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Subject: UMCR Say Anything Review: In My Opinion What is the best Party Game? rss

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Nick Van Dam
United States
Appleton City
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My wife and I got this game as a wedding gift last year. I was pleased to see a board game among the wedding gifts as we were to live in a small town with little night life and all new people to meet. Board games seemed like a great hobby to take up. Party games being among the most accessible to a wide array of people Say Anything sounded like it could be a good match for us.

Inside the bright pink box you'll find supplies for 8 players/teams to play. 8 dry erase markers and boards (of a variety of colors and themes). A dry erase score track board. Note all cardboard components are made well and are of good quality. You'll find 2 voting tokens of each color/theme as well. There is also the Selectomatic 5000 (more on this later) Lastly and importantly there is a deck of cards on which are written phrases like "In my opinion the best movie ever made is..." or "In my opinion the best beer is..." (several of these appear on each side of the cards for replayability)

Game Play
The game is played much like Apples to Apples.
-Each player in turn will take a card and select a phrase they want the other players to tackle. The player selecting the card will be the judge for the round.
-After all players have written the answers they are revealed to the group.
-The judge will, in secret, select their favorite. This is done with the use of the selectomatic 5000 by turning the arrow to the matching color. This is kept secret and placed face down during the next phase of the turn.
-The players will vote on which answer(s) they think are the winner. This is done by the placement of their voting chips.
- After all players have voted the judge reveals his/her answer and points are awarded.
scoring- a point is awarded for each token placed on the winning answer and an additional point is awarded to the player who wrote the winning answer.

Winning the game- the player reaching the selected goal number of points first wins.

We have played this game on several occasions with different groups of people and it has always gone over amazingly.

-The game is easy and simple to understand and explain.
-The questions are of a wide variety and so the game remains fresh after multiple plays.
-The game plays in large groups really well. 4-8 or more will play and move well with the game.
- The dry erase technology makes for little mess and easy clean-up
- This game works with a wide variety of people. It has worked in our group with kids, adults, and senior citizens.

-like the name suggests the players are given the license to "say anything" this can be problematic with certain players. The game has the potential to go "Blue", or become crude. (this has not been our experience, but it is something to consider before bringing the game to the table)
-people who know each other well can dominate the game among strangers. (similarly this has not been our experience, but there have been times I've been grasping because I don't know the person well enough to answer the question)

Response to the Cons
As for the potential to become crude, Either set expectations before playing, or simply do not play this game in groups that veer in that direction. Also there is a family version that may assist in this as well.

The con of strangers or new people being at a disadvantage can also be seen as a pro. This is a good get to know you game. It has been helpful in geting to know new friends after our move. If used in this kind of group scoring might be removed and the game used more as an activity rather than a competitive game.

This is a very good fun lite party game. It doesn't have depth, so if that's what you want you won't like it. As a party game that is accessible to a wide swath of people, it excels. I had mentioned Apples to Apples before, this really replaces Apples to Apples for me. Say anything allows the players to be more creative and silly, and there is almost always a fun or funny match.

Final Thoughts
This is not my favorite game. Like many party games it doesn't work with 2 or 3 people well, there isn't a lot of depth.
However, judged as a party game, it is excellent. It is among the best I have played. Given how it has gone over, and been asked for repeatedly by friends...
I rate this game a 10.


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