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The Game Baby
United States
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I am The Game Baby. I love games. Especially games with little pieces and bright colors. Not as much as I love games with COINS, but little pieces are pretty good too. Especially if you taste them.

For more of my reviews, check out The Game Baby Reviews...

Today I am doing my reviewing about a game called Kingdomino. This is a good game because it has some little pieces and bright colors.

Kingdomino has a whole bunch of rectangles that I got to punch out just like how you punch out COINS. One half of the rectangle is one color and the other half is a different color, except for when it’s not. I’m very good at the BLUE and YEYYOW and GEEN colors. BYACK and YUCKY MUD are harder. The rectangles are thick and strong and so shiny you can get spit on them and it comes right off. I tried it just to be sure. Over and over. The rectangles have different numbers on the back but as far as I’m concerned they’re all numbers between one and 10.

It also has some little people and there are eight of them but each one has a matcher so really there are only four if you don’t count the matcher. They’re really good for matching if you’re good at matching like me. They taste like wood and are bumpy on the edges.

This little king needs a matcher

A matcher!

The box isn’t too big and holds the rectangles while you play and also doesn’t hold them when I take them out. There are rules but you only need two of the pages. I can teach you the game because I'm so good at it.

There are some little castles that your big brother has to build and a little green square for them to sit on but really you just need the green square while I take your castle apart. Big brother noticed that each little green square has a different color flower.

Here's all the neat stuff

Get your little person and then find their matcher. GOOD JOB WE DID IT!

If you still want to keep playing then put your little castle on your little green square and then let me take your castle apart.

Put the right number of rectangles in the box and let me play with the rest. I need to taste them all to be sure they taste the way they did last time I tasted them. Take out four rectangles and put them in order of little number to bigger number, then you get everyone’s matcher and shake them up and put them next to the rectangles. I think. I’m busy taking castles apart right now.

I can handle whatever you want to throw at me

When you play the game you just do the same thing as when you started but over and over and over again. If you got a lower number rectangle which is not as good then you get to choose first and can take a better rectangle next time. The better rectangles have more KING CROWNS on them but they forgot to make SCEPTERS like Max has in the Max book where they do the wild rumpus. Max is the KING of the wild things.

Crowns, not scepters

When you get a rectangle you match it with your other rectangles. If you can’t match part of it you have to give it to me to play with. You can’t make matches more than ONE TWOOO FREE FOUR FIIII squares in any direction and if you messed up and made it too big then you have to give it to me to play with. If you just want to, you can give it to me to play with.

After all the rectangles are gone you count your matchers and then Daddy does his math with the crowns and says GAME BABY YOU WIN KINGDOMINO.

If you wanted to change my diaper during Kingdomino you could but you better be fast because while we’re gone everyone will be waiting waiting waiting. There’s nothing to do or think while you’re waiting because you need everyone there to decide what rectangle goes next. Change my diaper before you start playing.

You go change my diaper. I'll stay here and pull the next rectangle

The kings are tasty. The rectangles are tasty but everyone says NO NO NO TOO SMALL. The castle pieces are too bumpy for mouths. I could swallow them if I really wanted to but mostly just the little kings fit down Game Baby mouths.

Kingdomino is not boring because someone is always taking a rectangle and no one is waiting. Mommy and Daddy playing only takes a few minutes and when everyone plays it still only takes a few minutes unless someone is changing my diaper.

Everyone always likes to play Kingdomino because you get to choose things but it’s not too hard to choose but you also get to take the rectangle that someone else wants. Big brother wants to be the king of mud and big sister wants a pretty kingdom that matches everywhere. I like when everyone is all done with their math and I can help put new rectangles in the box. A bag would be better though.

There's only one King Of The Mud and his name is me!

NINE little kings out of ten. Kingdomino is the best game for everyone to let me help with because I can sit on everyone’s lap and they still have fun and they all smile while I play with the extra rectangles.

King of kings
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Aargh Zombies
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This is exactly the type of review I was looking for, Thank you!
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