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Subject: Relics Rant rss

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Michał Murawski
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In Hand of Fate Ordeals there is this really cool concept which is one of the key factors that convinced me to get involved and interested in this game – Relic cards. So the premise is really simple but very powerful one!

You play the game and acquire new cards as you do in every other deck building game. You try to get the best cards possible, which is obviously a good tactic in any card game! However there is a special separate deck with most powerful cards. Deck to which you do not have access, by normal means. You can acquire card from this deck only under very specific circumstances, and only limited number of them (0-4 cards from that deck during entire game!). Either you admit it or not you have this mini goal in the back of your head - “Must get Relic!”. You yearn for them. You desire them! You will do anything to get access to its power! You will stop at nothing to appease the appetite of the Daemon Trader! He keeps those powerful items to himself and will exchange those relics only for shard tokens – remains of your fallen enemies, or prof of your commitment, of you taking life of another only to exchange it for power. During first stage you are doing your best to get enough of them to definitely get one! And finally the moment comes, that you will be able to choose one of the fabled cards that are too powerful to be in normal regular deck. One of the cards that is not only reward but also a tool to win the game!

You look at them with anticipation and excitement… and, either you want to admit it to yourself or not, you are disappointed.

I know I was. Numerous times.

I think I’m not the only one that had similar feelings regarding relic deck, am I?

So what is the problem of the relic deck?

Actually this deck has plenty of them! I will try to point them in fairly organized manner:

1) Relic deck is Over-hyped – and it doesn’t deliver what it promised.
This is possible the main reason I feel disappointed by the relic deck. It promises soooo much more than it delivers! Everything from graphics design, naming, rules of the game, interviews with creators, was designed in a way to fill you with anticipation and make your expectation skyrocketed! Heck entire mechanic of collecting shard tokens (which received very cool upgrade to metal components, for Kickstarter backers!), was designed primarily only for this one purpose – allow you to get relic cards. You do not make entire separate game mechanic, with its own costly game components, for something redundant and not worth of time and effort spent for acquiring it!

Yet still I believe that there is still possibility to meet those expectations! It requires some work though.

2) Relic deck lacks IDENTITY.
The main and core problem with the relic deck is (or at least it left me with the impression) that there was no consensus amongst creators and developers for few basic questions:

A) “What is the role of the relic deck?”
And more importantly:
B) “What are relic cards?”

Due to this lack of identity relic deck became some kind of “dumpster” where all elements and mechanics from video game, that should have been implemented, but for some reason could not have been, ended. What do I mean?

Relic deck consists of cards that used to be in video game:
- Blessings
- Artefacts
- Rings
- Gloves
- Weapons and other equipment cards

All of those cards are completely different things! They serve different purpose, they play differently and should have been implemented in different ways! Bellow I present examples.

There should be obviously separate deck for this! Many players wanted this and even expected this! More over many players were surprised that blessing and curse system was not introduced to the board game in the first place! Me included!

It is such a good tool to create different unique scenarios with minimal effort (Especially for the board game which possess limited game components) and was used by the developers of video game in this exact purpose – to create different scenarios. So there were plethora of curses and blessings to choose from and the combination of curses that you started with changed the entire game and forced players to adapt accordingly! And all of that achieved by combination of 2-3 cards per boss encounter! Players could acquire those curses during the game as well. There was a counter balance to the curses in the mechanic of the blessings that helped tremendously! True Coop mode was not yet released for public testing, so some of those concepts might have been included there, but still blessing and curses were one of the core and driving mechanics of Hand of Fate video game, making it stand out in a truly unique way. More often you had to battle curses than enemies. While some blessings and curses were more powerful than other they still changed the game in a significant way. I can’t imagine why they were dropped if they played such a major role in the original game! I tell you this topic will be returning like boomerang from time to time!

