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Subject: Once Upon a Time: Cards Against Humanity rss

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Jason Huang
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I have decided to combine two of my favourite games into one concept. I know there is some flaws in this play style. It would be nice if someone can play test and give me feedback. Please feel free to message me for a .docx file. I can't seem to be able to upload it to this thread and the spacing in the text is mess up. Thank you.

Jason H.

Once Upon a Time: Cards Against Humanity
Created by Jason Huang

Once Upon a Time: Cards Against Humanity is a story telling game based on the games: Once Upon a Time and Cards Against Humanity (hence the name). You will only need the Cards Against Humanity game. The players are trying to create an elaborate story using their given cards, trying to guide the plot to their ending, and winning the game. This is not a competitive game, but rather a group of friends trying to tell a funny story.

Beginning the Game
Deal the white cards according to the number of players:
2 players.......8 cards each
3 players.......7 cards each
4 players.......6 cards each
5 players+.....5 cards each

Deal one additional card to each player. This is their resolution card. They are allow to look at the card, but it must be place face down in front of them. Deal two black cards to each player. This is their helping cards.

Place one black card on the center of the table. The person with the highest English degree or English mark goes first. They must include the words on that black card in the first paragraph or draw a card.

Description of the Game
The first storyteller begins to tell a story. It can be anything from an epic space battle to a medieval romance. Whenever a player mentions exactly the words on their card, they can place it face up on the table. The first player to place all of their cards on the table and guides the story to their resolution will win.

Rules of the Game
1) The Category Rule
To win the game, each player must place one card from their hand to the table representing one of these categories:
Character.......Judge Judy
Thing.............Land mines
Place.............My vagina
Aspect...........Being fabulous

Some cards can represent more than one category. You can also interpret the meaning of the card to represent a category. For example, Judge Judy can be a character or you can say “being on Judge Judy” (which is an event). The majority of the players must agree on your interpretation. The cards should be place in front of the player according to the categories: character being the farthest left and event being the farthest right. You will lose if you run out of cards without fulfilling this rule.

2) The Significance Rule
Each card that is mention should be significant to the story. If there is no significance, the storyteller must place the card back into their hand, draw a card from the deck, and their turn is pass to the player on the right.

3) The Time Rule
Each card that is mention should be in a separate sentence. You are not allow to place another card face down until the hourglass runs out (1 minute). The hourglass resets every time you place a card on the table.

4) The Interruption Rule
- If the storyteller begins to ramble, repeat content, or blank out (more than 5 seconds), another player can interrupt their story. The storyteller draws a card and it is now the new player’s turn.
- If the storyteller mentions something on another players hand, the player can interrupt the storyteller, and it is now their turn. This is the only time you can place a card on the table that is not exactly the same words. For example, the storyteller is mentioning “butt beads” and you have the card, anal beads in your hand. You can place that card on the table.

The storyteller can decide to end their turn anytime. They must draw a card from the deck and it is now the player on the right’s turn.
Black Cards
Black cards are known as helping cards. Please ignore the words written on them. You can use one black card for one of these abilities (with the exception of the last one):
- You can place a card on the table regardless of The Time Rule.
- You can reset another player’s hourglass.
- You can interrupt the storyteller and it is now your turn.
- You can place one card back into the deck and draw a new card (resolution card included).
- You can use two black cards to fulfill one of the categories in The Category Rule.

Resolution Cards
When the storyteller placed all of their cards on the table, they can place their resolution card to end the story. Provided that this brings the story to a sensible resolution and majority of the story is satisfied. Should the player fail to make sense of the story, they must draw a new resolution card and an additional card, and it becomes the player on the right’s turn.

Although the rules cannot satisfy all the situations in this game, it should be reference as much as possible. Players should vote to decide the outcome of a conflict. The penalty at most should be just drawing one card from the deck and passing the turn to the storyteller’s right. This is a game about telling an interesting story among friends.

Created on 2017-05-21
Vancouver, British Columbia

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