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Time for another round of egregious violence. Let’s see if some of the heroes I’m best at getting killed can manage to stay alive somehow, against one of the more vicious villains in the game.

Infinitor Advanced [65] vs. Freedom Six Absolute Zero [27], Redeemer Fanatic [31], WW2 Bunker [27], and Dark Watch Nightmist [28] in the Enclave of the Endlings.

Setup: As in my last game against him, Ifny starts with Lambent Reaper x2 [4]; he also puts a Crushing Cage [4] on Nightmist. AZ draws Null-Point Calibration Unit, then two Glacial Structures with a Thermal Shockwave between them. Fanatic starts with two Sacrosanct Martyrs flanking Absolution and Final Dive; Bunker has Adhesive Foam Grenade, Flak Cannon, Grenade Launcher and Recharge Mode, and Nightwatch gets Mist-Fueled Recovery, Planar Banishment, Elder Ring and Amulet of the Elder Gods.

Villain 1: Infinitor plays another Crushing Cage, then blasts Fanatic for 3 [28]. The Reapers maul one of the 27s for a total of 8; Bunker volunteers [19]. With only four Constructs out, Advanced text plays a third Crushing Cage, and I wonder if I shuffled properly.

AZ 1: Glacial Structure draws Modular Alignment, NPCU, Sub-Zero Atmosphere and Frost-Bound Drain.

Fanatic 1: Final Dive smacks Infinitor with a Crushing Cage for 3 [62]. Fanatic heals [29] and draws Consecrated Ground and Divine Focus.

Bunker 1: Drops into Recharge Mode, drawing Decommissioned Hardware and Turret Mode.

Nightmist 1: Is Crushed by the two Cages for 1 psychic and 1 energy twice [24]; cannot play cards, so doesn’t bother stacking her deck, and just draws Scouring Mists and Elder Ring.

Enviro 1: Slamara [7] enters play. She triggers Infinitor’s Insanity, playing Recalescent Hellion [4] and Crazed Artifice, which reveals another Hellion [4], Machinations of a Madman, Insanity and Ocular Swarm [4]. Then plays AZ’s Isothermic Transducer, a Brutal Censure on Infinitor [61] which draws Holy Nova, an External Combustion for Bunker which deals him 1 fire [18] and hits Infinitor [59] and all Manifestations [2]. Nightmist gets a Heedless Lash, which reveals Elder Ring {3}; she takes 3 [21] and hits Infinitor for 2 more [57].

Villain 2: FLIP! In this form, damage dealt by Infinitor and his minions is +1, and damage taken by them is -1; thusly, it’s a fun time for him to play Whispers of Oblivion, dealing 2 damage to each of his Manies and wiping them out. The Ocular Swarm has to go first, else it will respond to all the other deaths; its exit allows the entry of a third Lambent Reaper, which survives at [2] while the others all die. The damage is also dealt to Slamara [5], Infinitor himself [55], and the heroes [AZ 25, Fanatic 27, Bunker 19 thanks to his Recharge Mode, and Nightmist 19]. Whispers then plays a new Ocular Swarm [4]. Infinitor smashes the new Reaper, triggering Ocular Swarm to play Twisted Miscreation [4], to deal 5 damage to Fanatic [22] and Absolute Zero [20]. The Miscreation finishes by dealing 5 to Fanatic [17]. This is an interesting setup; with Slamara making Infinitor play a card every turn, and every card he plays invariably creating a Mani, he’ll never unflip, and as long as the heroes can survive his onslaught, they’ll be free to burn him down without him having any protection.

AZ 2: With no risk of O/E destruction in Infinitor’s deck, Sub-Zero Atmosphere is a great play here; dealing 2 damage to Infinitor [53], he draws a duplicate SZA.

Fanatic 2: Plays Holy Nova to damage all villain targets [Infinitor 52, both Manies 3] and heal all heroes [21, 18, 20, 20]. She then heals [19] and draws Embolden and Brutal Censure.

Bunker 2: Drops Recharge Mode to play Grenade Launcher, dealing 2 to Infinitor [50], 2 to the Ocular Swarm [1], and 1 to the Miscreation [2]. Draws Heavy Plating.

Nightmist 2: Plays the Amulet of the Elder Gods, then destroys Elder Ring to draw Heedless Lash and Mist-Fueled Recovery. (I now notice that I haven’t been including the magic numbers, and will continue not bothering to do so.)

Enviro 2: Immutus [35] enters play. Slamara plays Crazed Artifice, putting out another copy of the two existing Manies [4], and discarding Machinations of a Madman and Whispers of Oblivion. Slamara gives AZ a Cold Snap; Fanatic gets Smite the Transgressor, dealing 2 damage to Immutus [33] and using Redeem to heal [20] and draw Divine Focus. Slamara gives Bunker a Maintenance Unit, and Nightmist gets a Master of Magic.

