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Subject: Taking down Chokepoint again rss

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Arthur Williams
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Advanced Chokepoint [70] in the Temple of Zhu Long, vs. Redeemer Fanatic [31], Horus Ra [29], GI Bunker [27] and Prime Wardens Tempest [27].

Setup: Fanatic draws Zealous Offense, End of Days, Sacrosanct Martyr, and Holy Nova. Ra starts with Inferno x2, Solar Flare and Drawn to the Flame. Bunker has Decommissioned Hardware, Ammo Drop, Omni-Cannon and Upgrade Mode, and Tempest gets Aquatic Correspondence, Ball Lightning x2, and Otherworldly Resilience.

Villain 1: Chokepoint plays Ireful Grasp, dealing 4 to Bunker and 3 to each other hero [28/26/23/24]. Deals 3 more damage to Fanatic [25], and Bunker gives her his DecommWare.

Fanatic 1: Plays Holy Nova [Chokepoint 69, heroes 26/27/24/25]. Redeems [27], draws Chastise and Embolden.

Ra 1: Plays Inferno [Chokepoint 66]. Summon Staff draws Excavation, Summon Staff and Flame Barrier, discards Inferno and Drawn to the Flame. Draws another Summon Staff.

Bunker 1: Plays Upgrade Mode into Ammo Drop. Draws Ammo Drop.

Tempest 1: Talks to the fish to draw two Vicious Cyclones flanking a Grevious Hail Storm. Activates Arc of Power, laying down Otherworldly Resilience and then taking 2 [23]. Draws Chain Lightning.

Enviro 1: Apprentice Poisoner [3] enters play. She hits Tempest without effect while damaging Bunker [23], and Ra takes the next hit [26] because he doesn’t want to be blasted by Chokepoint until after he gets Flame Barrier down.

Villain 2: Empowered Self-Repair heals her to full [70]; she kills the Poisoner with no additional healing, and only then do I think she takes the 1 from her death effect [69], while all the heroes except Tempest are hit [Fanatic 26, Ra 25, Bunker 22]. Fanatic is blasted for 3 [23], and Tempest surrenders a Cyclone to the face-down supply.

Fanatic 2: Emboldens Tempest. Heals [24], draws Aegis of Resurrection and Final Dive.

Ra 2: Summon Staff draws Summon Staff, which draws Solar Flare, and the third Summon Staff draws Fire Blast before playing Flame Barrier. Sunrise draws Wrathful Gaze, Inferno and Flame Barrier; Wrathful Gaze and Excavation are discarded. Draws Imbued Fire.

Bunker 2: Stays in Upgrade Mode, but plays nothing and draws Grenade Launcher and Turret Mode.

Tempest 2: Plays Grevious Hail Storm. Activates it for 2 damage to CP [67], then uses Arc of Power, playing Ball Lightning for another 4 [63] while taking 2 damage from the Temple [21]. Takes 1 damage from Fanatic to stay Emboldened [20] and draws Flash Flood.

Environment 2: Mysterious Ceremonies enter play. Ra plays a Solar Flare with their aid.

Villain 3: Newfound Power plays Augmented Energy Field. Heroes surrender Zealous Offense, the duplicate Flame Barrier, the useless duplicate Ammo Drop, and sadly another Cyclone (Tempest’s only remaining choice) to empower her upcoming flip. Blasts Ra for 3 [22], and he blasts her back for the same net damage [60]. He also gives her an Inferno from his hand.

Fanatic 3: Chooses to play no card. Redeems [25] and draws two Brutal Censures; where were those a moment ago?

Ra 3: Plays the Staff of Ra [25], and is sad that he can’t add Solar Flare to its damage when he breaks it over Chokepoint’s head [57]. Drops the Solar Flare and draws another Imbued Fire.

Bunker 3: Draws Heavy Plating and Grenade Launcher.

Tempest 3: Ball Lightning deals 3 to Chokepoint [54], then destroys the Energy Field. Activates both powers, dealing 2 to Chokepoint with Grevious Hail Storm [52], and 4 more with a Chain Lightning [48] which also deals him 2 [18]. On the advice of his Emboldener, doesn’t waste another HP holding onto that. Draws Cleansing Downpour.

Enviro 3: The Ceremonies summon the Master of the Temple. The True Form enters play [13], dealing 2 net damage to everyone except Tempest [CP 46, Fanatic 23, Ra 23, Bunker 20]. Ra’s Flame Barrier retaliates for 2 against the dragon [11], then Fanatic takes the terrible brunt of his attack [17]; in the middle of this, Ra puts down another Solar Flare.

Villain 4: FLIP! Plays Harvest the Mighty; it targets the hero with the most cards in play, and every hero other than Fanatic is tied here; Bunker would take extra nemesis damage and Ra wants both his cards, so Tempest takes 3 [15] and loses his Hail Storm. Breaks Fanatic’s one card, dealing 6 total damage to Ra [19], and taking 3 damage back [43].

