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Recently discovered Far seas, bought it and I‘m really fascinated by the game and its historical details. Normally I prefer strategic computer games on a historical basis, but this board games covers a very interesting campaign field of WW1 that is usually ignored by relevant developers. I use the following additions in order to amend Far Seas according to my preferences:

Technical amendments

I use a ppt file for map, ship log, ships and squadrons and an online dice. It is easy to improve the map with coal and internment zones, borders for the japanes squadrons, important rule notes on continents etc. etc. In addition to that solitaire play on your laptop becomes possible and the game gets mobile.

For tactical combat scenarios I use the Navies at War (NAW) simulation by NWS instead of dices.

Instead of normal dices see

Additional historical units:

KM: Instead of the Goeben/ Breslau or what if ships I additionaly inserted two additional historic German ships, relevant for the far seas campaign but missing in the stock version: SMS Geier (the outdated 1894 cruiser/ gunboat) and the torpedoboat S 90, you’ll find information on those two ships searching the internet. Outdated SMS Geier is used according to AMC rules, S 90 stays at Tsingtao for the first three rounds but may launch one surprise attack on a possible allied blockade fleet. After round three S 90 may try to break out via a NAW night attack. If this is sucessful S 90 gets no free coal for the rest of the game due to its limited range and – like Geier – may only attack merchs and no stations.

RN: Historic patrols in Zones 2 and 3 (e.g. northern patrol) with seperate discovery rules.

Additional (solitaire) rules for playing the German sides:

The maze of islands off Cape Horn (zone 24) can additionally be used by German CLs for shelter according to river Rufiji rules (see Dresden in early 1915!).

Fatal engine damage for German CLs, possible turn 3 or later, using a d10 with result one, 2nd dice for relevant ship, consequences: hide in river or internment or change of zone every second turn only.

All allied ships/ squadrons start in their historic zones! The most important solitaire rules deal with allied movements near or in zones with German ship(s) in each relevant segment and read as follows:

Dice 1-2: (New or additional) allied presence in relevant zone (-1 in case of allied station in that zone); this happens automatically in case of AMC or German ships without coal.

Dice 1-6: Number of (new or additional) allied ships in that zone, if necessary move (additional) allied ships/ squadrons from adjacent zones to that German cruiser zone

Dice 1-2: Convoy duty and search; 3-4 :station and search (including rivers); 5-6: convory duty and station; relevant tasks apply for single ships and 1, 2 or four sqadrons per zone (e.g. use dice not more then two times in zone 18 at the beginning of turn two).In case of missing allied ships the second task will always prevail. Move sqadron or ship according to tasks.

Starting with turn 4 the dice will be used once more: In case of 1-2: British BC(s) will jump directly to nearest allied station and might surprise German station raids (HMAS Australia: Pacific; other zones: BCs from England); Dice 5-6: Prinzess Royal jumps to Zone 7.

Of course there are some similar minor solitaire rules for movements of convoys, RN channel fleet with outdated Bs and things like that.

Any comments or additional ideas are welcome of course.

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