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I made a lot of mistakes in this match and I'm not proud of it. Baron Blade is just too damn weak to make a satisfying solo battle, even on Advanced; I tried to have a well-coordinated plan for victory, as I am usually trying to do with these heroes, but it turned out to be overkill even with a lot of screwups.

Advanced Baron Blade [40] vs. The Project Adamant Sentinels [Medico 14, Mainstay 15, Idealist 12, Writhe 13], Mister Fixer [28], Termi-Nation Unity [27], and Prime Wardens Argent Adept [25] in Magmaria.

Setup: Mobile Defense Platform [10] enters play. The Sentinels draw Horrifying Dichotomy, Aura of Vision, Dark Delusions and Fling Into Darkness. Fixer draws Salvage Yard, Hoist Chain, Alternating Tiger Claw and Charge. Unity draws Inspired Repair, Platform Bot, Cryo Bot and Hasty Augmentation. Adept draws Arcane Cadence x2 with Silver Shadow and Cedistic Dissonant.

Villain 1: Blade Battalion [5] enters play and deals 5 damage to Mister Fixer [23]. Meanwhile, Hasten Doom and Slash and Burn are discarded from the deck.

Sentinels 1: Horrifying Dichotomy deals 6 total damage to the Mobile Defense Platform, and Mainstay adds 2 more [2]. Draw Team Communication.

Mister Fixer 1: Hoist Chain enters play; Fixer uses Strike on Blade Battalion [4]. Draws Tire Iron

Unity 1: Debates playing Hasty Augmentation to let Fixer nearly-kill the Battalion, leaving them at -1 damage dealt on their next turn, but decides to save the card. So naturally she draws another copy, along with Stealth Bot.

Argent Adept 1: Plays Arcane Cadence, revealing Alacritous Subdominant (to hand), Polyphoric Flare (to trash), Arcane Cadence (to play), Scherzo of Frost and Flame (to bottom of deck), and Drake’s Pipes (to top of deck). Second Cadence reveals the Pipes again (to play), along with Sarabande of Destruction (to bottom of deck), Musaragni’s Harp (to top of deck), Anpunku’s Drum (to trash), and Polyphoric Flare (to hand). Puts the Sarabande into play and draws the Harp.

Enviro 1: Smoldering Crystal enters play.

Villain 2: Devious Disruption is played. Hoist Chain goes, but Adept keeps everything, so the party takes 5 [Medico 9, Mainstay 10, Idealist 7, Writhe 8, Fixer 18, Unity 22, AA 20], and Blade Battalion does 3 more to Unity [19]. Two Hasten Dooms are discarded, so the party isn’t too worried about the mass damage, knowing there will be almost none more.

Sentinels 2: Team Comm draws Positive Energy 2, Horrifying Dichotomy and Second Chance. Positive Energy finishes the MDP, starts on Blade [38], and hits the Blade Battalion [2], while healing the party [Medico 10, Mainstay 11, Idealist 8, Writhe 9, Fixer 19, Unit 20, AA 21]. Iddy then does a TK Thump on the Battalion, leaving it at [1] with -1 to damage. Draws Sentinel Tactics.

Mister Fixer 2: Draws Pipe Wrench and Tool Box, since nothing he has is especially worth playing.

Unity 2: Hasty Augmentation gets Idealist to fire a 3-damage TK Thump at Blade [35]. Activates Reconfigure to draw Supply Crate, and draws Raptor Bot.

Argent Adept 2: Somehow I previously failed that dumping all his Instruments into the trash would let Argent get everything back when Fixer plays Salvage Yard. To rectify this, he now plays Cedistic Dissonant, then activates Conduct to put Scherzo of Frost and Flame into play, and activates the Dissonant’s Accompany to discard Musaragni’s Harp and Silver Shadow. He draws Rhapsody of Vigor, Inventive Preparation, Vernal Sonata, and Inspiring Supertonic in his draw phase.

Enviro 2: Crystal Collector [6] enters play. Unity wants to draw all the cards ever, so she takes 3 [16] to pick up the Smoldering Crystal and exchange it for Modular Workbench and Construction Pylon, both of the cards she’s been looking for, along with a Brainstorm.

Villain 3: Another Blade Battalion [5] shows up, hitting AA for 5 [16]; Blade discards an Elemental Redistributor and a Mobile Defense Platform.

Sentinels 3: Sentinel Tactics is played, allowing me to use both Haymaker [Blade to 33] and TK Thump [Battalion 4, -1 damage dealt]. Draws Dark Delusions.

Mister Fixer 3: Plays Pipe Wrench so he can punch Blade [31]. Draws Grease Gun.

Unity 3: Construction Pylon puts out Platform Bot [3] and Raptor Bot [2], dealing 3 damage to Blade [28] and 3 to the Battalion [1]. Draws Turret Bot.

Argent Adept 3: Plays Inventive Preparation, then activates Conduct to put Arcane Cadence into play (that was random). Reveals Eydisiar’s Horn (to trash), Cedistic Dissonant (to top of deck), Silver Shadow (to play), Rhapsody of Vigor (to hand), and Vernal Sonata (to bottom of deck). Between Silver Shadow and Conduct, two cards can be played out of turn; one of these is Turret Bot [9] and the other is Aura of Vision. Silver Shadow also lets Argent play a card, which is the last Arcane Cadence, revealing the Dissonant again (to trash), two Instrumental Conjurations (to top and bottom of deck), and two Counterpart Bulkwarks (to hand and play). Draws the top Conjuration and is finally done.

