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Subject: The Five - Session 3 - Spoilers rss

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John Bruns
United States
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When we started playing a few months ago, I started a log as a lark. The rest of the group liked it and have been taking turns with the writing. I suggested posting it here.


Session 3 – Demons and Cats
As the party headed on toward the Crypt of the Damned, how bad could that possibly be, they noticed a large bird flying overhead. This though did not act like a normal bird. Its movements were jerky and smoke billowed out of its body. Then, it plunged into a nosedive. We rushed to the scene to find a limping Quatryl kicking a winged contraption. “He’s one of your people” remarked Rattata the Mindthief.

“Indeed” Quantaro replied.

“Curse this wretched thing” the Quatryl spoke. “I thought I’d worked it out, and then I suddenly lost pressure in the piston chamber!” The Quatryl noticed us. “You there!” he said “wonderful timing! Help me get this thing back into the air. There is no time to waste!” The party exchanged glances and it was generally agreed that there could be no harm in helping the guy. We set the wings and banged out a few dents while the Quatryl repaired the pressure. “That should do it!” he proclaimed. “I declare this machine airworthy!” The Quatryl jumped into the cockpit and we stood in awe while the thing flapped wildly, sputtered, and lifted off the ground. But our awe turned to horror as the contraption made a far more unfortunate landing. We rushed to the scene to find our new friend dead on impact.

“Well we may as well harvest the loot” said Rattata, being the thief that he was. We took our 5 gold and continued on our way.

As we entered the Crypt of the Damned, we were immediately greeted by a couple of traps and a large group of living bones and bandit archers. “Oh good” said the Violet the Spellweaver enthusiastically. “They are the perfect configuration for my new spell.” We watched as Violet took out a good chunk of them with her ice.

“I can take some of them out. I’ll get you bandits!” said Quantaro with his usual bloodlust.

“And I’m right in the center of things” said Etan the Inox brute, who always seemed a little too eager to put himself into harms way. “Just where I like to be!”

Once we had worked our way through the circle of bones and bandits, Etan opened the next door. “Oh, more enemies!” he proclaimed. “I must get there quickly.”

“Perhaps you should rest first” warned Violet. “If you enter there alone and with so many wounds, you will be a pincushion.”

“Well maybe I like being a pincushion” Etan replied. Though he did reluctantly back out of the room. As the rest of the party moved forward, Etan held back to recover.

“My lucky day!” Quantaro squealed at the sight of cultists and more bandit archers. Etan soon recovered and we had no trouble at all plowing through the group. Quantaro raged on full steam ahead, though he did appear to be getting a bit winded from the excitement.

The next room held a trap as well as a cultist and two Earth demons. There was also a treasure, but no one seemed to make a huge deal out of something that was blocked by two demons. “But I can’t get there from here!” Etan yelled, clearly frustrated.

“Well these Earth demons seem to move very slowly” Violet suggested. “Perhaps you should make your way to the other door.”

“That’s a terrible idea” Rattata proclaimed. “We should not split up the party.”

“I think Quantaro and I will be OK” Violet insisted. “It’s a pretty small room. The two of you can go after the next group.” Etan gleefully headed toward the next door, followed by Rattata. Etan rested and then opened the door to be greeted by traps, cultists, and wind demons. The battle was a bit of a nuisance with the pillars in the way, but the Brute and the Mindthief seemed to be doing all right.

Meanwhile, the Spellweaver and the Tinkerer had nearly mowed down the cultist, but were struggling a bit with the Earth demons. “I think it’s best to fight a retreating battle” said the Spellweaver. But as they approached the other group, she reassessed the situation. “Actually, it seems you two have things covered here” she said. “Perhaps the Tinkerer and I will go collect loot.”

“I can … do that … I think” said the Tinkerer, clearly out of breath from all the bandit and cultist killing. We collected as much loot as we could before killing the final demon and cultist. We decided to go to the city to train and to potentially purchase items.

“I cannot purchase anything for I am poor” said Violet.

“And I just don’t see anything I need” said Quantaro.

“Neither do I” said Etan. “Though that hide armor is vaguely appealing. I like my leather armor though.”

Soon the party was approached by a ratty-looking boy in tears. “Please sir” he said “could you please help me with my cat? He went over there, and I’m afraid.” The boy pointed a dirty finger to a decrepit, abandoned building. “I don’t know what else to do” he said.

“My puppy would love a friend” said Rattata eagerly. The party agreed and approached the house. Aside from falling apart, there was nothing otherworldly about it. By the time we found the cat under a bed, we were exhausted. But the boy was happy and Rattata had found a friend for his puppy. “What is your cat’s name?” he asked.

“This is Skitty” the boy replied.

“What a great name. I happen to have a puppy named Growlithe. Perhaps we should arrange a play date.”

“Yes” agreed the boy. “That sounds like a great plan.” The two made arrangements to meet again while the party planned for the next adventure.

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mike heim
United States
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Keep em coming. I really enjoyed reading these.
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