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Band of Brothers Scenario E7
Shooting Arrows at Ghosts
La Coucorde, France 24 August 1944

Requires Screaming Eagles, Ghost Panzer and Texas Arrows

Turn 1. The US units push forward through the forest. They need to take buildings around the intersection in the town on the left. The US loses 1 M4A3, the Germans their 75mm ATG.

Turn 2. The US lose the M10 to German arty. The US forces continue to push forward.

Turn 3. The US armor moves around the German right flank on to the edge of town, while the infantry continues to probe forward.

Turn 4. Using a CP, the Germans call arty in on advancing US infantry. One US AT squad is eliminated and one squad reduced. Germans lose 1 squad and a Mk IV attempting to move in to the town. The German Panther and Mk IIIj move close to the MG42 on the hill. The other Mk IV and the Stug along with the other infantry move close to the south edge of town. Two US M4A3s are isolated on the north end of town.

Turn 5. German arty suppresses two squads, US get no arty. The US ATG destroys the Mk IIIj. The MG42 (really a pain on that hill) eliminates a squad. The Mk IV destroys an M4.

The Germans have an upgunned halftrack on the US right with 5 squads and a MG42. The Germans still hold the town and have a Panther and the MG42 on the US left.

Turn 6. German arty reduces a US squad and suppresses 3 more. The US arty reduces 2 squads and a MG42. The Germans consolidate inside the town around the objective.

Turn 7. US arty reduces 2 more German squads. M4A3 destroys the Stug and the Mk IV returns the favors destroying the M4105. The Panther destroys an M4A3.

Turn 8. The US has 11 full strength squads left and one M4A3. The Germans have 10 full strength squads, a Panther, Mk IV and an upgunned halftrack. The Mk IV destroys the US squad gets eliminated in the open.

Turn 9. US arty destroys the Mk IV.

Turn 10. Germans get no arty. US arty eliminates a German squad, suppresses 1 and reduces another. 2 US squads move in to a house with a reduced German squad. A German squad follows suit. Germans lose both squads, but, both US squads are reduced. Victory requires taking all four objective buildings near the crossroads and having 8 full units. The US only has 7 full strength squads. Victory for the Germans. The chances of continuing just to see if the US could take the objective are mute. The Germans had the US funneled in and they would have had to continue in piecemeal. The end result was academic at this point.

The Germans almost withdrew the MG42 off the hill to the south and east of the town. In keeping the MG there and reinforcing it with the Panther, it created a problem for the US for res moving towards the town. Great scenario.
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