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Sam W
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Gotta buy 'em all
When I saw this on kickstarter I figured it'd be a fun little silly improv game. At the right time with the right crowd it'd be hilarious.

The Game
Each player is given an alien race, there is a small deck of candidate cards, containing one card corresponding to each player in the game. Two candidate cards are drawn indicating which players will be debating in the following part. The first card drawn gets their choice of pro or con for a given issue.

A third party moderator is chosen from one of the remaining players by whatever method they deem appropriate. The moderator then draws an issue card. The issue cards are the meat of the game and the silliness that arises. Each issue card contains some text "Raising taxes for [matter]" or "Destroying the home planet of [race] for [matter]". The moderator then decides which race the race part corresponds to, or draws a matter card.

The first drawn candidate then chooses pro or con for the revealed issue. Each candidate has 30 seconds to say whatever they want about the issue. The moderator keeps time. After each candidate has their 30 seconds, other players are free to ask questions which the moderator can ignore, allow, cut off at any point. Each candidate is then allowed to either answer one of the questions asked, or refute the statement just made by the opposing candidate.

Where the game gets fun, is it's a world building exercise. Whatever facts stated by any player become true for the rest of the game. If you want the monstrous bug people to have a hive mind, that's fine. If the life span of an energy being is 20 years, that's fact. The only way to refute it, would be to say the life span of an energy being under certain circumstances or regular recharging is now 100 years.

After the questions. Each player not involved in the debate votes pro or con, indicating which side they believed had the better argument (or just because it would be funny to see the result) and players get 'points' equal to their number of votes.

The next 2 candidates are drawn and the process repeats until the candidate deck is exhausted at which point a new round begins, candidate deck is reshuffled. The game ends after 4 rounds.

Session Review

When I backed it, I knew that choosing the right people to play with is key. If your group doesn't do improvisation well, it'll fall flat. Fortunately the group that played it was all good enough at talking rubbish to each other in any game, so this game was perfect for it.

The role of moderator allows for selection of race for some cards, which can make some players argue about their own race. A clever candidate can choose the pro or con side of an issue forcing the representative of one race to argue in favour of their own extermination or exile from the galactic council.

The best moment in the game came from when the issue and matter card presented was "Make new galactic currency to be minimum wage bounty hunters". It was voted in unanimously and from that point on nearly every other issue devolved into how we were going to solve the problem of needing an infinite number of bounty hunters to pay the bounty hunters.

There was so much laughter in the game that even if I never play it again, I've gotten good value out of it.
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Victor A
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How does the game solve the vote issue of even number of players?

I mean, If 2 players vote Pro and the other 2 vote Con, then how is that resolved?
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