Scott Blanchett

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Combat Commander Scenario 28 No Ingouf Around

North of Carentan, June 10, 1944

Turn 0. German arty request jams radio-next daw, Time Check.

Turn 1. Germans move Cot Wehling group to the right and the US move forward in to the orchard.

Turn 2. Germans call for close arty and it drifts down on the Lt Lauerbach's group, breaking it. US also get an air support event and break a German squad and team. But the move in to the orchard has been disastrous, the German HMG group broke the US squads in the orchard, eliminating one. Sniper events are common, and the US lose another squad to snipers. The Germans get both the German hero and Pvt Herzog. The US can't catch any breaks on rolls.

Turn 3. Nothing of note, quick Time Check.

Turn 4. German arty eliminates another US squad and a sniper get Lt Esparza. Cpt Wehling's HMG group fires and finishes off the US HMG in the orchard. Lt Lauerbach group assaults and melees with US remnants in the orchard. The US is eliminated in the orchard.

Turn 5. US HMG in the farmhouse jams. Quick Time Check.

Turn 6. Sniper roll fixes US HMG. German mortar group moves closer to fire on the farmhouse.

Turn 7. The German mortar takes heavy fire from the US troops in the farm. They are unable to move and are all eliminated.

Turn 8. The Germans take advantage of the smoke the US had layed in the farmhouse. Smoke can be a double edged sword. They assault the farm and push extra squads in to the assault. The resulting melee eliminates the US troops and the Germans take the farm and push the US losses past the surrender mark.

This was another great CC game. The Germans had a tough nut to crack, but the US blundered. Moving forward to push the defense in to the orchard to the hedgerow was meant to allow the US to engage the Germans before they got in to the orchard with a HMG. However, the Germans moved quickly and engaged the US troops while they were crossing the orchard and the US lost a platoon in short order. After the Germans eliminated the US troops in the orchard, it looked to be all hit over, until the US moved their platoon on the right to the farm. The farms was the key, being worth 20 victory points. But , in trying to mask the farm from arty with smoke, it also allowed the Germans to assault with vastly numerically superior forces. The back and forth, along with a very high number of events and snipers really made this a fun game.
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Dan Huffman
United States
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I love these AARs!
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