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Subject: The Five - Session 4 - Spoilers rss

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John Bruns
United States
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When we started playing a few months ago, I started a log as a lark. The rest of the group liked it and have been taking turns with the writing. I suggested posting it here.

We write these things up after the fact. Sometimes it becomes evident that we made a few errors playing. We "write it up" as a learning experience.


Session 4 - Ruinous Crypt – Ruinous Finances?

“Wait! “shouted Quantaro, “We can’t leave yet. I need to stop at the Sanctuary!”
“Whatever for?” asked Violet.
“Well we are going to a dangerous crypt. Don’t you think that a bit of prayer and a donation is in order?”
“Prayer and Donations? I didn’t know you were that religious.”
“Well, I haven’t been in the past, but those demons we faced last time got me to thinking that a blessing might be nice. And while I was talking about my adventures over dinner, I was told that a suitable donation at the Sanctuary of the Great Oak will merit a blessing.”
“Must be nice to have funds.” Violet shrugged. “I want magic. I want better gear. Heck, I want to eat! There just isn’t any left for blessings. It would be nice however.”
The party spent the afternoon at the Sanctuary. It was pleasant enough, even for those without funds for donating. Meditation and such, while Quantaro received his blessings, allowed the entire party to get into a peaceful mood, ready for battle.

“Heading out a little late, are we?” The wall guard stated. “No one will be looking for your corpse if you don’t return!”
The detour to the Sanctuary had meant that they were starting off later than they had originally planned, but they were determined to venture forward. As dusk settled they heard the howling of wolves, sounding a bit more vicious than normal. They looked at each other, each assessing the others resolve, and it was obvious that the Five were not to be dissuaded by mere wolves.
The wolf packed was considerably larger than expected, but still … just wolves. The party continued with a few flesh wounds, but otherwise it reasonable shape.
Entering the Crypt, the nightmarish sights, sounds and smells overwhelmed the group.

“Uh, perhaps some healing might be in order before we engage.” Suggested Violet.
“Good Idea, stand next to me and I take care of it.” Quantaro quickly stated.
It appeared that the visit to the Sanctuary had provided benefits that the party would only find out later. It appeared that the cultists were attempting to summon Night Demons, but somehow had only achieved a couple of powerful skeletons.
While Quantaro was providing the necessary healing, the rest of the party prepped for battle. Etan jumped into the fray, weapons flashing. Rattata did something that threw the enemies into their own traps, and Violet unleashed a series of powerful fire bolts. The party made short work of the welcoming committee.
“Left, or Right?” asked Violet. “I will need to rest soon. Magic takes a lot of energy and I don’t have the stamina the rest of you have.”
“Left” suggested Rattata. “And let’s coordinate resting so we all can enter this next room ready for action.
Opening the door showed a trio of flying burning demons with flaming shields. The demons moved toward the party and laid down traps, making it difficult to approach them or get to the treasure chest in the far corner.
“I’ve got this!” stated Rattata. He did something that pulled the demons closer and into their own traps!
What he forgot is that these were flying demons and that they would not be effected by the traps. The amazing thing was that the demons were so disoriented by someone pulling them that they forgot to fly against the force and were sucked down into the trap! The third demon must have realized this as it put out a burst of energy and rose a bit higher. Perhaps the Sanctuary struck again. Maybe more donations are in order?
Violet had decided that she needed some funds, because she flew over the traps and boulders strewn about and landed on the chest – looting it. “Yes, money!!!” she exclaimed.
The demons weren’t the only monsters to deal with. Etan and Rattata looked to the right and saw a couple of smoldering corpses walking toward them. “We have this covered” they said “finish of the last demon”.
The group now needed move to the other main door. A bit winded they all rested before opening the final door.
Quantaro turned to the party. “I’m having an out of body experience. Can I trust the rest of you to guide my actions?”
“I’ll take care of it”, said Rattata, the Mind Thief, “I am expert at that sort of thing.”
Opening the door, they found the mirror of the other side. The mirror had three demons of cold instead of fire, but a similar pair of rotting hulks.
“I’m getting very tired.” Said Violet. “I have a couple of good spells left, but that will be all I can do”.
Quantaro responded with something the gave the Spellweaver an extra burst of energy. “Here, try to stay in the fight a bit longer.”
So with a charge Etan the Inox Brute stood in the doorway, blocking the attacks and dealing damage. The Spellweaver unleashed fire on the demons, and the Mind Thief did his usual effective trickery damage. Quantaro took this round for assistance.
“We need to neutralize those Living Corpses.” Rattata told Quantaro. “Ready your best attack and call on the Gods for support.” With that, he quickly ran over to the chest to see if it contained a similar fortune. He smiled as he pocketed the plunder.
“OK, here goes.” Quantaro said as he unleashed his attack. You could almost see the gods assisting and the blessing unleashed double damage on the first Corpse, rendering it a smoking pile of goo. Then the second Corpse was hit by another blessed attack -- clearing the dungeon.
“And that’s how you do it.” Stated Rattata. “Glad to be of service, but look, we left all the loot again!”
Looking at the rift, the party wonders at the choices ahead. Do they dare to enter? Perhaps closing it would be better. Decisions better left to be made in a safer environment.

Back in town the party quickly went to market to get some additional gear. Then a quite evening relaxing at the Sleepy Lion. Approached by a shifty looking man about playing a game of dice, the party agrees, after all the gods are obviously with them.
It becomes obvious that either our luck has left us, or the man has something else going for him. Whatever it is, we lose and are relieved of some or our remaining coins.
“Broke again!” says Violet. “It’s a good thing we finished dinner first. Well, where to next? We need to earn some cash.”
“How about that job Jekserah wanted us to do in the Forest?” asked Rattata turning to Etan. “Isn’t that an area you want to work in?”
“Yes, I believe I would like that.”

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Clare Cannon
Mid Glamorgan
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It looks like you guys are heading off in a different direction to our party
Spoiler (click to reveal)
Called fours company since there are only three of us .... (great minds think alike?)

I guess I will have to take a break from reading the reports due to spoilers
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