Villain 3: Plays yet another Crazed Artifice, and is down to just three cards in deck, putting out another Miscreation and a Recalescent Hellion [4], discarding Whispers of Oblivion. Smashes the old Ocular Swarm, whose trigger can’t operate with the deck empty (it’s possible that the “if not” clause means that the Swarm always deals damage on an empty deck, but I’m opting to assume otherwise, since the lack of a card can reasonably be interpreted as obviating the entire ability). Infinitor throws pieces of smashed Ocular Swarm at Immutus for 10 [23]; each of the three Miscreations deals 5 more [8], then the Hellion’s two instances of 4 damage finishes Immutus off. Except that doesn’t happen; the last two Manies didn’t attack because of SZA, so Immutus is alive at [13].

AZ 3: It’s fitting that AZ’s Cold Snap is thwarted by his SZA; an already ice-covered Immutus takes 8 cold damage for the five Manies, Infinitor, Slamara, and Immutus himself [5]. AZ drops NPCU into play and blasts Immutus for 2 more [3]. Draws Isothermic Transducer.

Fanatic 3: Puts Sacrosanct Martyr into play, and activates it for 3 Radiant damage to herself, which Immutus intercepts and is killed by. Draws Holy Nova.

Bunker 3: Puts Heavy Plating into play, then fires the Grenade Launcher for 2 damage to the Ocular Swarm [2], 2 to Infinitor [48], and 1 to a Miscreation [3]. Draws Adhesive Foam Grenade.

Nightmist 3: Draws Tome of Elder Magic and Mists of Time.

Enviro 3: Frazzat is played [5]. Slamara finds no card in Infinitor’s deck, so she only helps the heroes this round; AZ gets Onboard Module Installation, searching up an NPCU and then playing Frost-Bound Drain, dealing 3 damage to Infinitor [45] while using both Modules to negate the damage to himself. Fanatic gets Sanctifying Strike, hitting the previously undamaged Miscreation [3], drawing another Sanctifying Strike, and healing [21]. Bunker proves himself an ingrate by playing Adhesive Foam Grenade; Nightmist puts out Planar Banishment {1}, not healing for Master of Magic because she didn’t “play” the spell, and then reveals Astral Premonition [2], dealing 2 to herself and discarding Elder Ring and another Planar Banishment, to redirect the damage to Ocular Swarm and kill it. Tempted to hop on the bandwagon of Adhesive Foam Grenade to destroy Frazzat, but since the Manies are in his sights at the moment, she completely ignores the actual effect of Planar Banishment. Frazzat then blasts one of the Miscreations [2].

Villain 4: Shuffles his discard pile into a deck and plays Machinations of a Madman, discarding another copy of it; he deals 2 damage to every target, and I suddenly realize that I screwed up several turns ago, so excited by Infinitor killing his own Manies that I didn’t have him damage himself or the heroes. Going back and fixing this, which I hope I’ve done right, I go ahead and deal 1 damage to each Miscreation, leaving two of them at [1] and one at [2], with the full 2 damage hitting the Hellion [2], himself [43], Slamara [3], Frazzat [3], Absolute Zero [19], Fanatic [19], and just 1 damage again to Bunker [19]. Alas, Nightmist picked a bad time to have the highest HP; she has to use her Amulet on just 2 damage, and will then take 5 from Infinitor’s innate. So she discards a Mist-Fueled Recovery and her last Elder Ring, redirecting Infinitor’s damage to kill the Hellion before it can fire. Finally done dealing his damage, Infinitor plays his extra card: Crazed Artifice, playing Crushing Cage, Ocular Swarm, Insanity and Whispers of Oblivion. The first two go into play [4], with neither one being affected by SZA, and annoyingly the Cage lands on Fanatic this time instead of Bunker or Nightmist. Finally Infinitor does his innate, smashing one Miscreation to deal 5 to Nightmist [15] and 4 to Bunker [15]. The two surviving Miscreations then do 5 to Fanatic [14] and 5 to AZ [14], and the heroes are finally done being clobbered.

AZ 4: Cold Snap finally works as intended, dealing 1 to Infinitor [42], killing one Miscreation and reducing another to [1], and dropping Ocular Swarm and the Crushing Cage to [3]. Ocular Swarm triggers, playing another Crushing Cage, and that too takes 1 [3]; even Slamara and Frazzat are hit [2 each], with Zero unable to prevent it. A quick count of the total fire damage results in 8 again; it is thus safe enough for AZ to play Thermal Shockave, using its three damages to heal himself [15], hit Infinitor [41], and killing the last Miscreation, triggering Ocular Swarm again. Crazed Artifice is discarded and the Ocular Swarm finally hits all heroes, apart from the armored Bunker [AZ 14, Fanatic 13, Nightmist 14]. Having caused actual damage to 10 total things, AZ deals 10 fire to himself, but the Transducer-NPCU combo corrects this. Zero finally draws Cryo Chamber.

