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Subject: Banshee Mission Question about Wailing rss

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Daniel Thorp
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Hi all, just a quick question about the Banshee scenario (not in a position to look up which Haunt # sorry). At one point a hero fell into the basement via the coal chute, and the banshee, on her turn and due to her movement of hugging the wall, then scooted into the basement right after the hero. The hero was only able to move into the next room in the basement (discovering new room), and so the banshee could (from what I gather based on my interpretation of the rules) only "bounce" between the two discovered basement rooms after rolling a fairly high number for her movement. This caused the banshee to effectively move into the same square as the hero several times in the same banshee move.

My question is this: would the banshee wail, dealing damage/whatever, each and every single individual time it scooted in and out of the hero's tile? Or would it only do it once in her move phase. I understand that this is a fairly rare occurrence as the house was hardly explored (and the basement not at all) prior to the haunt beginning, but I was just wondering about the ruling of such a thing. Thanks for any help given.

(PS, we ruled it as the banshee only can wail at a hero once per round, to help not insta-kill the hero trapped down there; but it ultimately didn't do any help for them as they died soon afterwards!)
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PJ Cunningham
United States
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Traitor's Tome wrote:
If the Banshee passes through a room with an explorer or stops in the same room as an explorer, it wails.

This wording seems ambiguous and could be interpreted three ways:

a. The Banshee wails each time it passes through or stops in a room with an explorer, and can do so multiple times to the same explorer. (This interpretation favors the Traitor.)

b. The Banshee wails once in the first room containing an explorer, but does not wail again on the same turn, even if it enters other rooms containing explorers. (This interpretation favors the Heroes.)

c. The Banshee wails in each room through which it passes or stops, affecting each explorer in those rooms once that turn. (This interpretation favors neither side.)

A good argument could be made for any of these, but I tend to favor the last interpretation (the one you settled on), and if it were up to me, future revisions of the Traitor's Tome would use that wording.
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