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Subject: Variants and Ideas rss

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Greg ivan
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I like the game, but some things could be better. So for the sake of creativity

POWER DIE (same as base game OR...)

Red shell: choose a player to have -3 movement on their next turn. You mark this by laying them down as a reminder, this effect cannot stack.

Green shell: the player in front has -3 movement on their next turn. You mark this by laying them down as a reminder, this effect cannot stack.

POW: Move 1 other player who shares a side you are also on, 1 space forward or backward, ignoring coins, but activating the space nonetheless.

BLOOPER: Choose a player to ignore the next space with coins they would move into on their turn, after that they collect as normal. You mark this by making them face away from GO. NOTE: If "inked" before going into a Pipe, it ignores all the coins. (If laying down, do your best)

SPECIAL SPACES (landing on)

THWOMPS: Drop Coins = to your movement die result. IF "POW'd" into one, roll the movement die. If shelled and fail to move, roll the movement die. If shelled and move into the space, you still drop the movement die face value before the penalty.

FREE PARKING: Re roll and use the power die again. (Twice on your turn)

PIPE: same as before, OR you may roll the movement die instead...
1-3 : Move as normal
4-5 : Move forward 2 pipes
6 : Move forward 3 pipes
NOTE: You do not collect coins using this choice (50% chance to waste)

IN JAIL: Instead of the base game, on your turn starting in jail
Bid any number of coins to the bank up front. Each coin is worth 1 power die roll. Anything other than a POW is a failure, but when you POW, take your turn normally. Any excess coins are wasted and non refundable. If you fail outright, you stay in JAIL. While in JAIL you may not be targeted by other players power die, green shells pass by you. If you are broke (coins only) you get out, but miss your turn. You still collect Rent in JAIL.

Pay the cost and attempt. You may re attempt over and over, but at a cost of +1 coin each time. Payment goes to the bank. If you give up. The next players turn can pick up where your last cost left off. Or pass. If everyone passes, the boss cost resets. The next player to land or pass GO starts the process over.
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Greg ivan
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Actually think for the shells, -2(or still 3?) to a minimum of 1 might be better. Keeps people from being stuck on a thwomp or having to pay rent over and over. Keeps people moving forward and is less enticing compared to players innate abilities.

The ideas were to

Bring more choices
Be thematic
Make thwomps, jail, and landing on other players property more likely when people coordinate against the leader.

Was also thinking...

(Instea of my first)
POW : choose a player to flip their player card face down and be unable to use their cards abilities on their next turn

Sets up star prevention or counter really strong power up situations

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Greg ivan
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Played a few more games

-3 move is fine, it makes thwomp and go to jail spaces more tense and sometimes denying someone a row of coins is more satisfying than dropping 3 you may not even get

Getting shelled on a thwomp wasnt to bad. 4,5,6 and you still move off. Thwomp coin drops based on move rolled avgs out to be about 3 anyway and its cool to swoop in coming out of jail to pay for all that incarceration.

Rolling 1 coin per POW attempt actually avg out to be less than 5 gold. But since its more likely to happen going to jail with pows and shells it evens out. Its funny to watch someone who was in the coin lead go broke trying to get out though. Id say they still dont take their turn when they do get out though, its too easy to swoop in on thwomp coins. Immunity in Jail works, bloops and pows would be too punishing.

We played a mode where people chose 2 characters, they could switch out when passing GO, or be forced to switch if they were POwd onto a pipe

Pipe mechanic where you roll to zoom instead of coins doesnt come up as often, most people take the coins and when there are none they chance it. So instead im thinking of making it a roll
1) if you just take the pipe normally fine
2) roll the move die, 1-3 stay put, 4,5 move 2, 6 move 3.

Ive found the pipe mechanic compensates for extra time spent trying to fight bosses

Giving the same player rerolls +1 cost works well enough, but nobody follows up, so id cut that since nobody wants to pay more when they could get there themselves possibly by next turn or see the next koopa kid. Basically roll for broke trying to get it, it kinda works, but makes the game closer to 2 hours now, which is fine with us since we feel it makes the properties worth more with multiple laps and there is more "fun" choices and chances for comebacks.

Blooper is pretty sinister the way he is, no changes, he spends 80% of the time doing what he normally does anyway. Id say shells and pows are about 60%

New Idea: Power die: Coins
1) take 3 coins/activate mario/rosalina normally
2) pay 3 coins to re roll the power die once and accept the result, note getting coins again does nothing

This happened once in 2 games in combo with Free parking, everyone thought that it was mario party esque haha broken. The rich player always tried to hose everyone this way, but 1/2 the time it ends up being non cost effective, meanwhile between the other 3 it happens at least once if not twice and the group is willing to lose out on a few coins in order to try and get red shells or an opportune pow or something. We liked it, but its only been tried in 2 games so far.

We didnt like flipping someones character card down as a choice for pow, so we kept it move 1 instead and trigger.

All in all, pretty good. It all makes the game longer for sure, but also a little better. Its a fair trade off.

We also implemented a mercy rule that says if anyone gets to 150 points more than 2nd place, we call it. This usually happened by the 4th or 5th boss, which came at around the original playtime of about 35-45 min. We were going to do 100, but then someone got both Blue properties to trigger that and thought we should keep going. Played a few rounds, they sat on 150 for a bit, thought 200 was too much, so 150 is about right. One game Donkey Kong got a property on every move on the first go around, we called it then and there.
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Greg ivan
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Pipe alternative still not working quite right

When players dont have coins in front of them, they always opt to roll the die, however since it usually comes up 1-3 and they dont move its as if the space was empty and ive essentially put 3 more "just visitings" on the board.