Enviro 3: Another Smoldering Crystal enters play; sadly, picking this one up will only pay for extra cards on a later turn, but Fixer wants to find an Overdrive for his Hoist Chain, so he takes 2 damage from a smoldering Pipe Wrench after adjusting it to the exact width necessary to pick up the Crystal [17].

Villain 4: Plays Slash and Burn, hitting Idealist for 4 [4] and Fixer for 5 net [12]. This sadly gets Fixer out of position to tank the Battalions; one is TK Thumped, but the other hits Argent [15]. Backlash Field and Blade Battalion are discarded, leaving 11 cards in the trash.

Sentinels 4: Draw Human Shield from Aura of Vision; throws Horrifying Dichotomy to hit Blade [22], and gets a bonus power, socking him with both Haymaker and TK Thump [19]. Draws Second Chance.

Mister Fixer 4: Charges to hit Blade for 3 [16], then Strikes him for 2 more [14]. Draws Bloody Knucles.

Unity 4: Turret Bot fires on Blade [13], then plays Hasty Augmentation to let Mainstay Haymaker Blade for 4 [9], allowing Idealist to attack as well [8]. Opts not to activate her power, but draws Brainstorm. Platform Bot blasts Blade for 3 [5], then Raptor Bot tears into him for 4 more [1].

Argent Adept 4: Vernal Sonata is played; Team Communication, Charge, Hasty Augmentation, and Silver Shadow are re-upped, and the team heals [Medico 11, Mainstay 12, Idealist 5, Writhe 10, Fixer 13, Unity 17, AA 16]. Plays Drake’s Pipes, and activates Scherzo of Frost and Flame, dealing 1 damage to finish off Blade, flipping him [30], and finishes off a Blade Battalion with the other point. Skips the second Melody activation and draws the Silver Shadow.

Enviro 4: Inner-Core Tunneler [12] enters play. Fixer throws his Crystal to the Collector, drawing Charge, Riveting Crane, and Driving Mantis.

Villain 5: Plays Elemental Redistributor [10]. With a double TK Thump floating, deals 2 to Unity [14]. Suddenly I notice that he should have broken Raptor Bot with his Slash and Burn, so he wouldn’t have flipped yet, but it’s too late for me to rewind the shuffled trash and everything, so this game will get an outcome of “Win (cheat)” in my records. Blade Battalion deals 1 to AA [14] and that’s the turn.

Sentinels 5: Aura of Vision gives Fixer a Grease Gun, because I forgot that Team Communication was on the top of my deck and not in my hand. Dark Delusions deals 1 to Blade [29], finishes off the Battalion, and deals 2 to Elemental Redistributor [8], and then adds 2 more damage to Blade [27]. The Sentinel Tactics power lets Mainstay do Haymaker for 1 more [26], and TK Thump is thus able to get through [25].

Mister Fixer 5: Plays Alternating Tiger Claw to punch through for his full Strike of 2 [23]. Draws a replacement for that Style. Belatedly I realize that Riveting Crane would have been so much better.

Unity 5: Turret Bot shoots Blade for 2 [21], and Modular Workbench enters play, as it should have done last round. Discards the currently-problematic Cryo Bot to put Stealth Bot into play, essentially storing the former inside the latter until after the Redistributor goes away. Draws her Augmentation, and sics the two smaller Bots on Blade for 2 [19] and then 4 [15].

Argent Adept 5: Silver Shadow lets him activate Inventive Preparation, so Fixer can play Bloody Knuckles. With the bonus play, Argent plays Polyphoric Flare [12] to activate Conduct, playing Instrumental Conjuration to put Telamon’s Lyra into play, draws another Conjuration, and activate the Dissonant again. This lets Unity play the Augmentation on Fixer, who Strikes for 4 irreducible [11]. With his power phase, Argent then plays Telamon’s Lyra to break Drake’s Pipes, destroying Elemental Redistributor; the Lyra then activates Inventive Preparation and Fixer plays Charge, doing 5 more to Blade [6]. Argent draws Inventive Preparation and is done.

Enviro 5: Stone Shaper [8] enters play. So much for a 5-round win, even an illegal one. Had I not accidentally cheated, a 6-round win was still likely IMO.

Villain 6: Flesh-Repair nannites heal Blade [16], though not for enough I suspect. Deals 3 damage to Unity [11].

Sentinels 6: Gives Unity a Platform Bot. Team Communication draws Blackout, Unique Capabilities, Coordinated Assault, and Unique Capabilities. The first UC puts out Caliginous Form and draws Sentinel Tactics; the second searches out Durasteel Chains and draws Second Chance. Finally, Blackout is played; Writhe deals 3 net damage to Mister Fixer [9], causing him to deal 5 irreducible to Blade [11]. Since Writhe dealt damage, Mainstay then Haymakers for 2 to put Blade to [9], and TK Thump gets him to [8]. Draws another Team Comm.

Mister Fixer 6: Bloody Knucles falls off; I correct my mistake with Riveting Crane, punching through Blade’s armor with Pipe Wrench [7]. Draws that Override finally; a pity all his effort goes to waste.

Unity 6: The Bots finish Blade off.
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