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** Bellow are some ideas I have had for different variants for S&S. Some are characters and companions. Some are enemies and some quest ideas. This post is meant to be a brainstorming space. If you want to help playlets some of this I would love your input and maybe we can get the ball rolling on some player driven content!

:::::: Skid: Gremlin Companion
Treasure Card or Permanent item from Emporium for $100
“Trade this card for Skid companion and power cards.”

:: Companion Card
Attack: 1 red die for each unused movement point
Gain $5 for each (Bolt)
Defense: Roll 2 (Blue Dice) if (Shield) avoid the attack
(Bolt) + 1 (Shield)
HP: 2
Move: 5
(Passive) Skid can pick up, trade, receive and carry crowns as a [Free Action]
(Passive) Skid does not count for controlling or dominating an area

:: Power Card
Action: Activate Skid. If Skid is ot in play place him in your area and then activate him.
Cooldown: 3

:: Campaign
Solo quest or campaign start with one hero who meets Skid in the forest while running away at night. Skid helps protect you and get you through the night.

:: Background/ Story
Skid loves “shinny thingies” . Other gremlins hate him (he is often their preferred victim)

:::::: Unarmed Hero - Aikido Monk (Neutral)

- Passive Innate power:
- Every time you defend an attack at [0] range before the attack roll 1
Blue die. If you get a [Pentagram] redirect the attack to the
-You never take reaction attacks when evading
-Cannot kill enemies- If he is about to kill an enemy they suffer all
but their last HP and KO

- Unarmed Weapon- Cannot equip weapons or use weapon or spell items.
Base Attack: Range [0]: Roll 2 (Blue Dice), (Bolt) Critical
-Level up = more blue dice or transition to red dice
-Levels up like a Hero Power dose with increasing soul rank.

::: Stances
-uses abilities to write runes in air which change his damage type from blunt, pierce, slash etc.

- Throw [Reaction -Shield power] [Passive]
Whenever an enemy attacks at range [0] roll a [Red] die. On a bolt cancel
the attack and move the enemy one area of your choice and KO. If the new area has an enemy in it attack them with [3 red dice]: [Bolt] KO

-Grapple power [Reaction-Shield Power][Passive]
Range [0] Once per round:
You suffer Stun:Target enemy and you suffer 1 HP and the enemy
suffers Stun until your stun effect is resolved.
(Can be used to keep enemies from targeting preferred victims.)

-Nerve strike (Vulcan neck pinch)
: roll 1 blue die. Does Lethal I. If you score 2 hits does Lethal
2 and Stun target (combine with focus ability)
-upgrades to a red dice later on.
-Master enemies cannot be immobilized per the base game rules

- Evasive Carry Power [Action]
- You and a hero in your area move away using your Move stat without
taking reaction attacks

:::::: Cultist monster
-minis from D&D

-monsters try and get to the same space as other cultists to spawn monsters.

-If 2 cultists reach the same space they are both killed (perform a ritual) and then summon a blue monster

-If a cultist is killed before reaching another cultist it spawns a green monster when it dies.

-Noxious gas:
every time a cultist enters or passes through a space or when a hero enters its space it causes an automatic critical against that hero.

-Cultists do not attack they just move and cause crits until they die or summon monsters

-Picture Concept
Cultist robes spewing black and green smoke as they rush around trying to spawn

-Horde Monster
When spawning cultist monsters place one on the indicated spawn gate and then the other anywhere within 3 spaces of the first.

:::::: Hero Ultimate campaign
Concept: Solo missions that tell the story of how the heroes originally (in their past life) gained their 7th level powers.

-Heroes will start at level 6 and automatically level up to 7 at a
key point in the quest.
-Soul nature choice at critical point to make the hero Lawful or

Tristan: king of the hill type scenario which focuses on controlling and dominating an area.
-Place NPCs at the start of the mission. Economy system for
placing more
-Uses raider NPCs for foot soldiers
-Use summoners for ranged NPCs

-Enemies: hordes of Orcs and then a red or purple orc to finish.
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oops I overlooked your thread and created a similar one. sorry. good ideas! I can provide some illustrations.
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Dan Anderson
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That would be awesome!

Also look for my upcoming brainstorming session on an S&S variant that pushes it a bit more into the classic RPG genre.
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