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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 29 - A Coward's Comeuppance! rss

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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
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Today's Active Members:

Sir Percival (valianttimdjango)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
Grimwulf (wytefang)
Kristof (Lord_Kristof)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
Sylvester Ampersand (frumpish)
Singlerage (allenjess11)
Augustus Wheatdust (starfishpaws)
Klovis Finn (dokmatrix)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 1668 (Enemy 1685/Normal)
Current Gold: 2210
Current Wyrdstone: 177 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

The Sisters of Mercy are pushing on carefully through the city ruins in search of their quarry, The Ravens of VGG.

They ran into the bunch of blasphemous Mercenaries earlier in the morning whilst it was still dark. The Ravens fought well, but the Sisters had the divine purity of Sigmar, and numbers, on their side. The Ravens had scurried off like Rats having cost the Sisterhood several casualties and now the remainder of the Warband was in hot pursuit..

Meshell and Feggins watch the Sisters approaching from their hiding place. Not far behind them Sir Percival and Sylvester are standing by our wagon, waiting for the violence to begin.

The Ravens have stopped running and have attempted to setup an ambush. East of their location Kristof and Augustus are waiting up on one of the district's higher levels, whilst Grimwulf has led Klovis and Singlerage to the North West. At the sound of Meshell's shot the trap will be sprung and the Sisters of Mercy will be caught between the Ravens attacks. Meshell points her Hunting Rifle forwards and takes aim.

Kristof and Augustus are far to the East up on one of the district's higher levels.

Sir Percival, Meshell, Sylvester and Feggins are by our wagon in the South West.

Grimwulf, Klovis and Singlerage are far to the North West.

Turn 1
The first of the Sisters, a Novice, walks unawares into Meshell's sights. She fires, striking the Novice Sister. The shot echoes out alerting the Ravens to begin closing in. Unfortunately it also alerts the Sister's to our presence and they also start to converge on our Wagon and Meshell's group!

Grimwulf hears the shot and commands Klovis and Singlerage to follow him as he brakes into a run back towards our wagon. Kristof and Augustus also hear the shot, but are quite far our of position up on the raised level of the district. A 30 foot drop separates them from the ground and they will have to find a way for Kristof to get down! This ambush may not go quite as planned...

Turn 2
The Novice Sister charges for Meshell in a fury. Meshell waits until the last moment before side stepping the charge. She lets her precious Rifle drop gently to one side as she draws her blades and delivers a quick counter, plunging both weapons into the Novice's side. The Sister grunts in surprise and collapses to the ground, stunned.

Meshell swiftly stun-locks the attacking Novice with an instant Critical Hit!

Feggins brakes left from Meshell along the street towards a junction. There's a large Wyrdstone deposit here, and we need it! He looks up from the stones to see another Sister watching him through a gap in a door straight across from him. He flicks his Bow up and fires a shot that travels cleanly through the small hole and strikes the Sister! He curses as he rushes for the stones. Feggins gathers most of it into a bag, slings it over his shoulder and turns tail to run as the Novice he shot comes smashing through the door and into the street in pursuit, the Sisters of Mercy's Leader, the Mother Matriarch, is with her!

Sylvester arrives at the junction as Feggins comes running from the Sisters. 'You deal with this!', Feggins says hurriedly as he runs past. 'Really!?' responds Sylvester shaking his head and taking a combat pose as the Mother Matriarch and Novice approach.

Sylvester braces himself as the Sister's Matriarch and a Novice charge in!

Sylvester ducks and weaves between them as the two Sisters charge into combat, taking a blow but avoiding the majority of damage. However he'll need back up fast against two opponents!

Sylvester is outnumbered 2 to 1 as he fights on alone!

