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Storms of Steel Firefight 4 option 2.2
Zmiyev State Farm 158 May 1943

This, was not my finest hour. I made some rash decisions and there were consequences.

Turn 1. Instead of using smoke, the Germans deployed their PGs to engage the Soviets in preparation to take the center woods. The resulting fire saw the Germans lose 1 PG squad and the Soviets a rifle squad in the woods. The Soviets counterattacked with a SMG squad and eliminated another PG squad.

Turn 2. German OBA eliminates a Soviets rifle squad. German MG42 eliminates the counterattack I get Soviet SMG squad. The German mortar eliminates the Soviet mortar in the woods. The Soviet mortar at the farm eliminates the MG42.

Turn 3. German Pzr III and IV enter. Germans move towards the woods.

Turn 4. Soviet T-34s enter and eliminate the German Mk IV. The Soviet mortar eliminates the German mortar. German PGs eliminate last Soviet squad in the woods. In an attempt to retain control of the woods, the Soviets deployed poorly, bunched up around the woods.

Turn 5. The German Stuka destroys all three T-34s. The potent Soviet mortar eliminates a PG squad.

Turn 6. Soviet T-70 eliminates a German halftrack. German PG has the range and eliminates the potent Soviet mortar.

Turn 7. Sturmovik destroys the German Pzr III. The Stuka destroys the T-70 and then a Soviet squad at the farm.

This was a myriad of mistakes. Also a learning experience in the firepower of the Soviet/German air as well as the PGs. The mortars were also potent with the open terrain. This looked as a fairly non exciting scenario, but with the ebb and flow of reinforcements and air power, it turned in to a hectic and tense 17-15 Soviet victory.
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