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Subject: Comparison of LB with RAF 1940 rss

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I posted a brief comparison between London's Burning and RAF 1940 (by Decision Games) as a comment in another forum and people there found it useful. Since this comparison has come up in several previous discussions around BGG, I thought it might be good to post here for reference. Here's the link:

In case this doesn't work, here's the text as well:

As an owner and player of both London's Burning AND RAF, I can say that both are excellent and scratch a different itch:

* RAF - Mostly Operational / Strategic level. You're Sir Hugh Dowding (spelling?) and you have to coordinate 11, 10, and 12 Group squadrons to fend off the German onslaught of bomber and fighter Gruppen all across southeast England. Tactical-level events (altitude advantages, rendezvous errors, etc.) are determined by Approach and Target cards rather than die rolls for individual planes. Blenheims only used for Night Raids (optional). Weather and reinforcements are important and affect long-term options.

* LB - Strategic, with Tactical level included for combat. You're AVM Park in charge of 11 Group. You must cover the southeast coast and vector specific airplanes / sections to intercept raids. Altitude, sun angle, and fatigue for each plane / pilot matter. Damage to locations on each plane are recorded and determine air worthiness. Each pilot may have bonuses and skills that modify die rolls (optional rules). Variants include BP Defiants and Blenheims that can enter the game when planes / pilots get depleted. Again, weather and reinforcements are crucial, even more than in RAF, IMHO.

As far as production, both games are fantastic. I love the graphics on LB (especially the color saturation) and everything seems well-depicted based on its use. The Altitude Display can get a little crowded at times, but it's manageable. RAF does a great job of looking like the situation room at RAF HQ. Again, space is very tight, but with a few extra tokens and such, the map is very serviceable. Quick reference items are found on the map board, which helps immensely. The one downside is that both are table space hogs. Therefore, I prefer to use VASSAL modules for these, and I've modified both to better handle personal preferences regarding counter stacks, automation, and display.

I would highly recommend either. thumbsup LB is somewhat easier to learn / teach, and you can play "coop" games with each person controlling one pilot / plane, which improves teach-ability. RAF is more involved in terms of learning the rules, but the investment is worthwhile if you like complex games that immerse you in the theme.

Wow...didn't mean to ramble there. Hope this helps!

Again, hope this helps!

Moderators: If cross-posting this is not appropriate, let me know and I won't repeat.
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