Grimwulf stands at the edge of the raised section of the District and listens to the sound of the fighting coming from Meshell's group. He barks for the others to follow him and leaps off the ledge making the 30 foot drop look easy as he rolls and keeps on running, going for the street that leads South. Klovis and Singlerage jump down too, but both hurt themselves, landing a little less smoothly then the Priest of Ulric. Klovis curses irritably as they get up and brush themselves off. 'Oh, hello' smiles Klovis as he takes a couple of steps away from where they are supposed to be going and stands over a charred corpse that lies on the ground. He shows no sign of shyness as he proceeds to loot the pathetic body of valuables. Singlerage shakes his head in disapproval as Klovis loots a second nearby body too. 'What?', he says gruffly with a morbid grin, 'they don't need it no more'.

Klovis demonstrates a strong stomach as he loots the dead without a second thought!

Up on the raised area to the East Kristof and Augustus are still looking for a way down. Augustus can probably make it to the ground anywhere, but Kristof won't be able to simply jump off with his immense bulk. A wooded ramp structure further along looks promising..

Turn 3
Meshell slashes the throat of the stunned Novice, putting her out of her misery and ensuring she doesn't pose anymore of a threat. She collects her Rifle and reloads it. As she is doing so two more Sisters come charging for her. These are fully fledged Sisters, both more experienced and more dangerous then the Novices. As they come towards us under the arch to where our wagon is located Sir Percival charges them, blocking them from reaching Meshell. Sir Percival is an aggressive fighter, but not quite a match for two opponents on his own, and he takes several hits as he tries to fend them off. We need support and fast!

Sir Percival blocks the Sisters' advance but suffers damage as they attack!

More Sisters arrive, a third joining the fight against Sylvester who is now outnumbered 3 to 1 and two more further off in the distance moving in on Sir Percival and Meshell.

Grimwulf is the first to make it back to where the Skirmish is happening. He doesn't hesitate, charging into combat besides Sylvester and evening the odds a little.

Grimwulf finally reaches the skirmish and gets Sylvester's back!

Sylvester continues to absorb or avoid damage, he's now been hit several times!

Sir Percival sees the other Sisters approaching and weighs up his odds. 'Stay here', he orders Meshell, 'I'll cover the rear'. With that he brakes from combat and flees off down the street leaving Meshell unarmed against three opponents! 'Sir Percival! Sir Percival! Sigmar damn you!' calls Meshell in disbelief as she backs away from the closing enemies. Sir Percival ducks into a building further down the street, heads upstairs and hides in a corner.

Kristof steps out onto the gangway. It creaks a little under his weight but holds. He moves as gently as possible down the ramp and jumps the last few feet down to the ground. Augustus is right behind him, and the two start to head for the wagon. Now they are down they just need to make it to the others! As they advance Kristof sees a Sister of Mercy run by them towards Meshell and he shouts her down. The Sister comes back to the street and stands fearlessly before Kristof. Its a Maiden of Sigmar, the Sister's Impressive unit and a warrior of phenomenal strength and resilience. 'AH!', grunts Kristof with a grin, 'YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD BE WORTH MY TIME BIG GURL! LET'S SEE WHAT YOU GOT'.

A Maiden of Sigmar, one of the Sister's strongest warriors challenges Kristof!

Turn 4
One of the Sister's psychic warriors, an Augur, appears at Meshell's flank and attacks, stabbing at her repeatedly.

The blind Augur charges Meshell, stabbing at her several times!

Although her Clothes catch some of the attack Meshell is wounded by the assault. She jumps back from the Augur and flees North towards Sylvester, Feggins and Grimwulf. Feggins takes and fires another arrow, landing another hit into the combat as Sylvester and Grimwulf fight on.

Klovis also finally arrives, joining the fray and bringing it back up to 3 vs 3. Sylvester needs it, he is slowly weakening from the prolonged fight and has sustained several cuts and bruises. The Mother Matriarch attempts to gain a boost of strength as she offers a Prayer to Sigmar. 'On no yer don't!', says Klovis and whacks her in the throat with his knife handle. Her Prayer cut short, she is struck down by Divine Wrath as punishment and stunned to the ground!

