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Subject: ANOTHER review..... rss

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gary rembo
United Kingdom
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Hi all,
I saw there were many reviews for this already so normally would not have bothered but in this case I felt it my duty to do a short review
Since I was lucky enough to acquire it.

There is nothing to fault here from the pretty and functional mounted double sided board to the heavy card stock pieces and nice sharp edged dice(I of my own hang ups I like sharp dice they roll a lot quicker than dice with rounded edges lol).

And the clear concise rule book with lots of examples and strategies for playing the four different factions.
Everything is lovely.

If someone were to twist my wrist and say pick something I would have to say the doom and ritual tracks would have been the icing on the cake if they were a little thicker.

Oh I forgot to mention.
The FIGURES.... Wow I had seen pictures,playthrough etc but nothing prepared me for the quality of these figures.the detail and casting quality is amazing.

Anyway a game does not live or die on components alone so forward.

On its most basic level each faction has a number of cultist which are capable of controlling gate that along with the cultists give you an amount power each turn and allow the summoning of all manner of nightmarish creatures. So initially you will use these points to spread your cultists around the world and build further gates.
Once most of the world is occupied things really kick off.
As you now use you powers to bring creature through your gates and work to take over opponents gates and complete your spell book.

Each faction has a six page spell book and to complete a page you must complete assorted objective (each different for each faction.
Completing these is partly needed to bring the game to a conclusion but also each spell book page grant you a unique power in the game that assists your faction.

On each turn you also have the option to perform a ritual which costs a fair amount of your valuable points for the turn.
However it is a good ideas to do these if you control many gates on the given turn as this can solidly boost you score.

Combat itself is very simple and clean with each creature having a number of dice it rolls and some of the great old ones combat dice calculated differently although with certain spell books in play your creatures acquire assorted skills and powers.

Both attacker and defender roll their dice and any 6 either gets kills an apponent and any 4 or 5 forces a retreat.

Add to this each factions special rules and the order in which you collect you spell pages as well as thing like eldar counters which you collect in secret and you get if your great old one is present when you perform a ritual and you have a very fun,fast playing very well alliances game.

I was a little concerned the board would be stupidly huge but although a good size it is not stupidly huge (like my OGRE/GEV boards)

A lot has been made about the price point of this game and if it is worth 200 odd is of course a personnel decision.

I was very lucky in getting mine for just over 100 uk.
Would I have payed 200?.
Having seen the contents now I am very happy with my purchase but if I would pay 200 would probably depend on my bank balance at the time of purchase.

But to put thing into perspective.
There are card and chit wargames out there that hit 150.
Standard large box games with plastics that hit 90 to 100.
And don't get me started on what you would get from GW for 200.

As I said each person has there individual reasons for buying a game but for my part.
I will play this game every time the chance arises,it is gorgeous to look at.
Deep in play.
Easy to set up and put away.

Do I think the components are over kill (the figures)
Again for my part no.
I think they are gorgeous and in a game like this thematic and for me they add to the games enjoyment kind of like a nice chess set.
Or imagine a tabletop mini game with rubbish scenery and cardboard chits or standees instead of models.

I think this game has been brilliantly thought out on all levels and this jumps into my top 5 games no problems.
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