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Subject: AC Industry Focus Week 1. - very different than Crossbow! rss

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Dave Ratynski
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I wasnt going to capture notes on my next campaign but this one started off as quite the challenge and thought I would post this mission.

This is a far cry from my experience in the Crossbow campaign, even when just entering Hex 11. LW response and fighter attacks were deadly, and shows how a few different rolls or events can turn a Milk run into a fight for survival. This mission was a lot of fun and showed a different aspect of this game. My fighter cover was nearly eliminated, 2 BGs were Shaken before reaching the target and I lost a lot of crews.

Not planning on capturing all this data for the rest of the campaign, but then again, wasnt planning on doing this session.

AC industry focus campaign - August 1943

RECON and Air Engagement options = +18 SO

Purchase 1 8 SO Recon unit

Initial BG / FG purchase: 44th BG (R), 389th (G) with Wray, 392 (A), 93rd (A), 448 (S), 20th FG (G)

3 SO remaining.

Week 1: RECON BB03, Schweinfurt! MEDIUM result
LW Commander: Weiss (Bombs and Rockets).

Mission 1: BB03; all groups are heading to Germany, with the P-38s in the 20th flying top cover. Loaded with 20 SO of ordnance, we have to knock it out.

LW Response: +3 on the roll, rolled a 9 - ALL OUT.
Target bound event: LW Activity increased. +2 bandits to all attacks. This is going to be tough.

Target bound! Hex 11: the LW is up in force! 8 bandits swarm towards the groups. 2 NB, 1x190, 2x109, 2x 410, some with bomb and rocket attacks.. 20th FG fails to grab the initiative and engages a 190 and 410 (the first 2 draws). A 410 with rockets attacks the 448th, a 110 and 109 with bombs attacks the 93rd, 109 with rockets attack 389th. All bomb and rocket attacks miss.. In the melee, the 20th loses 3 while shooting down the 190; the 389th shoots down the 109; the 93rd loses 1 to the 109 but shoots down the 110. 20th has 3 more peel off, leaving them at -6 effective heading into zone 13.

Hex 13: 3 bandits - NB, 190 and 410 engage the 20th. The 20th loses 6(!) and fails to shoot down any. They break off and are UNFIT. Rest of the mission is without fighter cover.

Target hex 15.. 7 bandits! 2 NB; Flak, 2x109s, 190, 110. The 190 attacks the 392nd, no losses on either side; 109 with rockets hits the 44th but no formation loss; the 110 with rockets hits them as well and disperses them. The 44th hits back and shoots them both down! 109 with bombs misses the 389th and breaks off; Flak inflicts 1 hit on the 93rd.

FLAK over target: 2 hits on the 448th, 4 on the 93rd (shaken), 4 on the 44th (shaken).

Bomb Run: Intense! Managed to destroy the target with the last bomb, despite the shaken groups and flak.

Home bound event: 93rd is designated fast.

Hex 13 - 1 bandit, one hit on the 389th but the 3898th shoots down the 110!

Hex 11: 6 bandits: 2 NB, 109 on the 448th, 109 on the 93rd, flak on the 389th, 190 in the 44th. The 448th takes a loss but shoots down the 109!

All land safely!

Week 1 Summary:
We destroyed the factory but paid a high price: 44th (6 losses); 389th (1); 93rd (6); 448th (3), 20th FG (11). Next week it will be hard to have a full attack.

LW losses: 7 shot down.

Awards and promotions:

DUC awarded to the 448th! 448th promoted to Veteran; 44th promoted to Green, 389th promoted to Average

VPs: 6. (Dismal). 3 weeks to go.

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ted raicer
United States
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Very enjoyable read. The Luftwaffe commander can make a lot of difference too; some mediocre, some very able.
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