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CoH FF 10 Bug River

Will see how the counterattack at the Bug goes. With the Germans having some small hills on the left? The Russians are going to push units to the center, cleave the Germans in two and then try to roll up the flanks of both halves from there.

Turn 1. The Germans the Russians a little too far forward and paid for it with German machine guns and mortars taking out a truck, MMG and ATG. The Germans managed to maneuver towards the center as well. Should get dicey next turn.

Turn 2.... the Russians hit hard and early...1 shot on the German ATG on their left eliminated it...the other had a spent card played on it....the Russian mortars then eliminated a German squad and the Russian flame T-26 killed the German 80 top off the round, while enroute to bring the other German ATG from the right, stacked Russian infantry destroyed the transporting truck. Going in to turn three the Germans still hold all the bunkers, but losses are mounting and the combined Russian force is assembled and ready to move forward en masse.

Turn 3, the Russian T-26 flamethrower Tank killed the German 75mm, a LMG and a squad. The German HMG was killed with one mortar shot. Three bunkers were still German occupied however.

Turn 4. The only Russian arty barrage hit its own troops and killed a squad and destroyed some trenches. The Russian T-26 flame tank was knocked out by long range ATG fire. The German 50 mortar then killed a Russian squad and hit two more. Russian infantry then group attacked and killed the remaining German ATG. A German LMG then killed another Russian squad. The Russian superiority in numbers had been chopped up by German fire. At the end of turn 4, the German position, though it had lost one bunker, was still strong on the left, but tenuous on the right.

Turn 5 was a disaster for the Russians. A battlefield confusion card played by the Germans spent their T-26, with not enough CP to activate it. The Russian infantry could not attack any bunker in enough strength to take them with the Germans still having 3 LMGs. Adding insult to injury, the German 50 mortar killed the Russian MMG. The tactic of going en masse in to the German center started off well enough, but the massing of force also made it vulnerable to German LMG and mortar fire, making up for the early loss of German heavy weapons. A lopsided German victory by VP, but was closer until late turn 4. In this instance, the German advance from the River Bug will continue.
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