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Subject: Zombies! rss

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Keith Higbee
United States
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This is a variation that I've created to add an extra level of challenge and excitment to the game. I've only played it through a few times and am open to suggestions from anyone who gives it a try.


Experienced Game: Follow the Experienced game set-up rules with the following exception:


Set up the game with 9 Victim and 6 False Alarm (from this point forward referred to as Zombie) markers.


Gameplay proceeds as normal until a Zombie is revealed.

React – When a player reveals a Zombie, place an Action Point Marker (green token with running figure) to designate it as a Zombie.

The Player who revealed the Zombie rolls the red, six-sided die and retreats back the way they
came (out the door of the building if possible) the number rolled.

If the player has remaining AP they continue play as normal.

Kill Zombie – A Firefighter that is adjacent (not diagonally) to a Zombie can attempt to kill it with their axe.

Killing a Zombie is the same as a Chop action (costs 2 AP) except for the following exception:

When a player declares an attack, they must roll the red, six-sided die. On a roll of 1-2, the attack misses. On a roll of 3-6, the attack is successful and the Zombie is removed from the board.


Advance fire rules remain the same except for the following exceptions:


A Zombie that is on the Fire or HazMat space that triggers an Explosion is blown to pieces and removed from the board.

A Zombie is not damaged by fire that Advances from an Explosion point, Shockwaves or Flashovers but will be impacted (see Fire Zombies).

Lost POIs

If a POI that would normally be Lost to fire is Revealed to be a Zombie, immediately place an Action Point Marker and Hot Spot marker to designate it as a Fire Zombie instead. Zombie will be moved normally during the Movement phase (see below).


Zombies do not count as POIs when determining how many POI markers need to be replenished.

If the Target space has a Zombie, reroll.



In a closed room that contains no POI markers (hidden or revealed) or Firefighter, or in a room with open doors that offer no Line of Sight to POI markers or Firefighters, Zombies follow the path created by the arrows until they reach a wall.

Zombies will remain motionless against a wall until a POI or Firefighter enters the room, or two Damage markers destroy the wall against which the Zombie is standing, opening up Line of Sight to a POI or Firefighter.

In a room with a POI marker(s) and/or Firefighter(s), or where there is Line of Sight to a POI or Firefighter in another room, a Zombie will move up to two spaces toward the nearest body.

In the case of equal distances, the Zombie will move toward the POI.

If a Zombie ends its movement on the same space as a POI or Firefighter, it will Attack.

If, during the course of the movement, a Zombie moves over a Fire marker, it becomes a Fire Zombie. Place a Hot Spot marker on top of the token to designate it as being on fire.


If a Zombie ends its turn on a POI marker, reveal the marker, and place an Action Point Marker on it to designate it as a Zombie.

If the attacking Zombie was a Fire Zombie, add a Hot Spot marker to the newly turned Zombie as well.

Immediately move the new Zombie two spaces along the path created by the arrows. Fire and Attack rules apply accordingly if the new Zombie runs into a Fire marker or a POI or Firefighter on this path.

If a Zombie ends its turn on a Firefighter, roll the red, six-sided die. On a roll of 1-2, the Player’s Specialist is killed.

Without looking, choose a new Specialist and move the Firefighter onto the Engine. The Player will now begin their next turn as this new Specialist.

On a roll of 3-6, treat the Zombie Attack as a Knockdown. Move the Firefighter to the nearest Ambulance spot. If the Ambulance is not on that space, the Player will need to use AP next turn to call the Ambulance to recover before proceeding.

If a Zombie ends its turn on a Firefighter carrying a Victim, both the Firefighter and Victim are attacked. Follow the rules above.

Fire Zombie

If Movement or Fire placement puts a Zombie in the same space as a Fire marker, the Zombie becomes a Fire Zombie. Immediately add a Hot Spot marker to the Zombie.

Add a Fire marker to wherever the Zombie walks from this point forward.

This may trigger a HazMat explosion or Flashover.

A Fire Zombie moving onto a space that already has a Fire marker does not trigger an explosion.

A POI attacked by a Fire Zombie automatically becomes a Fire Zombie.

Kill Zombie rules apply the same for a Fire Zombie as they do for a regular Zombie.


The game ends when the building collapses, the players have won (7 Victims Rescued) or the players have been defeated (4+ Victims Lost to either Fire or Zombies). Zombies (original or turned) do not count as Lost Victims.

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Jonathan Starr
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Awesome idea! Time to bring out the zombicide miniatures.
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Keith Higbee
United States
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Two additions: One, Fire Zombies can be turned back into regular Zombies with the Deck Gun. Two, you can't use the Imaging Technician when playing this expansion.
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