I have of course Idea how to implement those, but I simply don’t have time to describe it in detail and making a brief summary won’t give it justice. Also this is not proper time and place for that – maybe next time

- Wrath of the Old Gods
- Headman's Blessing
- Lizard Eater
- Sweetwood Wreath

There is also very many artefact cards that were implemented to the board game as one piece of equipment or another. I understand to some degree why decision to not implement them was made, it was too much combat related, and combat was reworked completely for the purpose of the board game. Due to this fact there was no place for “active combat abilities”, that impose some status or elemental effects on enemies, that refresh over time or have limited uses. Those shared the fate of weapon active abilities and were cut from the game entirely. I do not agree with this type of thinking. Actually I have a working proposition of implementing this “artefacts” or other “active combat abilities” to the HoF:O Board game! I simply don’t have time to write down all of my ideas – and throwing out this much of content as I do clearly takes much time! Suffice it to say, for the time being I believe they should receive its own separate sub-type of equipment and should occupy OFFHAND equipment slot. I will share more details with my next article (hopefully).

- Chain Bombs
- Halo of Feathered Ice
- Detonator

In video game you had separate slot for rings that had very differing abilities with plethora of unique skills to choose from, and you could have unlimited amount of them. In the Board game they were adapted to the TRINKET slot which is not a bad idea. I don’t mind there is a limit to them now, it makes it easier to track. No complaints regarding that. Also I do not believe this particular type of equipment requires different separate deck, no this is actually good way this was resolved. The abilities of the chosen rings, are in my opinion not the most interesting ones – more on that in a moment in purpose section.

- Golden Ring Of Pain
- Ring Of Punishment
- Ring of Engorging

There was separate equipment slot in the video game for gloves that was in the end not implemented into the board game. I can see why this was cut out but still I do not approve it. This was the smallest set of equipment available consisting of only 4-5 cards. In my personal opinion “Hag Wraps” was one of the best pieces of equipment in the entire game – helping me winning numerous battles with ease. I would like to see gloves back into the game as an OFFHAND Equipment. At this moment my point is to show you how diversified theme wise the relic deck is!

- Assassin's Greed

What else relic deck is consisting of? Few other weapons headgear and a shield. There is nothing wrong about it. But my point is: if the relic deck was ALL about Blessings, Artefacts, Rings and that kind of stuff then it would be okay. That would have its identity as magical items of immense power, but throwing there bunch of weapons for good measure ruins it completely. That would happen If it was Vice versa! You have loot – weapons and armour pieces you pick up after fallen enemies like “Skeleton King's Sword” His Helm and shield, that is then clearly a loot, maybe some other powerful weapons and okay that makes sense – but when you find blessings there … that is simply very clunky.

I mean this messes up the idea what relic deck is and what it consists of really quick. I actually like that relic deck consists of cool equipment and I would definitely keep that and expand it actually, but other card types should be cut out from it, especially blessings and artefacts that should find its own separate place to dwell.

-Kraken's Claws
-Viking's Battle-axe
-Skeleton King's Sword
-Mortal Whimsy
-Lion Prince's Sword

- Innocence

In one sentence, my point is there is this saying: if something is EVERYTHING then that means it is actually NOTHING in particular. The same can be said about relic deck at this point. At least in my opinion.

3) Relic Deck tries to fulfill too many roles.
It might seem as I’m repeating myself but from mechanical stand point, and pure gameplay one – relic deck doesn’t have clearly defined and designated purpose. And that is not acceptable in any kind of game! Each element needs to have a purpose, and needs to fulfills some kind of role. If it doesn’t then its mechanic is redundant. And if it fills too many roles, from which none is clearly defined, that doesn’t work either.

So what are the roles relic deck tries to fulfill at this point?

- supplying powerful equipment cards.
- providing additional victory points.
- providing additional scoring possibilities.
- making crucial for game cards, enter play more consistently.
- providing in game space for cards relying on nostalgia and building franchise identity and connection, but which doesn’t belong anywhere else.
- eye candy and game seller .
- shards sink.
- side quest to strive for during the game.

As you can see there is quite a few of them. I’m sure there are also few others "roles" I’m clearly not seeing. Not that necessarily it shouldn’t or couldn’t fulfill some or most of those roles simultaneously, but that definitely doesn’t help In crating relic deck identity. Also clearly specified game purpose and a role of one of many intertwined game components and mechanics is always better than not. Pain deck for example – it has clearly specified role, other components interactions, purpose and lenient design. I have never complained about pain deck, have I?

So If the designers would focus on few roles that relic deck should follow, that would help increase its identity and moreover define its role in the game more clearly.