Fanatic 4: Plays End of Days. Heals [18], drawing Smite The Transgressor and Absolution.

Ra 4: Does a Flame Blast for a total of 6 net damage [37]. Sunrise draws two Flame Spikes with a Blazing Tornado between, and discards an Imbued Fire and a Staff of Ra. Draws Living Conflagration and dumps the Solar Flare.

Bunker 4: Drops Upgrade Mode, skips card play, and would activate Panzer-Buster if there was any point, but Tempest has no cards worht playing, so he just draws Auxillary Power Source and Recharge Mode.

Tempest 4: Draws Reclaim from the Deep and Shielding Winds.

Enviro 4: The days end; the Rites of Revival begin.

Villain 5: UNFLIP. Harvest the Mighty is played, and Fanatic volunteers to take the hit [14]. Sadly, nothing can be done to stop CP’s innate from dealing nemesis damage to Bunker [16]. Fanatic has 8 cards in hand, while Ra and Bunker have only 6 and 7, so she gives CP a Chastise.

Fanatic 5: Plays Absolution [15] and stabs Chokepoint with it [34]. Draws Holy Nova.

Ra 5: Imbued Fire enters play. Sunrise draws Flesh of the Sun God, Scorched Earth, and Excavation, discarding the Flesh and Blazing Tornado. Draws Summon Staff.

Bunker 5: Grenade Launcher comes down and blasts CP for 4 fire [30]. Draws Maintenance Unit.

Tempest 5: Plays and activates Cleansing Downpour [Fanatic 16, Ra 21, Bunker 18, Tempest 17]. Draws more Otherworldly Resilience.

Enviro 5: Apprentice Poisoner [3] practices on everyone but Ra [Fanatic 15, Bunker 17, Tempest 16].

Villain 6: Again eats the Poisoner with Empowered Self-Repair, and this time gets the full 15 healing from doing it, while doing 1 damage to everyone [CP 44, Fanatic 14, Ra 20, Bunker 16, Tempest 15]. Blasts Ra for 3 [17] and steals Fanatic’s Sacrosanct Martyr.

Fanatic 6: Plays Smite the Transgressor, hitting CP for 3 fire [41] and then 4 more fire with Absolution [37], while still being free to Redeem [15], drawing Divine Focus and Consecrated Ground.

Ra 6: Summon Staff searches out the final Staff, then draws Flesh of the Sun God. Tired of Sunrising, he plays Living Conflagration for 3 fire [34] and then 2 more as a power [32], drawing Wrathful Gaze and Fire Blast.

Bunker 6: Puts out Heavy Plating, then blasts Chokepoint for 4 more nemesis fire damage [28]. Draws yet another Grenade Launcher instead of the Flak Cannon he needs.

Tempest 6: Plays Otherworldly Resistance, then activates Arc of Power [13] to play Reclaim From The Deep, getting Talk To Fish into his hand while the other players put Smite the Transgressor and Fire Blast onto their decks (Bunker declines to get back any of the four crappy cards in his trash). Draws Gene-Bound Shackles.

Enviro 6: Resurrection Ritual enters play.

Villain 7: Plays Material Upheaval, dealing 1 projectile to Tempest [12] and 2 to each other hero [Fanatic 13, Ra 15, Bunker 14] as Bunker’s plating counteracts nemesis. Absolution and Heavy Plating are stolen (despite Bunker’s many duplicates of the Grenade Launcher, he wants to be free to play a second gun and then Turret Mode without any delays). Deals 3 more damage to Ra [12] Ra gives her a Wrathful Gaze, though not quite in the way he would have preferred to.

Fanatic 7: Plays Divine Focus. Uses Redeem [14] to draw TWO copies of Smite the Transgressor (only one of which was arranged), now that she doesn’t actually have a second power to use.

Ra 7: Fanatic discards Holy Nova to deal 3 fire to Chokepoint [25]. Ra plays his Staff [15], then deals 3 fire damage with the Conflagration [22] and draws Fire Blast and Blazing Tornado.

Bunker 7: Fanatic discards her Aegis to deal 3 [19]. Bunker puts down Omni-Cannon, then fires Grenade Launcher for 4 [15]. Draws External Combustion.

Tempest 7: I forgot to have Fanatic discard before Tempest could talk to the fish again, drawing Localized Hurricane, Electrical Storm, and Lightning Slash. Activates Arc of Power, playing Gene-Bound Shackles and taking 2 [10], then playing Lightning Slash and taking 2 [8], and dealing 7 to Chokepoint [8]. You see why it would qualify as cheating if I went back and did Divine Focus after seeing that Lightning Slash coming up. Tempest draws the Elemental Subwave Inducer that I wanted a long time ago (but would have long since lost; it’s just too dam hard to get the mileage out of this theoretically-cool card).

Enviro 7: Fanatic discards Final Dive to roast Chokepoint again [5]. Mysterious Ceremonies enters play, and Ra blows Chokepoint away before she can get an eighth turn.
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