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Subject: Cards for trade or sell rss

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Pawel Ziolkowski
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Hello dear desert people,

I want to finish my collection and below you have a lists of cards im looking for and can trade or sell. Priority for me is trading, selling comes next Also have complete set of Judge of the Change (all chapters, each card x1) for sale or trade. I put here only list of rares and imperial cards (from houses), if you need something else, please let me know, maybe can find in my boxes

Want list

1x Rare Production Bonus
1x Rare Landsraad Summitt
1x Rare Fold Space Complications
1x Rare Poisoned Blade
1x Rare Exchange Suspension
1x Rare Back to the Wall
1x Rare Bodies in the Well
1x Rare Collusion
1x Rare Early Procurment
1x Rare House Atomics
1x Rare Compel Surrender
2x Rare Betrayal

2x Uncommon Sisther of the Azhar
2x Fremen Marauder
1x Uncommon Corrupt Water Official
2x Rare Byzantine Corruption
1x Uncommon Smuggler Underground
2x Uncommon Guild Security Division

Have list

Imperial Cards
- Water Sellers
2x Emrys Jago
8x Fakhir Zirut
8x 'Lida Banfi
8x Lingar Bewt
1x Styros
8x Zenzi Bewt
1x Immobilize Urban Center
5x Water Despot
2x Water Magnate

- Spice Miners
1x Dharva Glynn
4x Hebe
9x Lt. Aneirin
9x Mess'r Coss
9x Omri B'Rrican
9x Tivor Max
2x Surpass mining Quota
4x Arbiter Authority

- Dune Smuggglers
2x Esmar Tuek
2x Feige Treazal
2x Jareh Benguait
4x Kaldo Radij
2x Remy Egusku
3x Staban Tuek
2x Remain Invisible
1x Beyond the Faufreluches
3x Smugglers Ambassdor

- Harkonnen
4x Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (EOTS)
1x Dr. Yueh (TAT)
4x Feyd Rautha
4x Glossu Rabban (EOTS)
1x Glossu Rabban (TAT)
3x Iaken Nefud
9x Pardee
1x Umman Kudu
2x Fall of a Great Rival
2x Irrevocable Directorship
2x Regent-Siridar

- Corrino
4x Commander Aramsham (EOTS)
1x Commander Aramsham (TAT)
4x Count Hasimir Fenring
1x Dr. Kynes (EOTS)
1x Dr. Kynes (TAT)
3x Shaddam IV (TAT)
2x Emperor Shaddam IV (EOTS)
9x Ionesco Valdeshar
3x Jareh Benquiat
3x Usurp Choam Directorship
5x His Majesty's Fief
2x High College

- Atreides
1x Dr. Wellington Yueh
3x Duke Leto Atreides (EOTS)
1x Duncan Idaho
3x Gurney Halleck (EOTS)
3x Paul Atreides (EOTS)
1x Thufir Hawat (EOTS)
1x Thufir Hawat (TAT)
2x Tame Arrakis
2x Ducal Signet Ring
3x Tithing Clemency

- Fremen
4x Chani
3x Jamis
1x Korba
1x Otheym
4x Stilgar
4x The Shadout Mapes
1x Shelter the Lisan Al-Gaib
4x House Subfief

- Guild
5x Albrecht Num
3x Cesar "La" Layre
5x Dorvin Saeth
4x Gauvir Mucca
1x Jarmuch
1x Liscia Thereise
4x Oberon
2x Spice Stockpiling
2x Instrument of the Guild
2x Guild Bank Transfer

- Bene Gesseit
2x Gaius Helen Mohiam
2x Lady Margot
7x Sister Baruna
2x Sister Ramallo
1x Princess Irulan
1x Insert Watchers
8x Empreror's Truthsayer

- neutral
2x Soo Soo Nejhre
1x Prevail in Kanly
1x Resurrect Alliance
2x Abduct Heir
8x Governor of Arrakis
9x Judge of the Change
3x Quasi-fief

House cards - Rares
5x Atreides Propagandist
7x Fremen Naib
8x Guild Navigator
6x Harkonnen Slavemaster
9x Levenbreche
5x Renegade Sister
1x Lt. Fedor
1x Cpt. Trumane
1x Lt. Kinet

1x Assembly of Lords
3x Philanthropy Drive
2x Revolt of the Dew Gatherers
13x Water Riot

3x Imperial Courtiers

2x Canon Artillery
8x Crysknife
8x Flip Dart
2x Gom Jabbar
2x Guild Shuttle
3x House Shield Generator
8x Lasgun Rifle
2x Maker Hooks
3x Symbol Of Authority
3x Thumpers

2x Guild Bank Representative
1x Heir Designate
1x High Steersman
5x Imperial Seal
2x Kanly Omissia
1x LandSraad Spokesman
1x Naib's Countenance
2x Prescience Shielding
2x Residual Poison
1x Seat of Governance
2x Shadowed Place
1x Spice Addiction
2x Spice Infusion
1x Timed Drug
1x Truth Sayer
3x Ultra-fast Coagulation
1x Umma

2x Prophetic Vision
2x Sharing of Inner Lives
1x Truth Saying
1x Unprecedented Intercession

4x Covert Venture
1x Formal Impressment
3x Inert Poison
1x Infraction of the Change
3x Intelligence Report
1x Interests of Detente
1x Muddled Vision
3x Overwhelming Affluence
1x Petitiong Tithe
5x Prana-bindu Suspension
1x Quality Inspection
1x Ritual Combat
4x Stake Reputation
1x Terrain Advantage
2x Undermine Support
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Haytil Reivesman
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Sean Chick (Formerly Paul O'Sullivan)
United States
New Orleans
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Fag an bealac! Riam nar druid ar sbarin lann! Cuimhnigidh ar Luimnech agus feall na Sassonach! Erin go Bragh! Remember Limerick! Remember Ireland and Fontenoy!
Well, I'm afraid it'll have to wait. Whatever it was, I'm sure it was better than my plan to get out of this by pretending to be mad. I mean, who would have noticed another madman round here?
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Jeff Lowry
United States
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I am looking for a number of the cards you have listed. Can you let me know?
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Pawel Ziolkowski
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After two big deals, my both lists are updated.
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