Last and most important one:

4) Many cards in the relic deck are underpowered.
Most frustrating problem of them all is that you can easily find more powerful equipment cards in the dealers row. Why? It often happens that I already have an equipment card in a slot and I don’t want to change it to relic – because it is simply worse! That should never be the case! Whenever a player would have an opportunity to get relic he or she should not consider it longer than a split second! Instead sometimes player resign from buying relic in the first place! ISN’T THAT CRAZY?

This is main problem with the relic deck. I don’t want to be disappointed with cards I draw from it. I want to be excited and eager to start new round to play with my new toy!

Which relic cards I find weak? Or too weak to justify its place in the relic deck? I’ll try to make myself brief because I’m already working on in depth analysis of each equipment and relic card in the deck in separate article:

Halo of Feathered Ice – is barely making it – but is hanging in relic deck on one finger for me

Sweetwood Wreath – former blessing - ability is not THAT bad but is simply too weak to justify relic status.

Viking's Battleaxe - I despise this weapon – Setting aside what I think about it in terms of power level (which is a topic of its own) – this card lacks theme to be in relic deck. Why is it unique? What makes it so “ancient” and “magical” to deem it worthy and on par with other “artefacts”? It is an axe – of some dude that rides on the boat… and that dude even didn’t had a name… for me it is a star trek “red shirt” equivalent.

Lion Prince's Sword – don’t get me started on this weapon – suffice it to say it is weaker than any other one handed weapon from dealer’s row – true it at least has a theme and that on itself grants it entrance to the “cool kids party for relics” but that doesn’t change that this card would be a wallflower sipping soda in the corner.

Assassin's Greed – I get the point of this card – to grant those soldier archetype players some effort to buy cards with – but seriously, who would discard “crush” to gain 1 effort out from it? There is PLENTY other ways the same effect can be gained – first step would be bumping EFFORT to 2 /per attack card discarded.

Ring Of Punishment – first of all, concerning the name - it is too similar to “Golden Ring Of Pain” which can cause concussion. Second - seriously? While it may sound great on paper – what will you do with all of those shards? I was fearing extremely bad and I got 19 shards on one last stage – didn’t helped me at all. And If you are doing good, wining combats, avoiding drawing pain cards as you should then this won’t trigger. Also it clearly belongs in the dealers deck! So instead of spending shards on relic that allows you to gain shards (if you suck at game) to buy relics (which is kinda stupid, if you think about it) you could buy that with effort and actually use it to buy some relic truly worth your time.

Headman's Blessing – this is too niche – I got it. It is a blessing. One that I didn’t like at all in the video game as well, but I guess it is iconic? (can name 4-5 more interesting ones) – because there was no good axes in the first place (true that is fixed in the board game – more worthwhile axes). And at this stage I can imagine myself using rusty axe anymore. This ability should work like “Mr Lionell” to make it useful – reveal cards until you’ll find an axe – acquire it.

Lizard Eater – one more blessing – and once more sub par – not that this ability is necessarily bad, but… no it is actually bad. If it was “a blessing” as it SHOULD then nothing against it – but as a relic = TERRIBLE!

How can the relic deck be made great again?

That is not place for them. Especially, if you are planning to implement blessings further on, in one of the expansions – than I can forgive lack of them in the core game.
If you insist on keeping blessings in the relic deck (which is unacceptable for me under any excuse) then please consider this: sooner or later (provided you will be expanding the game) YOU WILL HAVE TO tackle blessings and curses system – there is no any other way. If you do, then those relics that should have been blessings will be a thorn in your side believe me. So most likely one of the rules of expansion will say: “remove following cards from the relic deck: this, this, this, and this card. Put those removed cards into the box – they won’t be used while using SUPER DUPER BLESSINGS VARIANT expansion ”. I as a player – I don’t like when developer is forced to do this to his board game. It is like admitting “we made a mistake” or “we haven’t planed it in advance” - in both cases it is simply wasteful of resources. So why not skip this unpleasant step and never put them into the relic deck in the first place?
Secondly they are not that impactful in the first place – their abilities are mediocre at best. This is not a proper power level for a relic. For a blessing? Yes sure! In separate mechanic. Separate deck. Separate time as well? Not necessarily – I’ll try to put my proposition as fast as I can.

