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Subject: Washington's Cherry Trees rss

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Joe Czarnecki
United States
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I've just uploaded a file that should appear shortly which expands and revises the list of dreadnought battleships and battlecruisers, and pre-dreadnought armored cruisers (sorry, no pre-dreadnought battleships yet).

Ships with * after their name were not completed. These include:

USS Washington BB-47 (4th ship of the Colorado class, cancelled by the Washington Treaty).

USS South Dakota BB-49 and sister ships Indiana BB-50, Montana BB-51, North Carolina BB-52, Iowa BB-53, and Massachusetts BB-54 (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty).

USS Lexington CC-1 and sister ships Constellation CC-2, Saratoga CC-3, Ranger CC-4, Constitution CC-5 and United States CC-6 (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty; Lexington CV-2 and Saratoga CV-3 completed as aircraft carriers).

SMS Sachsen and sister ship Wurttemberg (Cancelled after WWI).

SMS Mackensen and sister ships Graf Spee, Ersatz Freya and Ersatz Friedrich Carl. (Cancelled after WWI).

HIJMS Tosa and sister ship Kaga (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty; Kaga completed as aircraft carrier replacing Amagi).

HIJMS Amagi and sister ships Akagi, Atago and Takao (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty; Akagi completed as aircraft carrier; Amagi destroyed by 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake while under similar conversion and replaced by Kaga).

HIMS Francesco Caraccilolo (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty).

HIRMS Imperator Nikolai I (Abandoned during the Russian Revolution).

HIRMS Izmail and sister ships Borodino, Kinburn and Navarin (Abandoned during the Russian Revolution).

FS Normandie and sister ships Languedoc, Bearn, Gascogne and Flandre (Cancelled by the Washington Treaty).

HMS India (Originally ordered by Chile; completed after WWI as aircraft carrier HMS Eagle).

Ships with ** after their name were never started.

SMS Ersatz Yorck and sister ships Ersatz Gneisenau and Ersatz Scharnhorst.

HIJMS Owari and sister ships Kii, No.11 and No.12.

HIJMS No.13 and sister ships No.14, No.15 and No.16.

HIMS Marc-Antonio Colonna, Christoforo Colombo and Francesco Morosini, sister ships of Francesco Caracciolo.

FS Lyon and sister ships Lille, Duquesne and Tourville.

HMS Agincourt (Sister ship of Queen Elizabeth).

HMS Repulse, Renown and Resistance (Sister ships of Revenge, the first two of which were reordered as battlecruisers and the third of which was cancelled).

HMS Anson, Howe, and Rodney (Sister ships of Hood, cancelled by the end of WWI).

HMS Leopard (Sister ship of Tiger).

I have also included those armored cruisers powerful enough to merit their own counter, including:

HMS Devonshire and sister ships Antrim, Argyll, Carnarvon, Hampshire and Roxburgh.

HMS Duke of Edinburgh and sister ship Black Prince.

HMS Warrior and sister ships Cochrane, Achilles and Natal.

HMS Minotaur and sister ships Shannon and Defence.

HIRMS Rurik.

USS New York (later renamed Saratoga, then Rochester).

USS Brooklyn.

USS Pennsylvania, and sister ships West Virginia, California, Colorado, Maryland and South Dakota (later renamed Pittsburgh, Huntington, San Diego, Pueblo, Frederick and Huron respectively).

USS Tennessee, and sister ships Washington, North Carolina and Montana (later renamed Memphis, Seattle, Charlotte and Missoula).

HIJMS Tsukuba and sister ship Ikoma.

HIJMS Ibuki and sister ship Kurama.

HIJMS Asama and similar ships Tokiwa, Izumo, Iwate, Yakumo, and Azuma.

HIJMS Kasuga and sister ship Nisshin.

SMS Furst Bismarck.

SMS Roon and sister ship Yorck.

SMS Scharnhorst and sister ship Gneisenau.

SMS Blucher.

HIMS Pisa and sister ship Amalfi.

HIMS San Giorgio and sister ship San Marco.

HGMS Georgios Averof.

FS Leon Gambetta and sister ships Jules Ferry and Victor Hugo.

FS Jules Michelet

FS Ernest Renan

FS Edgar Quinet and sister ship Waldeck-Rosseau.

In future I will probably post a file of pre-dreadnought battleships, as well as scenarios that use some of the expanded selection above.
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Joe Czarnecki
United States
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I added some items and posted a second version of this file. I'll remove the first version once the second posts.

Additions included the South American dreadnoughts (Chile, Brazil and Argentina), the Turks, the Greeks and the Dutch 1913 proposal (which I have given Dutch province names).

I also provided duplicates for the American armored cruisers that had their names changed as new battleships (and a battlecruiser converted to a carrier) were built.

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