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Article 27 role playing hack.
1 influence token for using an issue (dove, nuclear sign, etc.) and the color matched issue tokens icon (the wooden tokens with the hat, peace sign etc.) to improvise a specific scenario being voted on. This begins with the Secretary General (they may choose any color) and proceeds around the board with players choosing any color until all issues have been defined or until the group runs out of ideas. Any issues not provided with a scenario are negotiated anyway….

Yellow always represents a humanitarian issue and is coupled this round with the lightbulb (innovation). So, the player could say: “the motion is to create a program to install newly invented water purification filters on wells in South American villages”.

The next player chooses black (diplomatic sanctions) which is coupled with prestige this round. The player could say: “the council will mandate a public unmasking of Ronald McDonald to reveal the face of unbridled greed that has become the scourge of capitalism.

The next player chooses green (trade sanctions) coupled this round with peace. This player might declare: the motion is to impose an embargo on rubber chickens produced in the Uzbekistan due to the inhumane factory farming techniques used in the raising of these rubber chickens.

2 influence tokens if you argue thematically with respect to improvised issue scenarios throughout the round.

Additional thoughts: at the end of the round the Secretary General must select their favorite issue (whether the overall motion was approved or rejected) and award an additional token to the creator. Their choice could be based upon the initial description and/or the way the the issue was addressed in the negotiation part of the round. This is a version of the basic mechanic of apples to apples but lacks anonymity.

Alternately, a high tech "apples to apples" variant (utilizing anonymity) can be played in which all players except the Secretary General mute and scramble cell phones each round, keeping them hidden behind their screens. Players would need to first send a one word message to the Secretary General reserving their chosen issue. In 4 player games the player to the right of the Secretary General will reserve two issues (colors) and in a 3 player game the two players to the right of the Secretary General will describe two issues. Each color reserved should be sent as a separate message to preserve anonymity. Once all colors/issues have been reserved players will send another text (a group text including all players) beginning with their chosen color and describing their issue (two texts if they have two issues this round). The Secretary General will read them all aloud then will select her or his favorite. This would best be done before negotiations ensue. The winning issue receives 2 influence tokens.
So that the Secretary General can not tell who is sending which text by noticing who stops texting just before a text comes in, players will need to continue to give the appearance of texting until the Secretary General declares all issues in. A sand or electronic timer set to two minutes or so could also be added if this part of the game starts to drag. Colors that don't get defined in that time just don't get that kind of treatment this round.

Players can then use the info in the group text to negotiate coherently for their preferred issues.

A group could certainly also incentivize accents/maintaining persona as long as everyone feels they can do this and isn't sensitive about stereotypes... but this could get dicey in many groups so proceed... diplomatically.
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