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Firefight 16 Belbek Valley June 6 1942 near Sevastopol.

I sat down with this one, wanting to play through what I believe is an often ignored battle, that of Sevastopol and the surrounding area. The setup was more favored towards the defender, with the Russians having bunkers and mortars on the hills with good fields of fire.

Turn 1. However, in the Russian set up I failed to account for long range fire. The German Pzr III got consecutive hits and the lone Russian AT weapon (Zis 30) was gone. The Germans mortars hit the Russian bunkers with plenty of smoke and the infantry/LMG/pioneers moved up. Didn't feel real comfortable with the German advance. Even though with the use of CAPs they did cover a lot of ground, the Germans were bunched up and made for a juicy target.

Turn 2. Germans had the initiative and took 3 Russian CAPs with a sniper. The Germans then moved through the road block, but were stopped by the Russian units in front of the objective hill. The Germans did get to the bunker on the smaller hill for a close assault, but couldn't root out the Russians this turn.

Turn 3. The Russians put up a good fight, but lost the bunker on the smaller hill. The Russians behind the road block took a toll on the Germans there, but were also eliminated.

Turn 4. The depleted Russians still hold the bunker on the objective hill and the objective. The Germans, having taken substantial losses themselves, still have the Pzr III and both pioneer squads. The Russians move in to the bunker and the trench on the objective hill, seeking as much cover as they can while leaving screening squads on the flanks.

Turn 5. The Germans conduct an assault of annihilation. The Russians, hemmed in from all sides, simply do not have enough. The Germans , instead of close assaulting one unit at a time, move off the bunker and short range fire the Russians out of existence, while moving on the objective at the same time.

The result was a 16-7 VP margin and total German victory.
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