Therefore suggesting a change.

A) move to the next pipe and collect coins normally
B) Roll to warp: do not collect coins or trigger GO
Odds go backward 1 pipe
Evens go forward 2 pipes (essentially to the other side)

This also plays into the BOSS mechanic change from before...

I've noticed when rich/leading players get their shot almost always go broke trying over and over to get the boss, essentially rushing the game down.

So instead, go back to the original rules with one change, instead of clockwise to the players left, it goes to the next player closest to GO.

It puts a premium on pipes somewhat, but it also incentivizes shelling for -3 a little more. As it stands, shells are COIN drops about 60-70% of the time.

Also one minor change to COINS option B
* When you roll coins, you can reroll it and accept the next result instead of taking 3 coins, if you get coins again, you get nothing. We found that broke players were unable to reroll for offense and they usually need it the most with the initial cost.

This makes more powers trigger, more offense, etc, which is fine with our group, they think the power die is what makes this game stand apart from monopoly so they want more of it anyway.

Well see how that plays out.
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United States
United States
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Idea for an NPC Bowser Variant:

So the thought is to have the Bowser token on the board but not controlled by any player, instead he will just move based on the number die but will ignore special spaces on the board. However he should have interaction with the players if he lands on them or if they land on him, something like a mini boss fight, maybe:

If you land on Bowser roll the number die:
1-3: lose 3 coins
4-5: gain 3 coins
6: active star power

If Bowser lands on you then roll the die and drop that many coins.


-If Bowser lands on you put X coins on Bowsers player card.
-If you land on Bowser take (up to) X coins from Bowsers player card.
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Greg ivan
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Neat idea, especially as the extra 4th if you only have 3 players

Bowser is Mario party would always show up randomly and usually punish you or the leader so

Id say for Bowser

Bowser doesn't buy property
If Bowser lands on you he steals 3 coins
Bowsers red shell rolls always target the leader in points
Bowser gets out of jail immediately on his next turn
Bowser takes pipes
Bowsers Star ability is steal 3 from everyone
If Bowser makes it to GO, he can keep paying to keep trying to win as long as he has coins, if he wins, he targets the leader if possible and removes the koopa from the game so nobody gets it

Hes more likely to run off with his son too which kinda makes sense

Also, as a player, Bowser's star is kinda terrible so what if

Bowser: Star: Copy the ability of the current Koopa kid level once
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Greg ivan
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6 Player setup

I've been trying this out and it seems to work well enough

1. Draft pick
The player who picks first goes last working forwards till the last player who picks goes first

This makes less desirable characters like Peach, Rosalina, Tanooki, and Bowser go sooner to offset their weaker abilities, at least for the first roll or two

2. Give coins
After determining turn order...
The first 2 players to go get 10 coins
The next 2 get 7 coins
The last 2 get 5 coins

This might seem harsh, however, players 5 and 6 have more chances to pick up coins and hit players ahead of them. Top picks are usually Yoshi, Boo, and DK, and they can generate and picks up coins easier than others.

On the flip side, if say those 3 go first ANd get 10 coins, it makes them a target early on so it usually balances out

3. How bosses work
Put the koopas in order, however shuffle the 4s, then the 5s, putting Bowser Jr last.

If you land on or pass GO, you can pay double the cost each time to try again. However, you do not pass the chance to the next person.


What this does is still usually act like a 4 player game by having the bosses usually resolve as soon as someone gets there, but also keeps the game closer by letting the leaders spend themselves down making their properties vulnerable. The "slower" characters and or people who are behind on properties tend to (not always) have a little more coin and therefore have a better chance to "come back" when they finally reach a boss. If you have no coins and no property, well thats the way it goes sometimes.

Special Rules:


You do NOT have to buy it or auction it if nobody owns it, you can just leave it.

You'll find out that having alot of property in 6 player game is not good. You will get targeted and will drop coins more often with 5 power rolls before you instead of thr normal 3.

Power die:

You may or may not play with the -3 Movement instead of dropping coins variant outlined earlier. It makes for a LONG game however with 6, but it makes characters like Tanooki, Wario, and Diddy have a better chance at using their abilties.

The Coins variant seems to work ok, although people rarely take it with all the shelling and stealing, coins are at a premium with 6.

Blooper blinding variant is ok. Gets more uses than just stealing

POW as a move 1 alternative is alright, unless the top 2 players are next to Jail, people rather make it drop 5 coins. This is because by the time it gets back around the table 1 or 2 pows happened and most people try to keep that insurance coins on hand since properties get sold back more with 6.


DK, Star = All steal 2 instead of 3
Bowser Star = Copy the showing Koopa (he wont get that many koopa kids)
Peach Star = Collect rent as if it were a set (theres less property to go around)
Rosalin Coins = collect rent as if it were a set

Yoshi hasnt really needed a balance since the extra 2 people usually eat up the coins before his turn, at least thats what Ive noticed.

Game takes about an hour and a half to just over 2 hours now, but it deosnt feel like it since usually everyone is alot closer till the end. I think some of that extra time comes from people point checking the table when a red shell or blooper happens, its less obvious than the normal game.

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