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Subject: Second Peloponnesian War - Solo play - short report rss

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Loïc Boué
Val de Marne
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I chose to play the Agiad King.
Athens was controlled by Brasidas bots, and the Eurypontid King by Phormio.

Turn 6

Aristophanes: Clouds A, as per the scenario instruction.

The bots being unaware that war was about to break, chose the following strategies.

Aristocrats: Granary (Sicily).
Demagogues: roll 6 so skip Expansion and go for Offensive in Chalcidice.
Eurypontid King: Protect Key Allies in Boeotia.
I decided to protect Sicily.

I had good cards and the assembly phase went very well, giving me control of Sparta.

War started, as expected with the bots in charge.

The Eurypontid King easily smashed Platea and seized control of Boeotia.

Meanwhile, the Demagogues smashed the land unit and base in Chalcidice.

I managed to prevent the fall of Syracuse, but a Delian League base was created in Sicily.

Being in control of Sparta, I moved 3 league land units in Sicily.

Comment : my actions around Sicily were rather ineffective. I built up 2 land units with a League issue, but a base would have made more sense in the long term. I also realised that without a base in Corcyra, there was no hope to send spartan units in Sicily, only 4 strategos. I decided to focus my efforts on Corcyra next turn.

Turn 7

Aristophanes: Acharnians B => Plague hurt Athens, and one of my unit in Sicily.

The bots were now aware that war had started (in retrospect, it's a bit odd that the bots choose a peacetime strategy for the first turn of the second peloponnesian war).

Aristocrats: Ravage Sparta.
Demagogues: roll 6 so no Sicily this time, Expansion in Macedonia.
Eurypontid King: Ravage Attica.
I decided to try to build a base in Corcyra, but I had first to clear Naupactus.

In the assembly phase, I had bad cards and used my leader to stay in control. Consequently I had precious few strategos.

The plan to Ravage Attica went well, with a base built in Attica.
The Demagogues went to Macedonia (1 strategos) and built a base there. They also created 3 treacheries in Boeotia with a Diplomatic issue.

The plan to Ravage Sparta failed short because all the Delian League bases were already created (I perused the rules but it doesn't seem you can decide to remove one somewhere else if this happens).

My big scheme for Naupactus also failed short because the two athenians factions still had 6 strategos to commit when I unleashed my offensive with 5 strategos, 3 league naval units from Corinth, the 300 and 2 spartan land units. I was lucky with the cards and won the naval battle : 1 athenian naval unit destroyed, 2 league naval units destroyed. I easily won the land battle too (1 more unit destroyed), but had less strategos than the opposition, so the base was not destroyed. The good thing was that I got hostages from the destroyed athenian fleet.

The league issue I had put in Corinth was revealed last (I wanted to build up more naval units before going for Naupactus), and I rebuilt the two lost naval units.

Still in control, I chose not to left a lone land unit in Naupactus and brought it back to Sparta.

The Athenians had few fleet and I distributed them on key bases first, so none stayed in Sparta.

Comment: my plan sucked. Against human players, it wouldn't have stood a chance. I assumed the Athenian bots would not react because they would have used all their strategos. In fact I should have acted first when they keep their strategos for their own schemes. Only luck gave me hostages and the destruction of a land unit.

Turn 8:

Aristophanes: Lysistrata B => time for the big showdown in Chalcidice. The fact that Athens had conquered it on turn 6 made me wince.

Aristocrats: Defense in Athens.
Demagogues: Will of the Assembly - control Chalcidice.
Eurypontid King: Will of the Assembly - control Chalcidice.
The lack of an Athenian naval unit in Sparta was very convenient, otherwise they would have chosen a Defense strategy.
I decided to help my fellow spartan King, by clearing the way for his military expedition. I needed two military expeditions in Thessalia and Macedonia.

The assembly phase went as expected. I focused on getting two military expeditions (also got a league) and many strategos, and was ostracised.

This time my plan worked perfectly. My military expeditions went first : one delian league land unit destroyed in Thessalia, then one athenian land unit and a delian league base destroyed in Macedonia. I had achieved my goal : the way was clear for a spartan army. I had also committed the minimum number of strategos required (knowing the bots would not intervene...).

The Eurypontid King brought 3 spartan, 2 league and the 300 in Chalcidice, just after the Athenian had build more land units with a League issue. It was a crushing victory (and a major defeat for Athens).

When the Demagogue army arrived, I committed my 4 remaining strategos and a second athenian army was crushed.

Finally, with many spartans gone to Chalcidice, the Aristocrats had enough strenght to break the siege of Athens. They inflicted a major defeat, got hostages, but were not strong enough to destroy the base.

With the Eurypontid King in control, one spartan land unit was left where possible.

Sparta got control of Chalcidice, resulting in a huge swing in honor.

Comment: this time I had anticipated the bots actions, so the results were excellent. Knowing they will not try to mess with my actions made it easy to commit the minimum number of strategos required for success. The plan to clear the way for a big army was also a good one, acting in support of the other faction.

Turn 9

With two major defeats on each side, peace was in the air, especially with the bots in charge. Knowing that, I knew I had to win the peace issue to secure the 10 honor points.

Aristophanes: Acharnians B => Plague again, an additionnal blow to the already well depleted Athenian forces. But peace is coming.

The Eurypontid King went for a "Ravage Attica" strategy.

During the assembly phase, I used my leader to capture the peace issue and then focused on getting as many issues as possible, not bothering that much on strategos.

Peace was declared (10 honor for me, 10 for the Aristocrats who had been ostracised as well the previous turn) and the scenario ended. I had also regained control of Sparta.

End Situation

I was surprised how many points Athens scored in the end : its empire was mostly intact with 14 bases compared to 8 for Sparta, and most naval theaters uncontested. But Sparta got points with Sparta, Corinth, Boeotia, Aetolia, Macedonia and Chalcidice uncontested.

Final count
Agiad King: 89
Aristocrats: 83, including 20 bonus.
Eurypontid King: 60
Demagogues: 46, including 20 bonus.

Hostages + Peace (Agiad) was more advantageous than Ostracism + two major victories (Eurypontid). The Aristocrats got Hostages + Peace + one major victory.

Final thoughts on the bots

I felt it wrong that the bots go for a peacetime strategy on the first turn. I think they should go for a wartime strategy on the first turn on both the first and second war scenarios.

Each time a bot skipped a strategy, the chosen moves were very good : securing Chalcidice and controlling Macedonia for Athens. With two bots in the same faction, it might be a good idea to have the second bot skip on 5 or 6.

It was too easy to send military expeditions with the knowledge that the bots would commit no strategos. Some randomness would be welcome.
For instance :
1-4 : follow the chart.
5 : commit strategos in excess of those needed for the PS (usually 9).
6 : commit 4 strategos (or all those remaining).
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Loïc Boué
Val de Marne
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Torc wrote:

Finally, with many spartans gone to Chalcidice, the Aristocrats had enough strenght to break the siege of Athens. They inflicted a major defeat, got hostages, but were not strong enough to destroy the base.

I made a rule mistake here.

After redeployment, Spartan units can only be in a Theater with a Spartan Base, or the one unit remaining in a Theater with no base.

So what remained in Attica should have been redeployed League units, easier to defeat, but bringing no hostages.
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