Andrzej Kaczor
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I know that there are many topics but I am unable to find the answers.

So here are my questions, much appreciated if anybody would be able to reply

1. As I understand, when moving onto a node with 3 models I can puch our monster or another hero, is that correct?

2. Boss have two moves forward with push (onto aggro hero). So, he will move once, push the hero away and then move again and push again?

3. Frostbite from Boreal Knight - it's symbole is alone, it means it always give heroes frostbite or only if he would attack?

4. When monster enters space with 3 models (2 monsters and one hero) do we choose who is pushed out of that node?

5. 4 of 5 boss cards are chosen for boss battle - can I take a look on the fifth, not chosen card? (I believe no but would like to confirm that)

Thanks !

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Robert Marney
United States
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1 and 4. Yes, you choose who gets pushed out of the node; you can play some tricks with this rule to keep a monster away from you, or to separate your heroes so they don't all get attacked at once by a Silver Knight. Remember that bosses can only be pushed by other bosses.

2. Yes, the boss will keep moving and pushing.

3. Any heroes hit by the attack will gain frostbite, even if they block all the damage. A successful dodge will avoid the frostbite.

5. No; that's what the gravestone tokens are for, to give you an idea of which cards you're facing. You also don't get to look at which Heat Up card you shuffle in; this should add a healthy sense of fear, since some bosses have very good and very underwhelming Heat Up cards (Dancer, Winged Knight etc.)
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