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Subject: My attempt at an AI system rss

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Paulo Miranda
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First of all, I am not a native english, sorry for any bad writting.

These rules are for playing the game using more teams than players, the AI will control the extra teams. It can be used to solo, one player and many AI teams as desired.

Unless noted here, the rules are as normal


Do not fill the AI teams hands, those teams do not hold cards.

AI team turn:

Draw 2 cards and choose/play one as below (discard the other card)
(for every 2 cars of this team already removed from the game draw an extra card but only choose/play one)


How to choose the card the AI will play:

If its the FIRST LAP:
NO WEAR; then
any other

If its the 2nd or more LAP (not the last):
NO WEAR; then
any card

If its the LAST LAP:
any card

If its the LAST LAP and the team has a car after the green line:
Higer movement point value

The tie breaker for choosing the card is: Team color at leftmost when comparing the cards, if still the same, then the card with higher number

[After selecting the card to be played and discarding the others, the AI will pick the car to activate according to the card choosen:


Choose the car:

If its a SOLO:
Car not linked to same team car; then
Car closer to last place

If its a LEAD:
Car already linked to most team cars; then
Car closer to 1st place

If its a DRAFT or PURSUIT:
Car with most team cars to link playing this card; then
Closer to last place

Special case
If its the LAST LAP and the team has a car not activated after the green line:
To finish the team car at better position; then
Team car closer to finish line

When referring to TEAM CARS it means cars on the same team of the team the AI is playing - do not count other teams (players or AI)

When playing the card ignore spotter instructions (this is to speed the game as some spotter instructions make it harder to evaluate what the AI will do)

After selecting the card and the car to activate the AI will play the card.



How the AI spends the movement points (MP) is done by trying to achieve some conditions.
The conditions below are to be followed in order, so if the AI have more than one option to achieve the first, it will do it and also try for the second then third...
Ignore condiditons that cannot be met.

1. Most Team Cars Linked
2. Award Leader to Team Car
3. Car activated Linked to Leader
4. Team Car at Better Position
5. Move Forward most Team Linked Cars
6. Activated Car at Lane in front of closest Linked Cars
7. Activated Car Furthest Forward
8. Move Forward fewer Cars
9. Most Team Cars at Inside Lane
10. Most Cars at Outside Lane
11. Fewer Cars Linked

Once there is only one place the AI car can move to, folloing the order of the conditions, it does the action and finished its turn.


When the AI has to choose for events it will choose to affect most cars from other teams, then if there are many options it chooses the cars closer to last place.

Anoter tweak I have been using:
RAIN: I treat an event that does not meets the requirements as a Rain Card


Pit Stops

When the AI pits it removes all temporary wear markers (I play using the variable pit stop lengths from the rule book)

The AI pits according to how many wears the cars has, the lap, its position on the race and if its in green flag or yellow flag.

If the car has 2+ wear marker with 1+ temporary wear
Pit if yellow flag and not last lap

If the car has 3+ wear marker with 2+ temporary wear
Pit if yellow flag and not last lap
Pit if yellow flag and the car is placed at 5th+ position without pitting
Pit if green flag and not linked to the leader car and not linked to team car and not last lap

If the car has 4+ wear marker with 2+ temporary wear
Pit if yellow flag and more than 30 sectors to finish line
Pit if green flag and not last lap

If the car has 5+ wear marker
Pit if yellow flag and more than 20 sectors to finish line
Pit if green flag and not last lap and not after green line

If the car has 6+ wear marker: Pit


I have playtested this playing solo, already played 3 tournments (4 races each).

The AI is not too easy to beat in a single race, but one problem I found when playing the tournments was that it doesnt have much consistency, so one race team A beats you, then the second race team B wins (by winning I mean overall point for the team) and team A does very poorly. As a player, I can manage to stay in good positions and have an higher average points.

One "fix" to this I tried is to give the AI team some "special powers". These are to give it a boost and some flavor without complicating much of the game for me.

These are what I though of:

Type 1 (MP boosts)
+1 MP if not linked to other team car
+4 MP if last place
+2 MP if behing player(s) last car
+1 if car with less than 2 wear
+1 if team last car
+1 if playing a SOLO
+1 if playing a LEAD

Type 2 (Pit and wear)
Remove 3 temporary wear for free at pit
Discard the first temporary wear after the start and after each pit
Move 2 sectors forward at green flag pit (at yellow flag this car is always on top)

What I did was give each team two random "special powers", one of each type. It did mitigated some of the lack of consistency, but not entirely.


I submitted a file with the AI team rules and the special powers, will link when avaliable.

Pictures of the files:

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Paulo Miranda
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Link to the file: Team AI and Special Powers

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