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Subject: session report: Rustlin' at Star Ranch rss

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Michael Matecha
United States
New Jersey
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I GM'd a demo game of Gutshot! last night and it was a lot of fun!

I ran the Black Hats, a gang of 6 no-good outlaws out to steal the Star family's prize calves from their ranch just outside of town.

As GM I also took care of Pa Star (Bill Star, retired rifleman from the war) and his twin sons Sammy and Johnny Star (cowboys) as they defended their home.

On the White Hat side were my daughter Rebecca as Hydrania Star, the cowgirl daughter of the ranch owner.
She knew a gang of outlaws was terrorizing the territory so she hired a few guns to help guard the ranch till they could get the calves to market.

Matt signed on as Slim, a Gunfighter who could both quick draw and fan the gun.

James hired on as Mad Dog McCree, a Bounty Hunter and two-gun shootist lookin for work while searching for a bounty to bring in.(His wife had perhaps the most important role of entertaining my 4 yr old daughter so we could play relatively uninterrupted. Thanks!)


The Black Hats rode into the farmstead in a cloud of dust straight for the cow pens where Sammy and Johnny Star were working.

They fired a few shots hitting Slim's horse, which he fortunately was not ridin at the time, spooking it and sending it running through the farm.

Gunfire was exchanged, Pa Star snapped off a few shots with his rifle from the window of the stable hitting one of the outlaws.
Hydrania put a bullet or two in some of those varmints as well.
Sammy and Johnny dropped shovels, pulled pistols and running up to the fence took a few shots at long range that missed.

Several outlaws rode up to the open stable.

Mad Dog saw Pa in danger and holding the reigns in his teeth and drawing his paired pistols, rode through the stable and burst out the other side in a swirl of hay and confusion right between the outlaws. Yelling a muffled expletive he fired both guns into the nearest outlaw hitting him in the chest and neck. The surprised outlaw fell backward off his horse and lay still.

One of the Black Hats known as Shotgun Pete, an angry grizzled fellow sporting two sawed off versions of his namesake was just about to get the drop on Hydrania when Slim spun round and fanning the gun sent 5 shots into him, sending Pete flying from his bloody saddle.

Hydrania returned the favor by plugging a Black Hat riding up fast on Slim's blind side ending the outlaw's dreams of quick money.

Mad Dog turned and locked eyes with the outlaw leader. It was John Fry, a wanted outlaw with a bounty on his head.

John Fry noticed the bounty hunter's cold stare and seeing as his gang was all shot up, he turned tail and fled.

Now that their leader had rund off, the last two outlaw's courage left them and they tried to beat a fast retreat, galloping back the way they came.

Hydrania put a bullet in one of them yellow bellied cowards as he rode by and Slim quick drew his left hand pistol and finished him off.

The last outlaw slipped away into the hills after his leader.

The White Hats won with only a few injuries and the Black Hats lost 4 out of 6 men.

Victory to the good guys!... this time.

-Mike Matecha
aka Jack Diamond, Eastern Tenderfoot and gussied up, fancy dressed, pasty white lucky fool of a gambler headed west to win all the gold in Texas.
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