Fanatic 4: Takes 4 total damage [9], but Redeems [10] and draws Divine Sacrifice and Holy Nova.

Bunker 4: The Adhesive Foam Grenade effect expires without having had any effect. At this point, he feels it’s reasonable to drop into Turret Mode, firing Grenade Launcher for 3 damage to kill Ocular Swarm, producing Lambent Reaper [4]. Unable to kill both Crushing Cages, he blasts Infinitor for 3 [38] and the Reaper for 2 [2]. Activates Maintenance Unit [17] and ends his turn without drawing.

Nightmist 4: Tome of Elder Magic is played and then activated, drawing another Mists of Time, then Mistbound.

Enviro 4: Orbo [25] enters play. Slamara plays Whispers of Oblivion, killing the Reaper and healing both Cages, then reducing them to [2], hitting himself [36], and also exterminating Slamara (she had a turn of only helping the heroes, and now the worm turns) and Frazzat, with the latter playing Jansa Vi Dero, who takes 1 [24], as does Orbo now that she’s here [24]. I’ll regard the deaths of Frazzat and Slamara as having happened before the Cages are hit. AZ also takes 2 [12], so does Fanatic [8], while Bunker loses just 1 [16]. Nightmist then has to consider her options, and decides not to waste the cards [12]. Infinitor then plays Insanity, getting another Whispers; one Cage dies, while the other is healed and hit and left at [2] (the text “if at least one target is destroyed this way” suggests that perhaps both Cages should have died before one of them could heal; again, I have to guess as to how to resolve it), and Infinitor again damages himself [34], Zero [10], Fanatic [6], Bunker [15], Nightmist [10], and Orbo and Jansa [23]. The bonus card from the second Whispers is a Lambent Reaper [4], and then Slamara’s Legacy is complete. Orbo finally attacks, dealing 1 net to Bunker [14], and then Jansa heals herself and Orbo [24].

Villain 5: Plays another Lambent Reaper [4]; I know I shuffled this time, so I’m just sad that the gods of randomness are so unimaginative at times. Breaks the other Crushing Cage to throw 4 damage at Bunker [10] and 5 damage at Nightmist, who discards Mists of Time and Scouring Mists to throw this damage at one Lambent Reaper, killing it. The other Reaper tears Fanatic apart but doesn’t quite kill her [2]...except I forgot SZA again, so she still has [6].

AZ 5: Cold Snap fails to affect Orbo in Jansa’s presence, but hits Infinitor [33] and the Reaper [3]. Down comes the Cryo Chamber, and then Thermal Shockwave is activated; Zero heals himself for 2 [12], then he damages Infinitor [32] and the Reaper [2], and having actually hit only two targets for damage twice, he deals 3 fire to himself [9] and then heals for 4 [13]. Draws Focused Apertures.

Fanatic 5: Consecrated Ground eliminates Jansa and deals 1 to Infinitor [31], the reaper [1], and Orbo [23]. Redeem heals her [7] and she draws her two favorite cards, Wrathful Retribution and Aegis of Retribution, hoping intensely that she lives long enough to play them.

Bunker 5: While working on some technical difficulties, I contemplated whether to have Bunker stay in Turret Mode, blast Infinitor for 3, and then bounce another shell off Nightmist’s Amulet to hit him for 6 more, all in an attempt to get Orbo to stop breathing down his neck. Since it would take additional turns to get this Infinitor below Bunker’s current 10 HP, assuming it could be done at all, and Misty definitely doesn’t have the cards, he drops out and plays Flak Cannon, dealing 3 damage to Infinitor anyway [28], but nothing else. He then draws another Grenade Launcher.

Nightmist 5: With the current situation being somewhat desperate, Misty settles for a Mist-Fueled Recovery, shuffling her 10-card trash into her deck [15]. She could have healed only 1 less with a Mists of Time, but then she’d either take 2 damage or burn cards on the Amulet, and it wouldn’t work out, so this is the best of her fairly crappy options.

Enviro 5: Hall of the Terminarch enters play, which I’m happy about – Jansa won’t be turning up until after the deck is reshuffled, and that’ll happen twice as fast, and Slamara is just as likely to return. Orbo chews on AZ’s head for the full 3 damage [10], then Urdid enters play [13]. With all the heroes tied for second-highest HP, Bunker steps in front of this attack and cuts it in half [8].

Villain 6: I’ll finally do SZA right; Infinitor checks his flip and stays Unstable, then breaks his only Mani for 5 damage to AZ [5] and 5 to Nightmist, which she deflects by discarding everything other than Mists of Time, making Infinitor smack himself in the face [23]. Then plays an Ocular Swarm and is done.