Klovis also makes it to combat and immediately makes a difference, attacking the Mother Matriarch and stunning her!

Sylvester cuts down one of the other Sisters and turns on the stunned Matriarch.

Kristof and the Maiden of Sigmar charge into Melee. Its a battle of will as the almost supernatural strength and faith of the Maiden clashes with Kristof's feral brutality! Both deal massive damage as they exchange blow after blow. Kristof cuts deep wounds into the Maiden as she promptly returns the pain with skilled strikes of her long handled ornate Warhammer.

Kristof dukes it out with the Sister's Impressive Unit, the Maiden of Sigmar!

Sir Percival continues to hide out of sight. He'll pop out and help clean up after the others have done most of the work..

Turn 5
The Ravens rally around Sylvester, cutting down another Sister and focusing on the downed Matriarch. The other Sisters Meshell ran from arrive and we once again find ourselves outnumbered in the fight!

The fight comes to a focus as most of the Ravens and most of the Sisters are concentrated in one spot!

Sylvester strikes a Novice as the others look on!

The Augur moves down the street towards the others when she stops and regards the doorway to the building where Sir Percival is hiding. Augurs are revered in the Sisterhood for their unique gifts- they have given up their eyesight but in return all their other senses improve and they gain precognitive visions with which they can guide their Sisters. Sensing Percival's presence, she enters the building and heads upstairs. Sir Percival charges her on the landing as she reaches the top. Despite her blindness the Augur dodges Percival's swing effortlessly and grabs at him, stabbing over and over with her Dagger causing Sir Percival significant damage.

The blind Augur seeks out Sir Percival and attacks, easily dodging his attacks despite her disability!

Augustus tries to keep a polite distance from Kristof and the Maiden as they duel. The Maiden's holy power turns all ranged attacks away from her, and so he is useless to assist! The duel itself is close, its resolution undecided as the two Impressives continue to deal blow for blow.

Turn 6
The street fight rages on. Feggins and Singlerage pop off shots as Grimwulf, Sylvester, Klovis and Meshell battle on against the Sisters.

Grimwulf makes another strike against one of the Sisters!

Meshell finally cuts down the Matriarch, slashing the Sister's leadership in the process. Unfortunately the Sisters also cause a casualty- Sylvester, who has finally sustained too much damage is knocked cold by a Hammer blow around the face that sends him sprawling onto the cobbles!

Sylvester finally passes Out of Action after holding up most of the Sisters for several turns!

Sir Percival swings back and forth in desperation at the Augur who ducks and steps around every swing, once again stabbing back at him. Blood is seeping through his armour and running down his arm and legs as he becomes critically wounded.

Kristof roars as he takes another mighty Hammer blow to the side. The Maiden strikes like a Giant, but Kristof is also a monstrously strong opponent. He grabs her angrily by the body and punches her into the stone steps beside them, denting the bricks! He takes his Axe in both hands and destroys the Maiden -and most of the stone steps- with a mighty blow that tears and crumples the Maiden of Sigmar to pieces! Augustus steps in front of Kristof and examines the remains of the Maiden, splattered and dismembered all over the wall and cobbles, and promptly vomits. Kristof steps back holding onto his side and hangs his head backwards as he groans, 'NOW THAT WAS A GOOD SCRAP, AND FROM A GURL 'IN ALL'.

Turn 7
Sir Percival pants and heaves his Hammer forwards once more. He's bleeding badly from a handful of knife wounds to his body, and his mind is starting to feel heavy. Sir Percival bellows in rage at the thought of dying and assaults the Augur like a berserker with a final burst of strength. He manages to land a hit against the Augur, followed by a second and a third, bringing the fight to a close call as both warriors are now severely injured. The Augur stabs him back once again and he stumbles. The Augur steps aside, putting her hand behind his head and pushing forward, propelling Percival face first into the wall! He smashes off it and the Augur trips him. Sir Percival cries out as he falls awkwardly down the staircase right down to the bottom. The sound of bones braking is audible.

