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Subject: Elixir TOurnament : Round 4 rss

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David Aubert
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After a little break to savour the summer weather, Anthony, Nicolas and I start the Round 4 of our Elixir Tournament.

Right now, Nicolas is the best player … and me, the worst, but nothing is done yet.

The order of turn will be : Me, Nicolas then Anthony.

The spells are given and I got : Please Stand Up (A level 1), Useless (Another level 1 that make me … draw an extra spell when played). Exchange for my level 2, Turncard for my level 3 (both spell make me give my hand to another one) and for my level 4 : Tithe (Allowing me to take a card in the hand of someone who got a Land in play.)

Nicolas gets 1/2/2/3/3 spells and Anthony 1/1/2/3/4 spells like me.

Turn 1

I began, playing ‘Please Stand Up’ to Nicolas, but he counters with one of his level 1 spells : Boomerang, and I am the one who stand up.
Nicolas tries an Auction, but no one wants his egg and dewdrop.
Anthony plays his Nose Land and casts Ridiculus (Level 1 forcing me and Nicolas to use stupid nicknames when talking to each other.)

Turn 2

Nicolas closes the Nose Land.

Turn 3

I make a Marcket Day, get the Star Land and cast Turncard swapping my Monkey Money for 4 ingredients.

Turn 4

Secondhand Sell wih 2 ressources : I got a Beard and cast Useless, drawing ‘Singer’ (Level 1 spell forcing someone to sing a song.

Turn 6

Using a Transmutator end an Useless Item, Anthony casts Reccuperation (Level 2 allowing him to take 2 cards from the Discard). With the cards he casts : Needful Things (Level 3 allowing him to steal Lands) and take my Beard Land. Anthony got only his level 4 spell to cast !

Turn 7

I take back MY Beard Land !

Turn 8

I cast ‘Singer’ on Anthony, and strategically, Nicolas decide that the song isn’t good enough and Anthony gives 2 ressources to me.
Then Nicolas plays the Fear Land and cast ‘Wild Chaos’ (Level 3) : The ownership of Lands change at random : I get the Fear Land and Nicolas the Beard Land. Then, with ‘Vacation’ (Level 2) he closes all my Lands.

Turn 9

Vengeance ! I close the Beard Land too !

At end of Turn 10, I have 6 worth points of spells to cast with 8 cards, Nicolas 5 points with 5 cards and Anthony his Level 4 with 5 cards.

Turn 12

Nicolas draws Alambic : I dare to bet one of my useful ingredient to cast Exchange, an dit works ! Allowing me to give 4 cards to Anthony in exchange for … 2. Not a very nive effect for me, but a spell casted anyway.
Since my Lands are opened again, Nicolas steals my Fear Land.

Turn 13

If someone steals from me, I close ! No more Fear Land ! And I try to use an Effect : Brat ! Anthony and me give one ressource to Nicolas.

Turn 14

Nicolas opens his Fear Land and close my Star Land.

Turn 18

Anthony opens his Nose Land and close again the Fear Land.

Turn 20

I play an effect : SuperDjinn ! I can cast a spell with 2 free ingredients of my choice ! I cast Tithe, but Anthony stole one ingredient with a Magnet ! I try to remplace the missing ingredient with a Wand, but Nicolas Thwarts me with a Whistle : IT WAS MY LAST SPELL BUT I CANNOT CAST IT ! The victory slides between my fingers !
Nicolas uses an effect : Gallantery and him and me give a card to Anthony.
Anthony try an Auction, but since he’s very close to the victory, no one want to take his cards.

At the end of the Turn, Anthony and I have both our level 4 spell to cast. I got 6 cards and Anthony 15.
Nicolas have only 5 points to cast (one more than us) with 9 cards.

Turn 21

I choose to take a risk and play Market Day : I don’t get my missing ingredient but the other don’t get what they need too. After that, I try the Seven Leagues Boots, but Nicolas stole the effect … before Antony use a Whistle to counter the Boots.

Turn 22

Nicolas makes an Auction (2 face down cards for 2), Anthony takes and try to Auction a card … but we won’t take it.
Anthony plays an effect : Cycling : He can choose 3 ingredients in the discard pile … and after that … he casts his last spells and win.

So the scores are now :

Gamecaster :

Anthony : 2
Nicolas : 1
David : 1

Numbercaster :

Nicolas : 17
Anthony : 17
David : 13

Arch-caster :

Nicolas : 37
Anthony : 30
David : 25

It isn’t fair … why this game is so cruel against me … I should have won !!!! Life is SO unfair. But soon I will have my revenge … MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (At least I hope).
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