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james napoli
United States
New Jersey
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I'm a hardcore gamer, meaning that boardgaming has become one of my number one hobbies. I peruse the geek regularly and often evangelize the hobby to non-gamers.

I've tried to build my game collection like a chef would prepare a menu. Though sometimes I look for games to fill a certain situation. For me Cluzzle was a reactionary purchase designed to entertain 6 non-gamers during a dinner party. It totally worked out and have been very happy with the game.

OverView/Rules/How to play:

Contents:- 110 Clue_Cards (each with 9 items/clues printed on them)
- A round gameboard with a scoring track on it
- 6 containers of clay*
- 6 pencils, 6 sets of 4 question markers
- Packet of two sided scoring sheets, for people to write down their answers

The gameplay is quite simple; each player receives a set of clay, a player mat where they'll place their sculp and a card containing 9 items. The players can choose any one of the 9 items to sculpt. This is important, b/c some people will be nervous thinking that they have no artistic ability and panic thinking they'll be stuck should they receive a difficult clue. It's best to explain that part early on to alleviate any anxiety that some players may experience.

Next players choose their item and sculpt away. There is no time limit here, but it's a good idea to stay within the suggested 5 minutes so players are not waiting around, but at the same time allowing players enough time and not create stress.

After all players have finished sculpting, they push their mats containing their artwork around the center board. This now starts the 2 minute question round, time is kept by a 2 minute sand timer. Each player receives 4 question tokens, and can thus ask 4 questions about the other sculptures. There is no turn sequence, it's a just a free for all asking other players questions about their sculptures.
Questions can only be answered as follows:
-I dont know

Since you may only ask a total of 4 questions during this round, it's important to pay attention to the questions/answers that other people are asking in order to try and figure out what people have sculpted.

Once the two minutes is up, you then have 30 seconds to write down your answers for the other players sculpts. After the 30 seconds begins the guessing phase. In a sequence a round the board, each player states their guess for each sculpt.

Scoring is also fairly simple but very important. If a player guesses correctly they score 1 point during first round and so does every player that wrote down the correct answer. The sculptor also receives 1 point, and they pull their sculpture out of the center denoting it's been guessed correctly. If no player correctly guesses a sculpture it stays around the board and you begin Round 2 with another set of 2 minute guesses, along with 30 second of writing down answers. During the second round, correct answers are now worth 2 points for those answering correctly as well as for the sculptor. Rinse and repeat for the 3 round, should sculptures not have been guessed during round 1 or 2 and but correctly guessed in the 3rd (and final round) will yield 3 points. Sculptures that no-one could figure out, yield 0 points for the sculptor. After the third round, that counts as a game. Typically it’s suggested you play 3 games. Thus everyone get's to sculpt 3x's.

The scoring mechanic is where in lies the strategy of the game. You don't want your sculpt to be so easy that it's guessed in the first round, but you also don’t want it to be so abstract that no-one can guess it.

My Thoughts:

This game is really fun. Of course know your audience. It's not a game i would break out if i were having over a couple of guys and we were going to play some games. But it's really fun for parties, it's great for non-gamers and it's good for couples. We’ve played it a bunch of times now and every time it’s been a complete blast! It's really amusing to see some players working their clay, redoing sections and to see their final rendition. A lot of laughter also comes out of the question rounds as people attempt to figure out the cluzzles(clay puzzle). Many of the clues lend themselves to highly amusing sculpts. My wife did a Winnie the Pooh as a pot of honey with his butt sticking out, no-one guessed it but after it was revealed it made a lot of sense. You have to imagine the line of questions like ‘Is it Hard?’ ‘Can you eat it?’ ‘Would you wear it?’


The components in the game are ok at best. It's nice that it comes with pencils and the timers. The 110 clue cards each with 9 items on it more than generous for very long shelf life. Unfortunately though the clay i received was unusable. There are suggestions to add water and kneed the clay which seems to have worked for some gamers, but didn’t really for me, a few colors were just beyond repair. I spent $5 for a set of 10 small containers of play-doh which works perfectly and acts to expand the # of players to 10, not to mention provides fond childhood memories once players catch a whiff. The overall graphics are nice and allude to the light and fun nature of the game.

Final Words:

You know your group and know what kind of game this is. For me, I got exactly what I was expecting. The fun we had with this game even the few short plays was well worth what I paid for the game, including the extra 'clay'. With my regular group I would imagine we'll use this as a fairly regularly filler and it will help to draw in the woman-folk, which is always a plus. In many ways this game really fits the bill of what a boardgame should be. It's easy to learn, accessible by all types of gamers, it's social and provides a lot of laughter and fun. The scoring mechanic will also allow for some strategy so even stingy bgg'ers should sculpt away.

I would recommend this for those that enjoy party games, or those with a decent size group of gamers looking for a fun filler!
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