The Augur finally overwhelms Sir Percival, slaying him on the stairwell!

Out in the streets Feggins puts down another Sister with a well placed arrow through the skull.

Feggins takes a shot through the fight, killing one of the Sisters!

Klovis catches the other Sister off balance and stabs her in the throat. She falls to the floor grabbing at her neck and gargling as blood erupts from her mouth.

Klovis brings the fight to an end as he stun-locks one of the remaining two Sisters!

The remaining Sister surrenders and drops to the floor beside her dying comrade.

Meshell and Klovis cry out in victory as the Sisters surrender!

The Augur is nowhere to be found, only the corpse of the cowardly Sir Percival lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs.



New Items Acquired:
Dagger x1
Shield x1
Master Crafted Shield x1
Master Crafted Bow x1

Fine Crimson Shade x1
Fine Mad Cap Mushrooms x1

Master Crafted Poultice x1
Wyrdstone Fragments x2
Wyrdtsone Shards x3
Wyrdstone Cluster x2

(Surplus items sold for additional 14x Gold Crowns)


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +2xp!
(2xp For Battleground Victory)

Meshell Heelbeck = +3xp! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Grimwulf = +3xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Kristof = MVP! +4xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)
(1xp Most Valuable Warrior)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = +3xp! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Sylvester Ampersand = +3xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Singlerage = +2xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Augustus Wheatdust = +2xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)

Klovis Finn = +2xp!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)



Sir Percival = DEAD!
Mordheim claims yet another victim, another life extinguished by The City of The Damned! Only brief ceremony can be given to Sir Percival, for corpses must be swiftly disposed of in this blighted place. His equipment and effects are returned to the Warband and shared among the survivors.
(Recovery Time: N/A - Sir Percival is gone, removed from the campaign!)

Sylvester Ampersand = Burst Eardrum
One of Sylvester's Eardrums has burst, leaving him half deaf. Perception checks made by this Warriorsuffer a -25% penalty.
(Recovery Time: 3 Days)


Post Session Warband Updates:
Boris Heelbeck: Swapped Fine Shield for Master Crafted Shield.
Meshell Heelbeck: +1 Agility.
Kristof: +1 Agility.
Augustus Wheatdust: +1 Agility.
'Head Shot' Feggins: +1 Intelligence, +1 Ballistic Skill, swapped Longbow for Master Crafted Bow.
Sylvester Ampersand: Swapped Fine Axe for Axe of Expertise.

('Head-Shot' Feggins still have attribute points to spend).


Our Armoury:

Master Crafted Healing Draught x1
Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x4
Master Crafted Crimson Shade x2
Master Crafted Anti-Toxin x2
Master Crafted Mad Cap Mushrooms x1
Master Crafted Poultice x5
Master Crafted Draught of Focus x1
Master Crafted Draught of Clarity x1
Master Crafted Lucky Trinket x1

Fine Healing Draught x3
Fine Poultice x3
Fine Mandrake Root x1
Fine Elven Wine x5
Fine Oil Bomb x5
Fine Draught of Clarity x1
Fine Lucky Trinket x1
Fine Mad Cap Mushrooms x1
Fine Crimson Shade x1

Smelling Salts x2
Draught of Concentration x2
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Lucky Trinket x1

Fine Axe x1
Fine Mace x2
Fine Great Sword x1
Fine Great Axe x1
Dagger x2
Axe x1
Hammer x2
Spear x1
Sword x2
Halberd x2
Great Sword x2
Great Hammer x2
Great Axe x1
Staff x2
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Fine Pistols of Havoc x1
Fine Duelling Pistols x1
Fine Handgun x2

Bow x2
Longbow x2
Crossbow x2
Duelling Pistols x2
Hunting Rifle x1

Pendant x1
Amulet x1
Fine Shield x3
Clothing x2
Light Armour x2
Heavy Armour x2
Fine Heavy Armour x1

Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders x1
Magical Formula: Rune of Deviation x1

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit The Armoury


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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