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Subject: Narrative Dunwich Legacy Playthrough - Chapter 1 and 2 rss

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Jonatan Rueløkke
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Chapter 1: The Great Story

It was an early rainy morning and Welma's Diner was slowly getting in the usual clientel. At one of the tables sat Rex Murphy who had just come back from his latest failed story.
Rex was a reporter, but with his luck that was a hard job, see Rex was sure he was cursed, nothing ever went his way, and this trip he had just been on had been no different.
In fact Rex was truly unlucky in all places but this diner. For some reason his luck was more like the luck of the ordinary person whenever he sat down at a table at this diner.
While contemplating about what to do now that his story had gone awry and his editor in chief was expecting a story, the waitress approached with a refill of coffee.
"Hi Hun' how the trip go?" asked the young waitress Rex knew only as Agnes. "The usual Luck, you know" said Rex. Agnes just nodded at that response refilled Rex's cup and left.
Did she look at him special or was it just his immagination? Truly that young girl wouldnt be looking at him in that way!?

At that moment a friend of Rex entered the cafe, this was Doctor Milan Christopher a professor at the miskatonic university. Milan immediately went to the table at which Rex
was sitting. "Hi Rex, heard the corpse was gone? How unfortunate. However im here on the behalf of Proffessor Armitage, he told me to get you to come to him immediately since he
needs your help." In return he might have the story of a lifetime for you to report on. He told me to tell you to come to his place immediately." Rex knew Proffessor Armitage as
a calm and collected man, with a high intellect. For him to request Rex's help and offer a story, something big must be up. "Thanks Milan, ill go there immediately". Rex finished
his cup, grabbed his Jacket and went out into the rainy weather of the Easttown of Arkham. He didnt know, but one individual from the Diner followed him out the door.

Chapter 2 - The Missing Professors

An hour later Rex entered the abode of Proffessor Henry Armitage in the Southside district of Arkham. The Proffessor seemed agitated and let Rex enter while looking out the door.
"You were not followed were you?" Armitage said while closing the door. "Sorry im just a bit on edge, come in, come in." The professor entered his study, poured a class of pinot
and gestured for Rex to sit down. "I apologize for the short notice". Rex could see around the room that something was amiss, an empty bottle had tipped over by the fireplace and
the desk was covered in paper.

After a few short moments Armitage added “I am looking for two of my colleagues—Dr. Francis Morgan, professor of archaeology, and Warren Rice, professor of languages. Warren was
supposed to meet up with me over supper earlier today to discuss several important findings, but he has since gone missing. At first I thought nothing of it, but I have a nagging
feeling something else is going on. A very…familiar feeling.” Rex could see the sweat dripping from Armitage's face and could understand that the old Librarian were in a lot of
distress. “I tried to find Francis, hoping he knew where Warren was, but he too is out of touch. Francis has been spending a lot of time in some gambling den, or so I am told.
I sent for you because I am worried Warren might be in trouble. I would appreciate it greatly if you could find him for me. You may also wish to ask Francis for help, if you can
reach him.”

Rex listened carefully to the old Professors story and kept wondering were the great story was in all of this. The closest to a story here was that a university professor was a
frequent visitor of a speakeasy and that was not exactly a grand headline. However Armitage had always been a good friend, and if he could help him with his distress, he would.
Rex decided to go to the University to look for Professor Warren since he had been a student there and therefore knew his way around campus. After saying his goodbye's Rex went out
the door and towards the University. What he didnt know was that the person following him from the diner had heard the whole tale, and was following him to the campus.
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The Waffler
United States
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Cool, well done. I enjoyed reading it.
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