AZ 6: Cold Snap hits Infinitor [22], Ocular Swarm [3], Orbo [22] and Urdid [12]. That’s 4 damage, so AZ can still survive Thermal Shockwaving himself. Focused Apertures is played, and the Shockwave deals 3 cold to himself, which heals him instead [8]; he adds 2 cold to Infinitor [20] and can even hit something else without quite killing himself, so he hits Urdid [10], and then deals fire 8 damage to himself, with Cryo Chamber preventing 1 of that and leaving him just alive [1]. Transducer then generates 8 cold damage which goes up to 10 and becomes healing [11]. Draws Frost-Bound Drain and is done.

Fanatic 6: Out comes the Aegis of Resurrection. Redeem heals her [8], and Brutal Censure and Chastise are drawn.

Bunker 6: Unable to play anything else, he does Adhesive Foam Grenade, even though the Environment might actually end up helping. Blasts Infinitor with Flak Cannon [19] and draws Upgrade Mode.

Nightmist 6: Plays her last card, Mists of Time, clearing a net of 2 healing [12]. Uses Tome of Elder Magic to draw Planar Banishment, then gets another Mists of Time.

Enviro 6: With no new Endlings, Orbo and Urdid both swoop down on the second-highest HP character, which is still a hero for now. Nightmist has the lead, so Orbo would deal 3 to her [9] if she didn’t Amulet it away, and then Urdid would deal 2 melee to AZ, followed by 1 actual fire which Transduces out 2 cold which can heal him 3, for no total effect. If she dumps her cards to deflect Orbo’s attack to Infinitor, he would deal 2 for sure [17], at which point it’s a bit unclear whether Orbo’s second attack works on the original target or the redirected one. Depending on the answer, the result would be either Infinitor [16] or Nightmist [11], and in either case Urdid then attacks Nightmist for 4 more [7 or 8]. The heroes are not in a position to take +2 damage or even +1 damage in order to deal 2 or even 3 to the villain, so Misty will leave him at [19] and just fall to [9] herself.

Villain 7: SZA makes him smash Ocular Swarm, getting a Crushing Cage to replace it. Throws 5 damage at Nightmist, who empties her hand to throw it at the Cage instead, because Fanatic is holding the game win, and I feel dumb for not noticing that she could have won this way a full round ago. (Fanatic is not only my losingest character, but this is at least the second time I’ve failed to notice her having the win, although the first time was a little more excusable since it was Kaargra Warfang.) The second 5-damage attack hits AZ [6] and he then plays Recalescent Hellion [4], who is prohibited from damaging anyone by SZA. (If only Infinitor dealt fire damage instead of his minions….)

AZ 7: Aperture-boosted Cold Snap hits Infinitor [17], Hellion [2], Urdid [8] and Orbo [20]. Clearly unable to survive Cold Snapping himself, he throws Frost-Bound Drain for 4 cold to Infinitor [13], 2 net fire to himself [4], and Transduces out 4 cold to himself [8]. Still would die to Thermal Shockwave, so uses Cryo Chamber to hit himself for 4 net fire [4] and transduce 6 cold to himself [10] before binning the Chamber. Draws another Shockwave.

Fanatic 7: Wrathful Retribution can easily end this, but since I already forgot once, I’ll slow-roll this win by doing Divine Focus instead. Heals [9] and draws another copy each of Aegis and Absolution.

Bunker 7: Fanatic discards to hit Infinitor [11]. Bunker blasts him for 3 more [8], not bothering to play another Adhesive Foam Grenade (if I wanted to prevent more Endlings from showing up, I’d just have won already).

Nightmist 7: Fanatic hits Infinitor [6], and Misty draws Oblivion and Call Forth.

Enviro 7: Fanatic hits Infinitor [4], then Bloogo [13] is played. Orbo passes over Nightmist to attack AZ [7], and the Hall of the Terminarch puts out Phrentat [5]. Urdid hits Fanatic [4], then Bloogo protects the Hellion, and Phrentat blasts Nightmist [10], Bunker [7] and AZ [5].

Villain 8: Breaks the Hellion, leaving Bloogo in limbo, and Nightmist, not sharing Fanatic’s apparent desire to spare a foe who she could have easily nuked long since, dumps her last two cards again to make Infinitor kill himself before hurting Bunker again. I’m pretty sure all this happens before Fanatic’s Divine Focus could fire gain.

Well, that was a strange game….probably the worst game as Nightmist I’ve had, or one of them, but still part of her overwhelming winning streak. At least AZ and Fanatic don’t rack up any more losses or incaps, and there’s no question they earned the victory, so I’m happy with how this game turned out (assuming I did it correctly; it’s possible that I screwed up with SZA and didn’t catch it, and I certainly made a dubious call about the Ocular Swarm, but hopefully it all evens out, within either the 6 rounds I could have won within or the 8 that I actually took.
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