So that is pretty obvious but still – in my opinion, all cards in relic deck should have “powerful magic” abilities. Also it’s name should imply this is some “famous”/”ancient”/”well known” relic/artefact with HISTORY! Even if there is no real history behind it but if name supports it then more power to you!

Now small game.
Read the list at point out one name that doesn’t fit the rest:

Kraken's Claws
Skeleton King's Sword
Mortal Whimsy
Viking's Battleaxe
Lion Prince's Sword


Spoiler (click to reveal)
Viking's Battleaxe

For everyone that guessed it my congratulations !

If you chose differently then let me explain it to you. Each other name implies it is something ”unique” or “special” because:
-it belonged to someone significant -> Lion Prince's Sword.
-you pried it open from bosses dead hands -> Skeleton King's Sword.
-Name implies it is magical in origin or more than meets the eye -> Mortal Whimsy.
-that is remnant or trophy made of some fearsome beast -> Kraken's Claws.

What is a Viking’s battleaxe?

A house hold item (almost).In my ears it sounds like “Your Mother's kitchen Knife”, or “Oldman’s cane”, “Plumber’s wrench”. No particular story behind it.

There is plenty of other items that carry so much more story! But if we need to stick to the “Viking’s Axe” rename it. Make it:

Nameless Viking’s Battleaxe – how much better that sounds? Who was this Nameless Viking? What was his story? Why was he nameless? And so on!
Stick to the existing lore! I see no reason why not to make it:
Bandit’s King’s Battleaxe – as in King of Dust’s Battleaxe. Same item much better already.

If there is any place in the entire game for an overpowered item it is in the relic deck! I think the cards in relic deck should be clearly stronger or have more versatile abilities with less restrictions on them. Also if an item would be truly overpowered – I see nothing wrong with it as long it is in relic deck! There is a chance that it won’t come up in every game, and if it does oh boy – you have just won on lottery! And If this power level will be consistently high throughout the entire relic deck so that no card will feel better than others then no one will be feeling down that they are left with “crap”… as it often happens right now. Truly this is the biggest downside of relic deck – if that could be fixed, then that would be already a major step towards betterment of the game.

There is plenty of items in dealers row that could be moved to relic deck straight away and they would feel much better there than many other attendants “to the cool kids relic party”. Few examples:

Captain's Pistol
Guild Ring
Hood Of Night
Oracle's Diadem
Heavy Armour -> after renaming to “mithrill”
Herne's Hatchet
Mercenary's Blade - > double reward for slaying the King is actually quite significant
Possessed Blades
Skeleton King's Helm

Of course renaming or even rebranding of some might be in order.

By that I mean that each type of equipment should find its way to the relic deck.
On top of that, in my opinion each type of equipment should have at least two cards of said type.
Moreover those two relic cards belonging to the same card slot should be as different as possible, not only in theme but in mechanic as well. The reason behind this is that so players with different playstyles and decks at this point in time, could benefit and actually use those relics.

At this point relic deck is DOMINATED by trinket cards (8 of all 17).
That means that it is very likely that after defeating one boss a player received a trinket, then after besting second one he can chose only from trinkets… then he has to choose which to sacrifice – with much greater variety that is less likely to happen.

So how that would look then?
2 cards per weapon type + Mortal whimsy (which is basically a Joker) total of 7. 2 shields and 2 offhand equipment’s other than shields than can be used with dual wield and two hand weapons – total of 4. 2 armours, which are definitely under represented and there definitely should be more! 2 headgears as it is now. Rest can be field in with trinkets.

2x Two Handed
2x One Handed
2x Dual Wield
1x Mortal Whimsy
2x Armour
2x Headgear
2x Shield
2x Offhand equipment
2x Trinkets

Total of 17 cards - as it is, at this moment as well.
In my opinion though relic deck should consist of nice and even 20 cards.

Each royalty expansion should bring one relic associated with its king. If it would be weapon then that would give us nice symmetry. Each type of weapon would be boosted by additional representative making it fair and square – of course for those that would buy all add-ons.

