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Subject: An easier, shorter, 10 spawn point play variant, using terrain! rss

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julian hoddy
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Here’s another of my attempts at making this game a little more forgiving, especially when using only two Heroes. You can make a bunch of mistakes (like me) but the game still plays great and is exciting to the end. It’s also shorter to play should you fancy a quick blast.

I have changed the monster movement and the cover mechanic to make better use of the terrain. I feel the terrain is woefully under utilised in the normal game. Now you can strategically use that cover or difficult terrain to your advantage!

I have also reduced the number of spawn points. This adds more randomness to the sectors, and opens up the field a little bit too. I’ve also changed the dreaded ambush event too. Apart from the below, all rules stay the same.

Reduced Spawn points
• Place all spawn points out as normal. Roll the D12 twice to remove two spawn points off the board. You now only have 10 points on the board, so if you roll one of these while playing, just reroll.
• Alternatively, remove spawn points 11 and 12 and substitute the D12 with a D10 if you have one to hand.
Event deck
• Reduce the event deck by 2 cards to correspond to the reduced spawn points. Your full Recon deck will now only have 10 cards in total.
Monster movement / Difficult terrain
• Difficult terrain affects monsters too. Monsters will attack the nearest target first, followed by the highest player in turn order, or lead hero.
• If the monster doesn’t have enough movement points to enter the difficult terrain, it stops.
• Monsters will always take the most direct route to their target, but it will go around difficult terrain if there is a shorter route to this target. If the monster cannot reach its primary target, but can reach another target, it will do so. Basically, you choose the optimal attack route for each monster, and no cheating!
• A monster with only 1 base movement point can always move at least 1 space through difficult terrain - difficult terrain only slows the base movement of faster moving monsters.
• If an extra movement is rolled on the monster dice a monster can't move into difficult terrain (as this requires 2 movement points). It could always take a route around this though, if it can. The monster may move into difficult terrain if it rolls an extra movement AND has 1 base movement left.
• You still get the cover bonus if you fight a monster in your space with cover - monsters don’t get this bonus as they’re too dumb to use cover in a close combat fight. Get to that cover if you can!!
• Monsters still get a cover bonus when you need to target them in an adjacent space with a ranged attack – they’re skulking towards you through a house, rubble, hiding etc
• Monsters will always roll a minimum of 1 die even if you have a cover bonus (e.g. Bone fetch)
• Roll to see if you’re ambushed – there’s now a 50% chance to be surprised. Roll a D12 and on 1-6 you’re ambushed. You can still negate being ambushed by discarding a card(s). Each card(s) add +1 your roll - Be careful though as you’ll most probably be attacked again in the monster phase, unless someone has a reaction to play!
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