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At this moment I've done four cases from the newest version of this Game. The one by Asmodee and Space Cowboys with the new fancy box. I must say I REALLY like this game, so I am sad to say it's unfortunately not perfect.

"Well, nothing can be perfect!", you might say. But the problem in this game is that you're invited to notice every meticulous little detail. Because of that I've noticed some irregularities in, I think, at least three of the four cases thusfar. Some things just don't add up when you go deep. And this does lower the fun. When we practically solved the fourth case we postponed looking at the answers in the booklet since some things just didn't made sense. It didn't bring us further. In the end we answered all questions correctly but were still unsatisfied with some parts of the explanation.

To no surprise, as a fan of games like this, I went looking for answers why some things didn't add up. There are several video's of the original(?) cases to be found online dating back from the nineties (although the original game was designed in the eighties). When I saw those video's the irregularities were suddenly making sense.

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In The Mystified Murderess the culprit was changed from the original story. Nevertheless some details, altough sometimes very small, of the original story remained in the story. When you notice these you're being unintended being misled.

Being misled is fine, but not when it's not intended but an overseen remain of the former solution.

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In the Lionised Lions the role of Mabudo is pretty unclear. Although he was apparently at the scene of the crime when the lions were being shot, the explanation doesn't tell us anything about what occured in the park. Nevertheless his somewhat vile demeanor is mentioned both by the nurse as by Barry's mother. Especially the mother mentioning him seemed to indicate that she recently saw him. It just seems a different role was intended for Mabubo, but was cut short for some reasons? If the answer is that he witnessed the killing of the lions, what happened after that? I think I liked the original story with the lockpicking Stephen Lions that helped Thomas (Being the mysterious found dead body)better.

Anyway there are more of these strange anomalies that don't make sense untill you read about the older versions of the game. It does take away some of the enjoyment, because I am getting more and more to a point when I think "well this detail probably doesn't matter since it's a leftover from an older version. That's just a pity since I love this game so much and do enjoy pondering all the little details.

Fun story about going down the rabbit hole:
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The quote about Zanzibar from Slade made me search about Richard Francis Burton an explorer who wrote about Zanzibar, spoke more than 25 languages (Barry seems to be fluent in an unknown African language in the story) and disguised himself back then as a muslim to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. There is a painting of Burton called "The Pilgrim". Since Slade calls us Pilgrims I was sure for a short while that his life story was somekind of inspiration for the "Lionised Lions" and that Thomas or Barry was using some disguise. This is of no importance of why I am writing this critique on the game. I just found it funny, and love real life references. This was my own rabbithole. laugh
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