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Brian Lemieux
United States
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In Attack on Titan: The Last Stand, you can either play as the Titan or as the Survey Corps (the Heroes). Playing as the heroes, you are fighting together to defeat the Titan before the Titan can either kill one of you, eat 12 citizens, or destroy 6 cannons from the tower. The heroes win if they are able to kill the Titan, but that is easier said than done.

In order for the heroes to kill the Titan, they must first bring the Titan's health down into the 'Kill Zone', then they must have a tactics card from a rotating stack that they themselves can rotate with a die to one that says 'Victory for the Heroes', and then be able to execute it. One such card states a player needs to be on the 8th level of the Titan with 2 sword dice, and 1 player needs to be on the 5th level (the tower) with two cannon dice. If they are able to do this, they will win.

Basic Game Play

Each round of the game has 7 steps

1.) Titan player selects action cards. The Titan player will select two action cards in their hand. One is placed face up on the table, and the second is face down.

2.) Heroes roll their dice Simultaneously, all heroes will roll their dice. Every Titan Head rolled must be given to the Titan player. All heroes can re-roll their dice as often as they want until they get what they want (other than the Titan Head). Once all heroes have the dice they want, this round is over.

3.) The Titan player can now use any dice that may have been given to them with the Titan Head symbol showing. They look at their abilities card and pick what to do. Once the dice are spent, they are given back to the heroes to now re-roll.

4.) The dice that the Titan player just used can now be re-rolled just like in step 2. The only difference is if a Titan Head is rolled, that die is just set aside.

5.) Action cards have effects described on them that the Titan will perform unless the Heroes can collectively allocate the required dice to the card. The dice needed are displayed at the bottom of each card. Once the visible card is resolved, the hidden card is then turned face up and resolved.

6.) The hero players then spend the dice they have remaining.

7.) No dice may be saved from round to round, so all Hero players collect their dice and get ready to roll. The Titan player sets aside the action cards they used this round and collects the cards they used last round.

Overall Thoughts

I really enjoy playing Attack on Titan: The Last Stand. I have not had the opportunity yet to play as anything other than the Titan, but from watching the heroes play, I don't think my enjoyment will go down when I do.

Playing the Titan is fun. I love how you get to play a tactics card face up, then one face down. I love it even more when you play one that knocks Heroes to level 0, then fip over the one that deals all Heroes on level 0 damage. The only issues with these cards are most of them can be blocked with two Dodge dice. As long as the heroes can save at least two dodge dice, they will for the most part block at least 1 of your attacks.

Damaging the Titan is pretty easy. In my first game, one person was playing Mikasa, another was playing Hange, and I’m not sure what the 3rd person was playing. When Makasa uses her attack dice, each one counts as 2 damage. Hange can use the cannon dice while not being on the tower. In the very first turn, they had me almost in the kill zone. I was able to use dice the next round and recover 4 health, but during that round, they had me in the kill zone and I was never able to get out.

One of the major downfalls of Attack on Titan: The Last Stand is the construction of the building and the Titan. Having to build each of them every time you play I can see them having issues eventually. Especially the Titan's hand, level 4. You need to be careful when you put this one on.

+ Kind of exciting and tense, especially for the Titan
+ Nice asymmetric game play
+ Nice dice mechanic
+ More Titans on the way
+ Good time for a One vs Many game
+ Theme

- Titan and bulding may deteriorate over time
- Seems to easy to damage the Titan
- Seems to easy to dodge Titan attacks

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