID chit is first pulled).

The scenario rules also state:

You may skip sections A through F of the Sequence of Play since none of those apply to this scenario.

Since these units normally attempt to establish contact with leaders during step E, am I right in assuming that the two on-map batteries will not have the opportunity to do so during this scenario?

Since they are both under barrage markers I can see nothing for them to do except wait for an allied unit to move within one hex. Is this right?
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Doug Cooley
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Thought I'd supply an answer since no one else has.

Contact for an emplaced arty unit (black firepower) means you can use a spotter. The units can always fire at things they themselves can see.

However, there is one wrinkle for this particular game, in that scenario here Units don't need radio contact, at least at first, because they are considered to be in phone contact. If they are actually on the beach overlay, those phone lines can be cut, and are cut anyway at a specific point of time.

Orange firepower units not in an arty park have the same restriction, but are allowed to fire at units they can see even f not in an arty park.

Of course, both types use Direct HE when within three hexes.

Hope that's helpful for anyone trying to figure this out. It's a bit convoluted, even with the flow charts.

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