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POLL: Get Involved: What Elements Would You Add To A Dungeon Crawl In Space?

Our Premier Game (Ghost Ship the Card Game) has been developed, play-tested, presented at cons and Un-Pubs, and re-worked since early 2015; her initial scheduled launch in Oct 2016 was delayed an additional year until Oct 1 of this year.
Being completely honest, the "final version" of the Ghost Ship rule book includes virtually ALL of the below features and mechanics.
We have currently written "Rulz Version 12".
I have come to the Community today to gauge player interest in themes, player-abilities, and die mechanics that we already have incorporated into this middle-weight Ameri-Treasure (AmeriLootz in Ghost Ship Sprac).
As Game Designers are apt to say, the design is NEVER "Done." Changes, errata, additions, and new expansions are all still possible.

This is slightly more complicated (Complexated) than it sounds. Our true innovation is that Ghost Ship is more than simply a card game. The Card Game, the first Evolution of the game, is total, complete, and playable all by itself, GSCG incorporates cards and dice.
Evolution Two is the Travel Version, incorporating a small matt board to assist in keeping track of where players are in the Ghost Ship, GSTV makes the game more physical and visceral.
Evolution Three is the Deluxe Board Game (GSBG) adding custom minis, MANY play elements such as Side Missions, Trouble (that affects everyone), Traitor play, and Achievements, as well as multiple types of combat, and range and movement speed. GSBG plays 1-8, and our first planned expansion (Expansionizm) adds a 9th player slot!
What Themes and General Mechanisms Would You Like to See on a Dungeon Crawl in Space?
Choose All that you'd like to see.
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
30.4% 7
65.2% 15
73.9% 17
13.0% 3
Card-Affected Die-Rolls
52.2% 12
A Licensed I.P. Tie In (Such as being set in the Firefly Universe)
4.3% 1
Voters 23
Which Player Choices Would You Like to Have in the Dungeon Crawl In Space?
Choose All That Appeal to You.
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Ability to Assist Other Players in Combat
76.0% 19
Ability to Help Other Players OUTSIDE of Combat; Heal Other Players, or Fix their Gear, Spacesuits, Weaponry
84.0% 21
Ability to Choose Whether or not to Become a Traitor (rather than just having the game tell you "Hey, you're a Cylon!")
16.0% 4
Having a Hand of Multi-Purpose Fight Add Cards You Can Choose to Use, and Choose How to Use, to Determine Combat Outcome
68.0% 17
Having a Die Roll to Determine Combat Outcome
40.0% 10
Having Comparative Skills and Character Powers Determine Combat Outcome
56.0% 14
Voters 25
What Actual Die Mechanics Would You Like to Use/See in a Dungeon Crawl in Space?
Choose All That You Like.
  Your Answer   Vote Percent Vote Count
Push-Your-Luck (re-roll at your own risk of rolling lower, first roll is lost)
58.3% 14
Character Powers-Based Die Re-Rolls on Low Results (the Power to re-roll all 1s, or 1s and 2s)
54.2% 13
Roll-2/Use Highest Roll
20.8% 5
Built-in Bonuses (roll d6+2)
33.3% 8
EXPLODING Die Rolls (d6 Explodes on 6; re-roll and add)
62.5% 15
Spend (or Check) Stat to Re-Roll (allowed a re-roll if Agility is 8+)
41.7% 10
Spend Hand Card (Add Cards) to Re-Roll
62.5% 15
Voters 24
This poll is now closed.   25 answers
Poll created by SageDyssan
Closes: Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:00 am
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Max dErembourg
United States
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Thank you all for your input.
I wanted to stay out of it until the poll ended, which I for some reason thought was last night =}

On the topic of Firefly licensing, I have reached out to Corbis (rights attorneys). I understand the costs and percentages involved, and also the potential benefits. As Ghost Ship was originally conceived of as an independent game, it stands alone...but being able to shape a few of the elements into the FF ‘verse would add even more to the theme (we’d shift the “Stun Baton” to the “Chain of Command,” the “Blaize” to the “Lasiter,” and “Xom-Bs” to “Reavers.”) Also, even with recent entries into the FF board-game ‘verse, GS would be unique in allowing players to BE AN INDIVIDUAL PERSON in the FF ‘verse, in the case of the Deluxe Game complete with a custom mini and all.

But for now I’m off to work again; yes, even on Sunday! You can see now why I so badly need to get (Back) into the gaming business once again. Though I’ve been out since the 80s, I have always still gamed, and have been practicing in very related fields (writing SF, film-making, even got a certificate in Game Design as part of my Multimedia degree in ‘99).
Some of you may have played CONQUEST the PBM in the 80s (some of your parents?=).
Fortunately, the nature of my current job is such that I can actually listen to all those lovely games and gaming businesses (and KS) pod-casts over and over again...literally dozens of them.
Be seeing you again after work or Monday night.
Thanks again.

Maximillian d’Erembourg (Sage Dyssan, the Blue Wizard)
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