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Subject: Crossbow Month 3, Week 3, Missions 1 and 2 rss

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Dave Ratynski
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Final write up for the campaign missions; I will post a summary and thoughts in a separate post.

Month 3, week 3, Missions 1 and 2

Week start: No purchases, no SO losses from V-1 attacks this week.

RECON: AC11 and V03 - both flights return and we have Medium INTEL on all sites.

M1: V03: 385, 303, 305th BGs with the 4th FG flying high cover again.

LW response = Average.

Event: AA Fire again! (I reshuffle the deck after each week, as I dont want to predict what event is coming up). This time, only 1 loss to the 385th as the boys were able to avoid most of it this time.

NO fighters on the way to the V weapon site.

Over Target: No fighters. FLAK: No hits!

Bomb Run: Another spectacular BR - 19 total hits. Destroyed!

Home bound Event: LW revenge, but no impact as zone 11 and no bandits in route.

385th promotes to ACE!

Mission 1 Summary: Target destroyed, no fighters shot down, minimal losses due to FLAK. VP total = 54! Great rating!

I could stop here but going to run the second mission and see how that goes. It's a bit deeper into France and should have fighter response.

Month 3, Week 3, Mission 2: AC11: 91st, 97th, 44th BG and 78th FG flying high cover.

Bomb load includes Incindiaries for all bombers, and a mix of M34, 43 and 30's to use up the SO points.

LW Response: Average, but event is Follower again so increase to High (perhaps my shuffling wasnt as good as I thought!). With the target location and spread of LW airfield counters, going to be an interesting flight. Stay alert!

Target bound! Hex 11 - 5 bandits drawn - 1 No Bandit, Flak, 190, 109, 110. 78th rolls and intercepts the 110, and the 190. The 110 and the 190 both miss, and the 78th shoots down both! Way to go! 1 flight peels off afterwards due to low ammo.

FLAK hits the 97th for 1 loss, while the 109 misses the 93rd.. as the 109 flies by, smoke and flame pour out of him as the engineer in the top turret hits!

Target Zone (hex 9): 4 bandits jump the groups - NB, 190, 109 and FLAK. The 78th tackles the 190 and 109, shooting down the 109 and taking no losses! 2 more escorts peel off early while the FLAK misses the 93rd.. Whew.

FLAK: all misses!

Bomb Run: Close, many hits and misses. The 44th bringing up the rear drops their last incendiary and hits, destroying the factory! (The last 1 hit destroyed it, didnt need to roll for fires).

Home bound Event: Experienced LW pilots but there wont be any intercepts on the way back as all are rearming. Whew!

End of Mission 2: 4 LW planes shot down, 2 targets destroyed!

End of Month/Game: 57 VP! Great result!
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