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As night settled in on the Normandy coast, weary troops from both sides hoped for a brief respite from the chaos that began very early in the day. The Germans were starting to have concerns over the sheer numbers of units pouring off the beaches and there was still doubt as to whether this was the full invasion force. The Allies were happy to have created small beachheads on Juno and Gold, but they were behind schedule on objectives and each beach still had one defensive position that would simply not give up.

A Juno beach, a nearby Allied unit made its way to the lost Royal Marine Commandos and Organic Artillery company on the beach (see previous AAR), pointed South, and told them to get the h*** off the beach. Troops continued to move inland and all nearby German units were now engaged at close quarters (adjacent hexes). With much less chance of success inflicting casualties in the darkness, both sides generally withheld offensive actions and instead rallied their troops, as night is the only time you can remove a cohesion hit in an enemy fire zone. The Allies set up an Artillery Park, just inland from the beach: 2 companies of Sextons were readying their 25 pounder howitzers (87.6mm) for targets up the road.

At Gold beach, things were also generally quiet with commanders rallying their troops. Casualties were very minimal.

With the Allies unable to use Formation chits at night, no Naval chit in play and no Allied air strikes allowed, it was an eerily quiet turn; as both sides prepared for what would most likely be (based on the stack of formation chits sitting on the 0700 June 7th turn chart) a very busy morning.

Status at the end of the Night, June 6th turn:

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