KING OF DUST Bandits King’s Meteorite Battle-axe - two handed weapon – and yes he could summon real meteorites during combat!
KING OF PLAGUE - Ratmen King’s Claw blades – dual wield – wolverine like blades - mimicking his “split in three - attack from all direction – shadow walk” attack.
KING OF SCALESLizardmen King’s Scimitar – One handed weapon – granting maybe damage resist to the player – to ignore first pain card draw a turn?

On top of that – then the relic deck would consist ultimately of 10 weapon cards and 10 non weapon cards ( few lines above, I was complaining that relic deck is dominated by trinkets ). It might seem again disproportionate but please consider this – what if there are no weapons in the dealers row? It can happen. I had a play through where both players were fighting Jack with rusty axes, and we saw weapons for the first time when daemon trader offered them to us. Also You can switch weapon to the one that fits you more ore have better ability (Yes I’m aware this argument makes my previous argument regarding trinkets invalid). I personally expect to find a weapon in relic deck, especially if it is better than anything I can find in the dealer’s row. I think, that many other players would too. That is due to fact that acquiring a weapon from relic deck makes you feel instantly more capable in combat, which is a good progression.

Knowing what type of cards relic deck should consist off, now let’s take a look on what kind of abilities should be on those cards.

providing powerful equipment cards for combat and exploration.

In my opinion, This part is quite well covered by this point. There are plethora of cards that help directly and indirectly during the game. So putting aside obvious combat related weapons, armours and shields, with pretty clear purpose and role in the game – let’s take a look at secondary role.

“Providing secondary scoring possibilities”

By that I mean cards, by default trinkets, that reward you with fame for completing some specified task, or collecting cards of designated colour. Heaving this kind of cards that encourage collecting one set of cards provide you a deck building challenge – to try and get as many cards that will yield you additional points at the end of the game. That will not only make a strategy of buying cards for the win more viable option but also provide interesting dilemma while choosing relics: Do I want this weapon that will make collecting points during the combat much easier? OR this item that will grant me plenty of additional points at the end of game if, I’ll commit to it. So either a tool to make more points thought the game or an item that grant you points at the end, for less combat driven (but not excluding it) game approach.

I think those abilities should be narrowed to only one card slot – not only giving that card slot its own IDENTITY – but also limiting possibilities for one player to hoard many of those cards and score several separate things. This way a player will have to choose which thing he would like to collect.

Example of in game ability that already nails this concept perfectly, is no doubt:

Ring of Engorging
- At the end of combat, you may take the [Fame] reward from 1 Minion as [Food]. At end of the game, each of your [Food] is worth 1 [Fame].

This is perfect as it is and fulfills this role perfectly! It grants you victory points for collecting/doing, something that otherwise would be pointless and simultaneously helps you fulfill this task! BRILLIANT!

I very much would like more cards like this in relic deck. I think that would be perfect counterbalance for overpowered combat focus equipment cards

Okay, but what other things a player could collect, to receive scoring for at the end of the game?

I think collecting SOLDIER, TRICKSTER, and WANDERER cards might be a good start. Perfect starting point would be “Guild Ring”

Guild Ring - Gain (1 EFFORT) at the start of your turn. This card is worth 1 [Fame] for each different type of card in your deck.

Please forgive me lack of naming prowess at this point but with proper research I’m certain that a in game equipment with matching theme can be found.

- When you are buying WANDERER cards, cost is reduced by (1 EFFORT). This card is worth 2 [Fame] for each WANDERER card in your deck.

TAROT CARDS - When you are buying TRICKSTER cards, cost is reduced by (1 EFFORT). This card is worth 2 [Fame] for each TRICKSTER card in your deck.

- When you are buying SOLDIER cards, cost is reduced by (1 EFFORT). This card is worth 2 [Fame] for each SOLDIER card in your deck.

Also with minor adjustment “Ring Of Punishment” can be adapted to fulfil similar role.

- Gain 1 [Token] any time you draw a Pain card. At end of the game, each of your [Shard] is worth 1 [Fame].

Next there could be something rewarding for the remaining health player has:

RING OF SURVIVALWhen you die destroy this card instead of discarding it. Once per turn, Reduce the [Health] you lose from a pain card by 1, if you discard 2 cards. At end of the game, each of your remaining [Health] points is worth 2 [Fame].

