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Subject: The Bard - A Solitary Dungeon Crawler rss

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Boardgame Hitch
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Here's a solitary play option that uses specific cards from each deck to form the main Player deck and a sideboard Leveling deck.

Bard Power: Discard 3 cards to draw 3 cards. You may not use this power if you have any cards in your hand that can be used against the current door.

Gameplay changes from the original game:
1. The Leveling deck may be setup in any order desired, but cannot be changed once you start your dungeon runs.
2. When you run out of cards in your draw pile, place your discard pile on top of the draw pile, without shuffling. Repeat as necessary.
- Note: cards played to defeat a door do not go to your discard pile.
- Note: The only way to lose is if you cannot defeat the current card through card play within the allotted time.
3. Remove the following cards from the Challenge Door deck: Confusion, Gimme a Hand!, Yet More Spikes
4. Challenge Door cards should be spaced as evenly as possible throughout the deck.
5. After defeating a Challenge Door, place the top card from the Leveling deck face up in front of you. These cards remain in front of you until used, persisting between dungeons. You may activate your player power without having to use these cards. Once played to defeat a door, these cards are shuffled into your deck during all subsequent dungeons and treated normally.
- Note: This does not apply in the dungeon of The K.I.C.K. 9000. No cards are drawn from the Leveling deck during the course of this dungeon.

Set aside the following cards from each of the existing player decks to form two decks, the main Player Deck and a side board Leveling Deck.
| Color | Player Deck | Leveling Deck |
| Blue | 2x Each Resource | 2x Fireballs |
| | 1x Magic Bomb | 1x Magic Bomb |
| | 1x Cancel | |
| Green | 1x Each Resource | 2x Wild Cards |
| | 1x Healing Herbs | 1x Healing Herbs |
| | 6x Wild Cards | |
| Purple | 2x Each Resource | 2x Backstabs |
| | | 2x Sprints |
| Red | 1x Each Resource | 1x Enrage |
| | 8x 2-color Resources | |
| | 1x Enrage | |
| Yellow | 2x Each Resource | 1x Divine Shield |
| | 1x Divine Shield | |
| | 1x Holy Hand Grenade | |
| Total | 60 Cards | 12 Cards |

The table below indicates the number of cards that should be used for each dungeon.
| Boss | Difficulty |
| Boss 1 | 15 + 2C |
| Boss 2 | 18 + 2C |
| Boss 3 | 21 + 2C |
| Boss 4 | 24 + 2C |
| Boss 5 | 27 + 2C |
| Boss 6 | 15 + 12C |
| Boss 7 | 33 + 2C |

Card Changes:
The Divine Shield: Pause time and defeat the current card by playing previously used cards into your discard pile. You may use any previously played cards that will contribute to defeating the door, but may not select more cards than necessary to defeat the current card (i.e. if one magic bomb will defeat the card, you may select the magic bomb but nothing else with it).
Healing Herbs: Pause time and select 4 previously played cards and add them to either your discard pile or hand. Unpause time when you play a card.
Enrage: Treat this as a dual wild resource.
The Holy Hand Grenade: Cannot be played on events or bosses.

I've played this a couple of times and it seems to capture that same sense of racing the clock and strategic card play that you find in the multiplayer game.
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William Burgos
Mexico City
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Sounds interesting. Will try and let you know my thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
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