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Subject: Hard modification for campaing mode rss

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Hello to all, I am going to put some variants that I am proving, sorry for my English, but it is not my native language.

1. Adjustment in difficulty of the dungeon
1.1. Dungeon level

Each dungeon maintains the same level in all or half of the dungeon tiles as required, an initial dungeon will be level 1 exclusive, and the next level, level 1 half and level 2 half, for Lengthen the campaign.

1.2. Minions increase

According to the level of the dungeon, the number of enemies is greater in addition to its increase of strength, this is represented by adding 1 henchman each ½ level rounding down, this applies to bosses as agents.

1.3 Increased damage by henchmen:

Do not defeat the quick henchmen adds extra difficulty, every 2 live henchmen adds a sword to the roll of the boss or agent.

1.4 The Agents:
The agents may leave with a henchman as described in section 1.2, but have the following limitations:

• The minion is below the current level of the dungeon
• It is the same race as the agent
• They do not have additional equipment
• Attack independent of agent
• The agent can not be attacked while there are henchmen or these are not stunned
• The agent increases his attack as described in section 1.3

1.5 Hidden objects:

In the course of the dungeon, situations can arise in which an additional treasure is found or an alarm has been skipped.

Note: for this it is necessary to paint one of the chest tiles to differentiate it from the rest to be used as an alarm, another option is if you have a similar game (zombicide or others) use their markers and decide which is the trap and which is the treasure.

To do this, use "?" face chests to hide your drawing, select a chest marked as a trap, a special chest, and add as many normal boxes as +1 tiles are needed.

Shuffle the tiles and without looking, place one on each tile, keeping, without being seen, the last one.

These markers are activated when the hero passes by performing the following events:

Normal tab: nothing happens
Signed: Trap !! Grab a door card and place the guard as appropriate as if a room was but ignoring the vaults
Special Chest Tab: Spend a full action to take it, you get a +2 level team (ignore trap cards, double treasure and lucky)

1.6 Events:
In level 1 dungeon, ignore any event card that involves roaming a monster, instead apply the effect with a save card; If the event implies that a guard card is issued, if there are some alive, the guards obtain an additional activation, if there is not one alive, apply the letter normally.

1.7 Roaming monster:

The team assigned to roaming monster is higher than the lower level of the dungeon. (Nde2)

2. Heroes
2.1 Transmutations

In this campaign mode, the transmutation, is exclusive of the character that can do them (with the exception that instead of needing 2 cards, are 3 cards). The rest of heroes can not transmute during the course of the campaign.

2.2 Hero Level and Weapon Level

By restricting the use of transmutation and other effects that accelerate exponentially the group, heroes are not limited to the use of weapons of superior level to them, being able to take them from one mission to the next one.
The increase of hero level is used the system of mini experience.

2.3 Mission failed
The points of experience are not lost but the heroes lose all equipment acquired, can only be equipped with a weapon and armor from a level below current or level 1

2.4 Artifacts
The power that imbues an artifact sometimes has repercussions, throws a red die and follows the following rules (performs this operation once per dungeon).
White score: no penalty
1 sword: makes a wound when passing through an area of ​​light
1 critical: reduce your life by 1
1 diamond: -3 defense (shields)

Spoiler (click to reveal)
it's not necessary more penalty, adding this, the artifacts is useless

Each artifact assigns 5 life points, at the end of the activation phase, rolls a green die, with an empty face, removes a life point from the artifact. By the time the artifact reaches 0, the artifact is irreparably destroyed.
Damaged artifacts can be repaired by spending "4" for each life point in the village or trading area.

3. Trade
The value of the team is half rounded down, with that value, you can buy other available treasures or gain experience points (the latter only once per dungeon).

Unlike the normal campaign mode, in this mode, the available equipment that comes out in the store is by dice roll and according to the spades they go out in them:

3 yellow dies for current level equipment
2 yellow dice for a higher level
1 yellow die for two upper levels

(*) The current level refers to the highest level of the dungeon, not to the position of the boxes

Thank you all, please help prove it

The original text in spanish its in
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