On top of that since all of those cards are supposed to be in the relic deck they should be worth standard 4 fame each but rather “4+*”

Those are a few examples but the main idea is a strong one and I think worth considering!

Finally not exactly a role per say but a feature worth noticing at the very least!

Relic deck is more reliable – you have higher chance of drawing a card from 17-20 deck than from 100+ cards deck. – 5 times more to be exact! That is a huge boost to the reliability! So if there are cards that help “fix the game” or have very limited usages dependent on the game progression then those cards SHOULD BE RELICS. Perfect example here is “Innocence” which while not overly powerful can help no doubt by revealing hidden information, but despite that it has VERY LIMITED USAGE. To exactly two times per game. Even though this card requires some additional power boosts, it still belongs in the relic deck because it is more likely it will be drawn in a crucial moment and used right away. I figured this is one of the less obvious features of relic deck which can be taken into account while – hopefully – compiling new set of relic deck.

That is it for now. If requested I can compile list of cards that In my opinion should be a part of relic deck.

Bellow I've prepared a poll regarding relic deck and topics that I have described. if you have time please leave your answers Im curious what the community think about relic deck. That might help the creators as well

Poll: Opinion Pole regarding relic deck
This poll is intended to check general opinion about Relic Deck from Hand of Fate: Ordeals Board Game.
What do you think of current version of RELIC DECK?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
It is fine! You are exaggerating things!
0.0% 0
It is generally ok, some cards could use some work though.
0.0% 0
It has its flaws, but not as severe as you are picturing them
0.0% 0
Something bothers me about it, can't quite tell what...
0.0% 0
Now when you mentioned it, I see its shortcomings.
66.7% 2
I don't like it, it needs total rework!
0.0% 0
33.3% 1
Voters 3
What do You think about "used to be Blessing" cards in relic deck?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
I like them! leave them be!
0.0% 0
They don't bother me there.
0.0% 0
I'd like to see them in separate blessing dedicated deck.
50.0% 1
They are not bad, some might be stronger though.
0.0% 0
I don't like them. Do something about them.
50.0% 1
They are horrible! Get rid of them!
0.0% 0
Voters 2
Do you think cards in Relic deck are too weak overall?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Too weak?! They are too powerful! Please nerf!
0.0% 0
Most cards are strong or too strong - few are too weak.
0.0% 0
Roughly half is strong and half is too weak.
0.0% 0
Most cards are too weak - few are strong or too strong.
100.0% 2
Yes the relic deck overall is too weak.
0.0% 0
Relic deck is balanced properly overall.
0.0% 0
Relic deck works for the most part, need only some polishing.
0.0% 0
Voters 2
Do you think cards in RELIC DECK should be stronger than those in Dealer's deck?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Yes. Relic Deck should be stupid powerful - as overpowered as possible!
0.0% 0
Yes. Cards in relic deck should be generally stronger.
50.0% 1
Cards in relic deck should be slightly stronger than those in dealer's deck, not to affect balance.
50.0% 1
I would like them to be on par with dealer's deck in terms of power, so that getting one does not win you a game.
0.0% 0
Cards in relic deck should be slightly weaker than those in dealer's deck.
0.0% 0
Those are too easily acquirable they have to be clearly weaker.
0.0% 0
Voters 2
What do you think about additional end game scoring possibilities, introduced to the game through RELIC DECK?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
That is a great idea! I like it very much!
50.0% 1
That sounds interesting, worth giving it a shot.
50.0% 1
It can be there, but I don't mind if it isn't.
0.0% 0
Why complicate the game even further, if it works?
0.0% 0
Game doesn't need any more scoring options, VP are well balanced.
0.0% 0
I don't like the idea.
0.0% 0
Voters 2
Do you mind the fact that RELIC DECK is predominated by trinket cards?
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Naaah, I like The trinkets! The more the better!
0.0% 0
True, there are many of them, but I don't mind.
0.0% 0
The balance of cards (including trinkets) is good overall in relic deck.
0.0% 0
Well actually I do mind. I find there is too many of them.
100.0% 2
I draw only trinkets all the time! Please do something about it!
0.0% 0
Voters 2
This poll is now closed.   3 answers
Poll created by Kapitan Chrum
Closes: Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:00 am

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